Nationals Host Considerations

School is out, and it’s warm outside so you know that means voting for the host school of the NCDA Nationals 2019 is coming soon. As a board, we would like to send out some suggestions for you to take into consideration when making your decision.  Continue reading “Nationals Host Considerations”

Summer 2018 Off Season Voting

Voting will run from May 29th to June 5th, 2018 11:59PM Pacific, or will end early if each Member Team casts a ballot via Google Forms. Each Member Team has one ballot. The NCDA uses a preferential voting system. If you do not wish to vote on a specific rule or option, just leave it blank.


Each option on the form is accompanied by a link to the original proposal that was voted into consideration at the 2018 Captains’ Meeting. Below are the campaign paragraphs for each bid to host Nationals 2019.  Continue reading “Summer 2018 Off Season Voting”

Nationals 2018 Reaction

It’s been several days since teams returned home from NCDA Nationals 2018.  The season’s final tournament did not disappoint this year, with a record number of teams in attendance and plenty of unforgettable games.  The Content Team has plenty in store for you over the next few weeks, but to start, here are my initial thoughts from this past weekend’s tournament: Continue reading “Nationals 2018 Reaction”

2018 National Champions – GVSU

RICHMOND – Siegel Center, E.J. Wade Arena, at Nationals 2018:
GVSU def CMU 6-1 in the 2018 Championship match.

Grand Valley State University Club Dodgeball is the National Champion for the 2018 college dodgeball season. At the conclusion of the 59 match event, the Director of Nationals, Hunter Ford [VCU, #4-C], along with the rest of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association Executive Board, presented the Championship trophy to Brandon Meisel, GV Captain on Sunday afternoon.  Continue reading “2018 National Champions – GVSU”

Nationals 2018

RICHMOND – Siegel Center: In the first day of Nationals 2018,

VCU def UWP 5-0
Kent def SVSU 2-1
UCF def NSU 8-1
CSU def GSU 4-1
UK def DePaul 4-1
UVA def UNG 2-1

CMU def JMU 2-1
Akron def UMD 2-1
GVSU def OSU 5-1
BGSU def PSU 4-3 OT
Miami def UNL 4-1
Towson def MSU 3-2

UK def Miami 3-2
VCU def SVSU 3-2 OT
Kent def UCF 5-1
UMD def NSU 7-0
CMU def CSU 4-0
UVA def GSU 3-1

GVSU def Towson 3-0
BGSU def JMU 2-1
Akron def UNG 2-1
OSU def UWP 2-1
DePaul def UCF 4-3 OT
Kent def UK 2-1

MSU def PSU 3-2 OT
OSU def UNL 3-1
GVSU def Akron 1-0
CSU def NSU 7-0
SVSU def UVA 4-0
CMU def GSU 5-1

Miami def PSU 3-2
VCU def DePaul 4-0
Towson def UWP 4-0
JMU def UNG 5-0
MSU def UNL 5-1
BGSU def UMD 2-1

Nationals 2018 Saturday Schedule and Predictions

This piece was written by: Adam Pfeifer (Akron)

Queue 1:

UWP v VCU- VCU will dominate this game and control the pace. They will win the match by working together. VCU 4-0. Yellow Card Potential

SVSU v Kent- This will be a back and forth game but I think Kent will win with their catching and talent from 9-12 beating SVSU’s bottom of the roster. Kent with the win over SVSU 3-2. (If Tyler doesn’t get hurt this time around) Yellow Card Probable, Red Card Potential

UCF v NSU- I think this will be a very high scoring game, with both being newer teams. UCF will win with the roster advantage but NSU will score in this game due to a few players having more game experience. The score will probably end up being 4-2 UCF with their first win. Continue reading “Nationals 2018 Saturday Schedule and Predictions”

Rule Proposal – Yellow/Red Card to an not Live Player

Rule Proposal submitted by Colin O’Brien

Amendment to rule 3.7.3 Yellow Cards

If a player receives a Yellow Card while not currently a Live Player, a Live Player must be removed from the court and enter the Jail. The player removed is at the choosing of the team of the offending player. The player receiving the Yellow Card is ineligible to reenter the point at any point, regardless of the number of catches. The Live Player removed from the court is eligible to return to the court if the necessary amount of catches occur.


