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NCDA Executive Board 2022-2023

League President
Dylan Greer
Dylan joined the NCDA in 2015 as a member of The Ohio State Dodgeball Syndicate, where he served as Treasurer, President, and Captain. Dylan is a 2x All-American and 2022 Ohio-Region MVP. Dylan first served as Director of Nationals in 2019 before being elected as President in 2022. In his role as President, Dylan hopes to share his passion for the sport of dodgeball with the world, as he strives to accelerate the organization’s growth of membership, viewership, and public relations.

                                                                                 League Treasurer
Erik Zander
A former player and President of the University Wisconsin-Platteville Dodgeball Club.  Erik was been a part of the team for many years and is currently their coach.  He is well known throughout the organization and is always looking to improve the league. He helped to start the NCDA’s first internship program and provides coverage of the Midway Conference.   

Director of Officiating
Dylan Fettig
Coach of GVSU, as Director he will be concentrating on producing a video series for teams, players, and officials.

  • Player Skills such as Throwing, Catching, and Blocking
  • Strategy; focusing on Offense, Defense, and Ball Control
  • Officiating; detailing hand signals and the roles of each official
  • General; covering Team Building and management to hosting events

Chief of Content
Kevin Bailey [Showcase]
Kevin wore #4 on the court as the former Captain of the Grand Valley Dodgeball Club. Kevin was a 4x All-American and 3x MVP (2014, 2015, 2016). Kevin covers all areas of interest to the League, including league and individual team season previews, tournament previews and summaries, player interviews, among many others. As the first elected Chief of Content, Kevin looks to expand the media coverage of the NCDA

  • Director of External Affairs
    Colby Briceland
    Colby joined the NCDA in the spring of 2015 as a member of the Akron Zips. He was made Captain and President of the club in Fall of 2015 until the Spring of 2019. During his tenure at Akron he was a 3x all Ohio player and led the Zips to Victory at the 2016 Ohio Dodgeball Cup. He joined the content team in 2017 as one of the premier content creators for the Ohio region. Colby was elected to the Executive Board in the fall of 2019 as the Director of Officiating and served in that position until being elected as the Director of External Affairs in 2022. Colby is a current member of the Cincinnati Bearcats while pursuing another Bachelor’s Degree. While serving in this role, Colby hopes to bring league sponsors and revenue in order to produce a more quality product for the players and fans of the NCDA.

    Director of Internal Affairs
    Kathryn Mays

    Kathryn joined the NCDA in fall 2017 as a member of The Ohio State University Buckeyes. She served as the club’s Social Media Chair, President, and Captain; she is a 4x Women’s All American (2020 MVP). Kathryn has also been involved with the NCDA Content Team since 2019 and joined the NCDA Executive Board in 2022



Director of Female Engagement

Rebecca Nguyen

Rebecca played for Michigan State University from 2013-2019 and was their first ever female assistant captain and president. She was a 3x Female All-American and earned the title of Female MVP in the 2018-19 season. Her goal as the Director of Female Engagement is to increase female retention within the league and provide a more inclusive and equal platform for women. She will look to create more opportunities for women in the sport, write articles highlighting women and their contributions to the league as well as host a female conference in order to create a network between women from other teams and fellow alumni.

Director of League Expansion

Wes Peters

Wes is a former captain & president of the Central Michigan dodgeball club, as well as a former assistant captain of the Michigan State dodgeball club. He is also the founder, and currently serves as the coach of the Cincinnati dodgeball club.

As Director of League Expansion, Wes plans to utilize his decade of knowledge & experience within the league in order to assist in the continued growth and development of existing clubs, as well as helping create new, sustainable clubs for the league

Director of Records

Hunter Ford

Hunter joined the NCDA in fall 2014 as a member of the VCU Dodgeball Club.  He served as the club’s Treasurer, President, and Captain during his 4 years with the team.  He became a member of the NCDA Executive Board in fall 2017 and has served as the Director of Nationals and President before taking his current position as Director of Records.  Hunter is responsible for managing team, player, and tournament registration forms along with updating our league records and standings.

NCDA Content Team

Senior Content Writer
Erik Zander [Showcase]

Former treasurer and president of the University Wisconsin Platteville Dodgeball Club.  Erik as been a part of the team for many years now and is familiar to most.  He loves to write previews and reviews for tournaments and holding the title of favorite content writer of the NCDA (may have given the title to himself, but that is okay).   As always, he is always available for commenting and for making fun of anyone that gives him the chance.

Content Writers:

Zachary Rivera (Formerly of GSU)

Kathryn Mayes (OSU)

Zane Durbin (UVA)

Tom Morand (Miami)

Zigmas Maloni (Formerly of DePaul, Former NCDA President, Former Director of Officiating)

Felix Perrone (Formerly of WKU, Former NCDA President)

Regular Staff

Average Joes’ Hosts
Zigmas Maloni & Mario Romanelli

Design & Development Team
Zigmas Maloni – Website Coding, Development, RPI, General Direction
Chris Palmer – Officiating App (browser)
Brett Hadwin – Graphic Design

Social Media Managers
Kevin Bailey, Hunter Ford, Zigmas Maloni – NCDA Twitter
The Executive Board, Zigmas Maloni, et al – NCDA Facebook Page
Mike McCarthy [CMU] – NCDA Alumni FB

Rulebook Editing Committee
Hunter Ford
Colby Briceland

Past Contributions

Coordinator, Recruiter, Website, and Average Joes’ Founder
Josh Raymer [WKU]

Coordinator, Rulebook, and Commissioner April-Dec 2010, Legal Counsel
Aleks Bomis [MSU]

Past Website Designer & Coder
Derek Sabiston
Kevin “Champ” Hill

Past Developers
Andy Lieblich [MSU] – Ratings Percentage Index (Rails/PHP)
Kyle Peltier [GVSU] & crew – Officiating Application (Android)
Vanswa Garbutt [DePaul] – Lead Developer. Officiating Application (Android), Ranking Algorithm

Past Content Writers

Sam Hiller [Showcase]
Former Captain of MSU Dodgeball and former NCDA Chief of Content. His range of contributions include previews, interviews, and general articles all about college dodgeball.
Twitter: @SamHiller

mark-trippeidiMark Trippiedi [Showcase]
Former Captain and President of GVSU Dodgeball. Wore #8. NCDA content provided includes Previews, Postgame, and General College Dodgeball articles. Mark has a straight forward writing style, with a specialization in the Michigan Region.

sean-smithSean Smith [Showcase]
Former Captain/Vice President and current player for Towson Dodgeball. Sporting #19, Sean’s talents as a content writer ranged from previews, interviews, postgames, and excessive uses of both satire and sarcasm. As the first writer from an East Coast team, he brought some much needed flavor to the NCDA site.

Past Regular Average Joes’ Hosts
Josh Raymer, Felix Perrone, Alex Heichelbech, Zac Newton [WKU]
2013: Sam Hiller & Mike Van Ermen [MSU]
Grand Valley Edition– Aaron Terenzi, Austin Morley, and Kevin Bailey
Towson Edition– Johnathan Shaw & Sean Smith