Nationals 2017

  Nationals 2017 Logo + Shirt design 2017 Ladies' Match 2017 National Champion Shirt
Nationals 2017 hosted by UK Dodgeball in Lexington, KY on April 8-9.
Event/Shirt logo design by Brett Hadwin, Zigmas Maloni, and Felix Perrone
Ladies’ Match design by Brett Hadwin [CMU]
Champion design by Zigmas Maloni with contributions from Brett Hadwin
All Star Game jerseys presented by SAVAGE Apparel

Nationals 2016

  Nationals 2016 Logo + Shirt design 2016 National Champion Shirt  2016 Ladies' Match

Nationals 2016 hosted by BGSU Dodgeball in Bowling Green, OH on April 9-10.
Event/Shirt logo and Ladies’ Match design by Zigmas Maloni [Director of Officiating]
Champion design by Zigmas Maloni with contributions from SAVAGE Apparel
All Star Game design presented by SAVAGE Apparel with contributions from Zigmas Maloni

Nationals 2015

Nationals 2015 Logo + Shirt design
2015 National Champion Shirt 2014 ASG 2015 Ladies' Match

Nationals 2015 hosted by WKU Dodgeball in Bowling Green, KY on April 10-12.
Event and Shirt logo by Ali Raymer
All Star Game, Ladies’ Match, and Champion designs by Zigmas Maloni [President] with contributions from Ali Raymer.

Nationals 2014

Nationals 2014
2014 ASG Red by Hill 2014 ASG Gray by Hill

Nationals 2014 hosted by the OSU Dodgeball Syndicate in Columbus, OH on April 11-13.
Event and Shirt logo by Zigmas Maloni [President]
All Star Game shirt design by Kevin “Champ” Hill [DePaul-42 Alum]

Nationals 2013


2013 Nationals hosted by Kentucky Dodgeball in Lexington, KY on April 12-14.

First Nationals Shirt to have a print on the back, which listed a number of teams in the League at the time.

Nationals 2012


2012 Nationals hosted by Saginaw Valley State in Saginaw, MI on April 14-15.
The Inaugural Ladies’ Match

Nationals 2011


2011 Nationals hosted by Western Kentucky in Bowling Green, KY
The Inaugural All Star Game, this year started out as Michigan vs The World
Event Logo and Shirt Designs by Derek Sebastian
All Star Game design by Josh Raymer [WKU]

Nationals 2010

   2010 Nationals Shirt

2010 Nationals hosted by Bowling Green State in Bowling Green, OH

Nationals 2009


2009 National Tournament hosted by Grand Valley State in Allendale, MI

Nationals 2008


2008 National Championship hosted by Ohio State in Columbus, OH on April 12-13.

Nationals 2007

[Shirt picture needed]
2007 Nationals hosted by Michigan State in East Lansing, MI on April 14-15

Nationals 2006


2006 Midwest Dodgeball Conference Postseason Tournament, hosted by Michigan State in East Lansing, MI on April 8-9. Also known as the “Bomis was too busy and lazy to do a proper design” event shirt.

Eight teams attended. Logos represent, from left to right and top to bottom: MSU, DePaul, Kent, OSU, UK, Delta, GVSU, and Oakland of Michigan.

Nationals 2005


2005 Spartan Dodgeball Invitational: the first post season tournament of the new Midwest Dodgeball Conference. Hosted by Michigan State in East Lansing, on April 9-10.

Five teams attended: MSU, DePaul, Kent, OSU, and Delta