Spartan Invite Preview #3

Michigan State hosts its annual Spartan Invite this Sunday in East Lansing, MI. Joining the Spartans are in-state rivals GVSU and CMU as well as BGSU, DePaul, and Kent State. Six rounds of games throughout the day will surely consist of some very competitive games of dodgeball. The games in the main gym will be filmed and commentated on by a journalism class at MSU. They hope to turn the film into an ESPN quality production. I know there will be plenty of quality dodgeball for them to record.

Kevin tackled a game by game preview in his article, while Jacob wrote on a team by team basis. So in this preview I’m going to take a closer look at some individual players for each team.

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Spartan Invite Preview #2

For all of you reading this, especially for those of you from Michigan State or Grand Valley I will do my best to be as unbiased as I possibly can, unlike my fellow content writers Colin O’Brien and Kevin Bailey. I don’t think anyone was in the least bit surprised when Kevin chose Grand Valley to beat MSU 2-0 at home or that “it won’t require OT” for GVSU to take down CMU. I don’t expect Colin to be as biased but I still plan on him selecting MSU to go 4-0. While I have just as much faith in CMU to go 4-0, I plan to shake things up. Am I really willing to predict that CMU is going to lose a close one this Sunday after their OT victory over MSU and absolute demolition of SVSU? I mean is anyone really surprised Saginaw is on an entire tier below the other three Michigan teams this year? Well I’m not. But before I let myself get carried away, lets get to my preview. Continue reading

Spartan Invite Preview

*This is the first of three previews for the Spartan Invite.  Previews from Colin O’Brien and Jacob Leski will be published in the near future.

The Michigan State Spartans are off to a great start this season. The Spartan Invite will be yet another opportunity to prove they are one of the best teams in the nation.

The Michigan State Spartans are off to a great start this season. The Spartan Invite will be yet another opportunity to prove they are one of the best teams in the nation.

This Sunday, Michigan State University is set to host the annual Spartan Invite at IM West.  Michigan State along with Grand Valley State, Central Michigan, DePaul, Bowling Green State, and Kent State will take part in a big-time tournament.

As we close in on the end of the fall semester, this tournament will likely determine who the top dog in the NCDA is at the halfway point in the season.  All eyes will be on the matches that take place between MSU, GVSU, and CMU.  Each of these teams has beaten the others at least once so far this fall.  The circle of parity at the top of the league is more severe than in years past, but there is still over half a season left.  If any of these schools has plans of distancing themselves to become the #1 team in the league, this tournament will certainly be a strong stepping stone in that effort.

Bragging rights will be on the line Sunday when MSU, GVSU, CMU, BGSU, DePaul, and Kent face off in the annual Spartan Invite.  Here are my predictions for this weekend’s matches:

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Death Valley Invitational Preview

12065964_10153751370898760_1533872543269592071_nThis Sunday, Saginaw Valley State University will host their first home tournament of the 2015 season when Central Michigan, Michigan State, Bowling Green State, and Ohio make the trip to SVSU’s campus for the Death Valley Invitational (props to whoever chose the name for this event).

The schedule for this tournament is listed below, with a few comments and predictions included by yours truly.

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University of Akron’s “Pink Out”

pinkout-2015-01Written by: Adam Pfeifer [Akron]

The University of Akron hosted the first annual Pink Out tournament over the weekend which had 3 teams attend. 3 of the 4 teams had roughly the same skill level, that being Akron OU and BW, and Kent State being the outlier. Baldwin Wallace came into the tournament ranked 14th, Akron ranked 15th, Ohio university ranked 16th and Kent state ranked 6th Continue reading

Akron hosts the first Pink Out


Alrighty, for Akron’s Pink Out tournament we have a lot of teams with similar ratings! Aside from Kent, most teams playing at Akron this Saturday have a average rating of 39.287 and a median rating of 38.585. That’s quite balanced… even with a spread of just 5.991 rating points from the highest rated team to the lowest rated team. In comparison, the League spread is 25.742 Continue reading

Grand Valley Gauntlet Preview

GVG logo

This Sunday, Grand Valley State University will play host to some of the top teams in the nation in the Grand Valley Gauntlet dodgeball tournament.  This event will feature the four Michigan schools along with Bowling Green State and Kentucky.  Due to late two schools dropping out of the tournament, there will not be as many great match-ups played this weekend, but there certainly will be a few.   Continue reading

ROTM: 2015 September

Yes, September ended many weeks ago, but the content team decided that since we have a baller of the month, it is only right that the many rookies in our league get acknowledgement for their immediate contribution to their respectful teams this season. Our first rookie of the month comes from a team that seems to lose lots of talent year after year, but never struggles to be a title contender. Saginaw Valley State University has a knack for recruiting great players and inserting them immediately into their line-up and that is exactly what they have done with Kyle Bruce. Since Kyle is a rookie and has only played a handful of games, he has yet to have a picture taken of him playing dodgeball, so if you want to know what he looks like then you will have to meet him at a tournament or simply look him up on Facebook. Continue reading

Summit Street Slugfest 2: The Sluggening Recap

Kent State hosted four teams this past weekend in the Summit Street Slugfest and the tournament name was quite an apt way to describe what transpired on Sunday. Along with in state schools Ohio State and Akron, out of state schools Kentucky and Michigan State also made the trip to Kent, Ohio to take part in the five team tournament. A highly competitive day of dodgeball resulted in four tough games for each team. By the end of the tournament, every team had very little left in the tank. Continue reading

Previewing Summit Street Slugfest 2: The Sluggening

Time at Kent High Seed Low Seed Predicted Exchange  Exchange if Upset 
11:00 Kent UK 0.907 1.093
11:00 MSU Akron 0.010 2.000
12:15 Kent OSU 0.713 1.287
12:15 UK Akron 0.121 1.879
1:30 OSU Akron 0.193 1.807
1:30 MSU UK 0.239 1.761
3:30 Kent Akron 0.010 2.000
3:30 MSU OSU 0.138 1.862
4:45 MSU Kent 0.536 1.464
4:45 UK OSU 0.934 1.066
*at GV GVSU SVSU 0.146 1.854

Here’s the possible exchanges for predicted and upset results. Take notice of the underlined games:

  • Kent v UK
  • Kent v OSU
  • UK v OSU
  • and to a smaller extent, MSU v Kent.

The Gonzalez ratings for these teams are very close, which may be an indication of a possible overtime situation. An exchange between two identical ratings is 1, the middle of 0-2 range of possible Gonzalez exchanges.

Initial ratings:

MSU: 52.999
Kent: 47.114*
UK: 46.181
OSU: 45.150
Akron: 36.496

* Kent’s initial rating of  44.114, with a home court advantage modifier of +3

Perrone Point Awards from the Gauntlet

To elaborate on our evaluation of the Gonzalez results from earlier in the week, this article will focus on the Perrone System. The System has a quality win component that uses the opponent’s Win Percentage to dictate how much Perrone Points a team receives.

I’m throwing a lot of numbers at you, but that’s just the exact thing that happens. Think of it this way: if one defeats an undefeated team, the most points are awarded. If you defeat a team with 0 wins, you get a tinier amount of points. Flip that around for the loser: losing against an undefeated team won’t be so bad. Giving a team their first win will hurt the losing team.  Continue reading