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East Coast Update – Thoughts from an Old Man

by Chris Hess: JMU ’14, former Captain, President, and Founder of JMU Dodgeball

All you Midwesterners out there with your constant scheduling of games and consistent analysis of your teams, but I wanted to shed some light on what’s going on over here on the East Coast.

As some of you older folks may know, I went to James Madison in Virginia, but I grew up just outside Baltimore close to Towson University. As a lad in high school, I never applied to Towson or Maryland because I wanted to get out-of-state to meet new folks. So I took my talents to (South Beach) Harrisonburg, Virginia where I guess we say the rest is history.

Anyways… Baltimore, and more specifically Towson University, was the site of Beltway Bash 2.0 where the usual suspects were in attendance for another NCDA mash-up to see if anything really has changed in the East Coast. And as a stone’s throw from my house, why not spend my Saturday afternoon watching men grab some balls?  Continue reading

AJP: Towson #3

TU LogoSean Smith and Jonathan Shaw are back to start off the season with the first Average Joes’ Podcast. Towson recaps the Opening Matches of the season, ang gives us a long, in depth preview of the GVSU Invite and JMU’s Fall Brawl. We also have some talk on Towson’s first dodgeball nights and what that could mean for their future identity.

Published under the Average Joes’ Podcast umbrella.


2015 Rulebook Vote #1 – Results

Current rules all around on the three options: and Voters confirmed that teams are only allowed one 20 player roster for the duration of an Event. The full results from the Preferential election can be found in the media archive. The short gist can be found after the jump.

Please stay active and pay attention, we’re tidying up other, non game changing rules and will get them out to the Member Teams for confirmation soon.  Continue reading

2015 Rulebook Vote #1

Good people,

The first round of voting for the 2015 Rulebook covers major changes and redefinition of our brand of dodgeball. Each Member Team has one vote. We will need 12 Member Teams to vote to achieve a quorum, hopefully we can get all 22 full Member Teams to provide their input on this.

Please fill out the form, this will serve as your Member Team’s ballot. And please submit it as soon as possible. We have a match coming up.


2015 Executive Board

Elected members of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association Executive Board of 2015. These five have voting rights.

Zigmas Maloni [DePaul Alum], President
Felix Perrone [WKU Alum], Treasurer
Dylan Fettig [GVSU Current], Director of League Expansion
Kevin Bailey [GVSU Current], Chief of Content
Nick Johnson [WKU Current], Director of Nationals

Other appointed positions that are worth mentioning at this moment:

Hunter Dickerson [WKU Current], Assistant Director of Nationals (Non-voting)
Josh Raymer [WKU Alum], Big Giant Head of Alumni Relations

For the full results, check out the spreadsheet. If you are lazy, you many see the breakdown after the jump.  Continue reading

2015 Exec Board: Election & Candidate Info

We will begin the election as of this post, and officially it will run until Thursday night, giving teams ample time to submit their ballots. I will start bugging people Tuesday afternoon to submit their votes, so we might complete the election sooner rather than later.The NCDA uses a preferential voting system, where candidates are ranked based on preference, and the Votes are public record. The results will be released after the conclusion of the election. Voting is open to all current Member Teams. If there is any confusion, please ask.

For each Office, rank the candidates by your order of preference. Please email one complete ballot to League email (ncdadodgeball@gmail.com), the votes will be counted and verified by the last Director of Nationals, Jude DuPart [OSU Alum].

Office of the President:
[ ] Dylan Fettig [GVSU Current]
[ ] Zigmas Maloni [DePaul Alum]

Office of the Treasurer:
[ ] Felix Perrone [WKU Alum]

Director of League Expansion:
[ ] Dylan Fettig [GVSU Current]
[ ] Mike McCarthy [SHU Current]

Chief of Content:
[ ] Kevin Bailey [GVSU Current]
[ ] Sean Smith [TU Current]

I asked each candidate to write a little something for this. So if you require more information, each candidate was sorted alphabetically and describes in their own words…

Continue reading

Nominations for 2015 Exec Board

Captains and Officers:

On the forum you’ll find a couple things relating to the Executive Board. These are very broad overviews of the in-progress Constitution, but the 2014 Board thought they were necessary to establish before voting on the 2015 Board.
First: the board itself. President, Treasurer, Director of League Expansion, Chief of Content, Director of Nationals.

Any new nominations (or declines) on the 2015 Executive Board now that we have established the positions? Nominations since Nationals 2014

  • President: Zigmas Maloni [DePaul Alum]
  • Treasurer: Felix Perrone [WKU Alum]
  • Chief of Content: Sean Smith [TU-Pres], Kevin Bailey [GVSU-C?]
  • Director of League Expansion: Dylan Fettig [GVSU-A?], Troy Dixon[DePaul Alum], Alex Swedowski [UWP Alum], Michael Patrick McCarthy[SHU-C?]
  • Director of Nationals: Nick Johnson [WKU] and Asst Director of Nationals (non-voting): Hunter Dickerson [WKU]

and apologies if i forgot someone. Please get their name as soon as possible.

Contact List Summer Update!

Captains and Officers!

Please fill out this form.

Fill it out as soon as possible so we can get going on votes and other summer administrative fun.

Delegate if you must, it isn’t too complicated. 
It will take a little bit, but this is a much more efficient way to update the contact list and the bio pages. It will especially save time for our Content team. If you have any questions please let me know.

Call for more Staff!

Good People, I’d like to ask a favor of you. If you have any developer skills, or are a graphic designer, or know of a fellow designer/developer, please let them know the League needs their help!

We are always looking for more hands to be part of our staff. There are plenty of avenues where one could help. Whether you are a current player looking for resume padding or an alumni looking to give back, we have a place for you.

At the moment, it is volunteer work. But it is real honest work that you can credit on your resumes and portfolios. This registered non-profit can write you official Letters of Recommendation and we also include you on the Staff page.

Please, especially if you are graphic designer or a programmer, please consider contacting ncdadodgeball@gmail.com with your resume. Great things arrive faster with talented and driven people working together.