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NCDA Executive Board 2017-2018

League President, Executive Board
Felix Perrone
The legendary Captain from WKU hung up his #76 jersey in 2014. Felix has been serving the league since organizing/hosting Nationals 2011. He served as the first elected league treasurer from 2013-2015, and played a huge role in gaining 501(c)(3) nonprofit status for the NCDA. Now serving as President, Felix has authored and maintained the Organization’s first set of official policies and bylaws, and created a relationship with the NCDA’s first official sponsor, SAVAGE Apparel. Overall, his focus is on further legitimizing the Organization, automating the systems currently in place, and creating partnerships with other organizations.

MikeLeague Treasurer, Executive Board
Mike McNicholas, CPA
Mike is an Alum of the DePaul Dodgeball Society & the NCDA. When not coaching DePaul Dodgeball on Monday & Thursday nights on Court 4, Mike works as a auditor for a public accounting firm, specializing in non-profit & institutions of higher education. Based in Chicago, Mike is a licensed CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in the State of Illinois, and comes on as Treasurer to use these experiences to keep the League financially sound and maintain its not-for-profit status.

Director of Officiating, Executive Board
Zigmas Maloni
A long time intern of the NCDA, Zigmas started his career in fall of 2010. He was granted the title of President at the 2013 Captains’ Meeting and served until 2015. As Director of Officiating, the focus has shifted back to the Rulebook and maintaining the Records while he’s building a Brewery.

Chief of Content, Executive Board
Kevin Bailey [Showcase]
Kevin wore #4 on the court as the former Captain of the Grand Valley Dodgeball Club. Kevin was a 4x All-American and 3x MVP (2014, 2015, 2016). Kevin covers all areas of interest to the League, including league and individual team season previews, tournament previews and summaries, player interviews, among many others. As the first elected Chief of Content, Kevin looks to expand the media coverage of the NCDA and increase the awareness of the League.

10177269_10152876336194310_7544353873269104789_nDirector of League Expansion and Retention, Executive Board
Jacob Leski [Showcase]
He wore #33 on the court and served as the President of the Central Michigan Dodgeball Club for the 2014-2015 seasons. He was a 2x All-American (2015, 2016). Jacob’s primary responsibility is recruiting new Universities and Colleges to the NCDA and helping them stick around for years to come. Jacob is also in charge of the NCDA’s notorious Alumni, with the goal of getting them as involved as possible in the league after graduation. He works as a Special Education teacher in Northwest Indiana. Jacob was also a content writer before taking over his new position.


Director of Nationals, Executive Board
Colin Hiatt

NCDA Content Team

sean-smithSenior Content Writer
Sean Smith [Showcase]
Former Captain/Vice President and current player for Towson Dodgeball. Sporting #19, Sean’s talents as a content writer range from previews, interviews, postgames, and excessive uses of both satire and sarcasm. He brings some much needed East Coast flavor to the NCDA site. Twitter: @NCDASean

Colin O'Brien - MSUSenior Content Writer
Colin O’Brien [Showcase]
Former Captain and President of MSU Dodgeball Club and #18 on the court. He has received 3 All-American nods (2014, 2015, 2016). Colin has been one of the captains for Michigan State the past three seasons, offering him good insight into the skill and talent of other teams and their players. Colin mostly covers tournament previews and recaps, but also writes articles based on his experience and analysis of the league.

hunter-dodgeball-picContent Writer
Hunter Ford [Showcase]
Current Captain and President for the Dodgeball Club at VCU.  Hunter has been one of VCU’s key pieces on and off the court during his three years with the team.  He generally works on tournament previews and recaps for the East Coast region, and has participated in podcasts for the league.  Make sure to contact him if you have any interesting stories you want covered!

Regular Staff

Average Joes’ Hosts
Zigmas Maloni & Mario Romanelli

Development Team
Zigmas Maloni – Website Coding, Development, RPI, General Direction
Vanswa Garbutt [DePaul], Lead Developer. Officiating Application (Android), Ranking Algorithm

Social Media Managers
Kevin Bailey, Zigmas Maloni – NCDA Twitter
The Executive Board, Zigmas Maloni, et al – NCDA Facebook Page
Mike McCarthy [CMU] – NCDA Alumni FB

Rulebook Editing Committee
Zigmas Maloni
Felix Perrone
Dylan Fettig
Wes Peters

Past Contributions

Coordinator, Recruiter, Website, and Average Joes’ Founder
Josh Raymer [WKU]

Coordinator, Rulebook, and Commissioner April-Dec 2010, Legal Counsel
Aleks Bomis [MSU]

Past Website Designer & Coder
Derek Sabiston
Kevin “Champ” Hill

Past Developers
Andy Lieblich [MSU] – Ratings Percentage Index (Rails/PHP)
Kyle Peltier [GVSU] & crew – Officiating Application (Android)

Past Content Writers
Sam Hiller [Showcase]

Former Captain of MSU Dodgeball and former NCDA Chief of Content. His range of contributions include previews, interviews, and general articles all about college dodgeball.
Twitter: @SamHiller

mark-trippeidiMark Trippiedi [Showcase]

Former Captain and President of GVSU Dodgeball. Wore #8. NCDA content provided includes Previews, Postgame, and General College Dodgeball articles. Mark has a straight forward writing style, with a specialization in the Michigan Region.

Past Regular Average Joes’ Hosts
Josh Raymer, Felix Perrone, Alex Heichelbech, Zac Newton [WKU]
2013: Sam Hiller & Mike Van Ermen [MSU]
Grand Valley Edition– Aaron Terenzi, Austin Morley, and Kevin Bailey
Towson Edition– Johnathan Shaw & Sean Smith