Start your dodgeball club today!

Wanna start your own NCDA dodgeball team? Here's how you can do it!

In order to start your own dodgeball club, follow these steps to begin your path to becoming an official NCDA team, or check out our Guide for Starting a New Club for a more in depth approach into starting your team.

Step 1- Contact your school's club sports department

The first step in creating a team is reaching out to your club sports department. This can usually be done on Google by searching your university’s name followed by “Club Sports”.

Once you are in contact with a club sports representative, explain your interest in adopting a club dodgeball team. Letting them know that there is student interest in a club is often the most crucial part of a club’s creation.

There is usually a minimum number of registered students required to create a club sport. This information may also be found on your school’s club sports page, or from speaking to a representative directly.

Step 2- Get the necessary equipment

In order to play the game of dodgeball, you need equipment. If you are able to, request the starting equipment and gym time slots for practices from your club sports department. If club sports is unable to provide you with the necessary equipment, you can request an NCDA Care Package.

With the goal of expanding the league, the NCDA will provide you with 18 dodgeballs, 2 ball bags and a ball pump to help you get started.

If you have any questions about what equipment to purchase, it can be found in section 2.2 of the 2022-23 NCDA Rulebook .

Step 3- Spread the word to other students

Once the club is created, spread the word! This can be done by getting a booth at your school’s involvement fair, putting up flyers, or even by word of mouth. Invite people who show interest to join you for practices. The beginning of the semester is the best time to spread the word and attract new members.

The NCDA requires a minimum of 8 players to participate in competition but aim to grow as much as possible. The more the merrier! Teams are able to bring up to 18 members to competitive tournaments, and with some teams even having B teams, that number is only going to grow.

Once you’ve began growing bigger, create leadership positions for dedicated members. These will help with scheduling future tournaments, gaining funding, and so more.

Step 4- Register your team with the NCDA

So now what? You have members, equipment, practices, and even a leadership team. What’s left? The next step to finalize your spot in the NCDA is by submitting the Team Registration Form

By completing this form, all players, active alumni, staff, volunteers, and administrative personnel will become official members of National Collegiate Dodgeball Association, Inc.

Congrats! You’ve successfully created your own dodgeball team and joined the NCDA.