Amendment to rule 3.7.4 Red Cards

If a player receives a Red Card while not currently a Live Player, a Live Player must be removed from the court and enter the Jail. The player removed is at the choosing of the team of the offending player. The player receiving the Red Card is ineligible to reenter the game at any point, and their team must play at a man disadvantage the rest of the game. The Live Player removed from the court is eligible to return to the court if the necessary amount of catches occur. If the offending player was not a Live Player at any point during the current point, the Live Player removed from the court would be ineligible to return to the court until a new point begins, in which the offending team would continue to play at a man disadvantage.


Rationale: Currently, if a player receives a Yellow Card while already eliminated, the only penalty the team suffers is that player is ineligible to return to the point. As most players receive yellow cards in this situation, there really is no penalty to the team in practice. This change would ensure that acts warranting Yellow Cards would indeed be penalties to the offending team, no matter if the offending player is currently a Live Player or not.

Nationals 2018 Schedule

Officiating Assignments may be viewed on the G-Sheet. Saturday and Sunday schedules are presented below.

Nationals 2018: Saturday
7:30 AM Doors Open, Siegel Center
8:00 AM Teams Check-In
8:45 AM Anthem
8:55 AM Ladies’ Match
9:25 AM All Star Game
9:55 AM League Picture
10:15 AM Queue 1
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) UWP VCU
District 5 Court (2) SVSU Kent
Richmond Region Tourism (3) UCF NSU
Court 4 GSU CSU
Court 5 UK DePaul
Court 6 UNG UVA
11:25 AM Queue 2
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) CMU JMU
District 5 Court (2) UMD Akron
Richmond Region Tourism (3) GVSU OSU
Court 4 BGSU PSU
Court 5 Miami UNL
Court 6 Towson MSU
12:40 PM Queue 3
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) UK Miami
District 5 Court (2) SVSU VCU
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Kent UCF
Court 4 UMD NSU
Court 5 CMU CSU
Court 6 GSU UVA
1:50 PM Queue 4
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) GVSU Towson
District 5 Court (2) JMU BGSU
Richmond Region Tourism (3) UNG Akron
Court 4 UWP OSU
Court 5 DePaul UCF
Court 6 Kent UK
3:05 PM Queue 5
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) MSU PSU
District 5 Court (2) OSU UNL
Richmond Region Tourism (3) GVSU Akron
Court 4 CSU NSU
Court 5 SVSU UVA
Court 6 CMU GSU
4:15 PM Queue 6
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Miami PSU
District 5 Court (2) VCU DePaul
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Towson UWP
Court 4 JMU UNG
Court 5 MSU UNL
Court 6 BGSU UMD
5:45 PM Capt Meeting Begins
6:45 PM Capt Meeting Ends
7:00 PM eBoard Meeting Begin
7:30 PM eBoard Meeting Ends
7:45 PM Leave Siegel Center

Live Saturday Updates on the Records Tab.

2018 Wes Hopkins Fastest Arm Contest, sponsored by District 5 and presented by the DePaul Dodgeball Society, may be a floating event during the first queues of Saturday. We may be gathering results from players before the start of their games, and during halftimes during Queues 1, 2 and 3. Any players that would like to be clocked in should find Zig.

