The National Collegiate Dodgeball Association (initially named the Midwest Dodgeball Conference for the first two seasons) was formed in late April of 2005 with five founding Member Teams:

2005: Inaugural Matches and First Nationals

The first intercollegiate dodgeball match was Ohio State at Kent State, touted as the Battle For Ohio Dodgeball Supremacy. Reported to be held March 10th, 2003, OSU defeated Kent 16-14. A more unified ruleset was refined for the next match of Delta College at Michigan State, which was the inaugural Michigan Dodgeball Cup. The event is the oldest regular event in college dodgeball, and the MDC has been hosted annually by MSU ever since.

The first collegiate Nationals for dodgeball was hosted by Michigan State, then referred to as the Spartan Dodgeball Invitational. The first five member teams participated in the event, held on April 9th and 10th, 2005, forming the Midwest Dodgeball Conference. OSU defeated Kent 4-2 in the final match.

Member Teams (5): DePaul, Kent, OSU, MSU, DCC

2006: Second Season and Expansion

2005-2006 was a fuller season and included expansion in the total number of teams, but the League kept its regional moniker. This marked the first instance that a common ruleset wad developed. This season also marked the first Chicago Dodgeball Open, hosted by DePaul in March of 2006, as well as the first Ohio State Invite in February. By the time Nationals 2006 rolled around in April (referred to as the Midwest Dodgeball Conference Postseason Tournament), four teams had joined the League:

Of note for this season, GVSU makes its first appearance in college dodgeball, winning against DCC 10-0. GV made it to the Championship match against Ohio State in their first season, eventually losing to OSU 2-1. According to early GVSU and MSU players, Grand Valley essentially started as a joke to accommodate Michigan State’s requests for new teams. Grand Valley would attain an eventual four straight National Champion titles and a stellar win / loss record over those four years.

Member Teams (9): DePaul, Kent, OSU, MSU, DCC, GVSU, OUMI, UK, K-State

2007: The NCDA

For the 2006-2007 season, the Midwest Dodgeball Conference would be renamed the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association (NCDA) in order reflect the changing demographic of the Member Teams.

Member Teams (11): DePaul, Kent, OSU, MSU, DCC, GVSU, OUMI, UK, K-State, BGSU, Marshall




UofL, HFCC, Miami Ohio

Present Day

The NCDA has grown to encompass over 20 member teams from the Midwest, eastern Great Plains, and the East Coast. One may find a list of all our current members, as well as any Upcoming Members, on the Member Team page.

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