Roster Registration

The link below acts as the roster registration. Each team is REQUIRED to fill out this form prior to each match or tournament played in. This will allow the league to verify that all players are in compliance with NCDA Bylaws [point 7.9]

We will be contacting each school’s Sport Club/Student Organization department to verify the eligibility each of your players.

Items to keep in mind for player eligibility: Roster – Each team may consist of a roster of 8-18 players. Eligibility – All players must be registered students at the institution they represent, and must currently be enrolled in at least one class. Institution Eligibility – All players must adhere to the membership requirements for intercollegiate competition, as defined by the respective institution’s sport club or student organization policies. Pursuit of Degree – All players must be enrolled in classes in pursuit of a degree or certification. Players enrolled in classes for personal betterment, but are not pursuing an associates, bachelors, masters, doctoral, medical, law degree, or approved certification, are not eligible for intercollegiate competition. Longevity Clause – Players who participated in their first game at or after July 1, 2018 are limited to participating in a maximum of six (6) whole or partial seasons with a single Member Team. All players who participated in their first match prior to July 1, 2018 are grandfathered into this policy and are exempt. Institutional Merging – Institutions may not merge to form one team. Dual Enrolled Students – Dual-enrolled students may only play for one team per academic year (July-June). Low numbers – A team may play a match with no fewer than eight (8) players. The opposing team may still play with a maximum complement of 12 players and a maximum of six (6) substitutes. Single-Day Event and Post-Season Roster – Rosters must remain consistent throughout the entirety of the same Single-Day Event or Post-Season Tournament. The same 18 players who are rostered for the first game of a Single-Day Event or Post-Season Tournament must be the same 18 players used until the Event’s end.