Nationals 2018: Sunday
8:00 AM Doors Open Siegel Center
8:30 AM Anthem
8:45 AM Sedenary Play-In Round
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game P 16v17
District 5 Court (2) Game T 15v18
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game R 13v21
Court 4 Game V 14v19
Court 5 Aleks Bomis Alumni/Staff Game
Court 6
10:00 AM Sedenary Play-In & Octonary Round
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game S 12v21
District 5 Court (2) Game W 11v22
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game U 10v23
Court 4 Game Q 9v24
Court 5 Game H 1vP
Court 6 Game L 2vT
11:45 AM Octonary Round
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game O 6vW
District 5 Court (2) Game N 3vV
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game M 7vU
Court 4 Game K 5vS
Court 5 Game J 4vR
Court 6 Game I 8vQ
1:00 PM Quaternary Finals
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game G NvO
District 5 Court (2) Game F LvM
Richmond Region Tourism (3) Game E JvK
Court 6 Game D HvI
2:45 PM Binary Finals
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game C FvG
District 5 Court (2) Game B DvE
4:00 PM The Ship
Savage Apparel Co Court (1) Game A BvC
5:15 PM Trophy
Savage Apparel Co Court (1)

Live Sunday Bracket Updates on the Tournament Schedule tab.

Rule Proposal – Team throw air collision

Rule Proposal submitted by Dylan Greer

Rule Proposal:
If two balls thrown from the SAME team collide in mid-air, both balls stay live until ruled dead.

Currently these balls would be considered dead. I feel like this rule is often forgotten and ignored as its near impossible to see from a ref’s perspective on team throws. Changing this rule hopefully makes reffing easier and clarifies the “Two for the Show” rule.

Policy Proposal – No Excuse Forfeit Rule

Policy Proposal submitted by Adam Pfeifer

This rule pertains to the current forfeit rule. In the event a team cancels less than 10 days before a tournament and no replacement can be found the team will be assessed a forfeit for each match they were scheduled to play unless the reason for the team backing out is justified. This will count as a loss for them and a win for the team they were set to play. Currently if the board votes the reason for a teams inability to travel to a tournament was justified, the team is not given a forfeit. If all teams in attendance play three matches they are also not granted a forfeit. Teams that back out are still able to recieve a forfeit if they back out last minute and the board votes they to give them the forfeit. They are assigned a forfeit loss over a ghost team with a rank of 40.0.
In the event a team backs out less than 10 days prior, and the board rules their reason is justified, and the team they were set to play only has two games, a forfeit will be awarded. The team in question that backed out will not be assigned a loss, but the team not playing three game will be awarded a win over a ghost team with rank of 40.0.
In addition to this rule I vote that the rule on forfeits is the rule. Travel time should not be a factor on if a team is assigned a forfeit or not. If a team was guaranteed to play three matches, and because of a team backing out results in them only playing two, the team should be awarded a forfeit.

Rule Proposal – Running Clock / Early Finish

Rules proposed by Zachary Parise

Rule 1: There should automatically be a running clock in the second half if a team is down by at least 5 points. (I looked to see if this was already a rule and couldn’t find it in the manual)

Rule 2: If a team is down 7-8 points at any time in the second half, the game is called.

Standings as of 2018-04-10

Standings are aimed to be released by the end of every Tuesday. 

In the 2018 Season, we have 57 technical upsets in 237 ranked matches (75.95% success rate) across 36 events.

The Gonzalez System is a computer ranking model similar to Elo and is a rating exchange system based on research performed by World Rugby. It has been adapted by the NCDA to the demands of College Dodgeball, but can be tuned and customized endlessly to incorporate accurate data. It has been used to help determine seeds for the Nationals bracket since Nationals 2014, and was used exclusively for the Nationals 2017 and Nationals 2018 bracket. 

Continue reading “Standings as of 2018-04-10”

Rule Proposal – Change Rosters Between Multiple Day Tournaments

Rule proposal submitted by Colin Sporer

Rule Proposal: Rosters can be altered between days during 2-day tournaments

Rationale: Promotes depth for teams and gives players who are lower on the totem pole an opportunity to step up in the case of arm soreness or injury. I believe it is better to tell someone that they are an alternate rather than saying they are not going to play.

Policy Proposal – Proposal Deadline Lift

Policy Proposal submitted by Mario Romanelli

Rule Proposal: People can sumbit rule proposals at any time.

Rationale: New idea for rules can occur whenever. If player A thinks of an idea that can improve gameplay, that rule should be discussed; regardless if the idea was proposed after April 13th