2023 Nationals

Nationals 2023 will be held on April 15-16 in Athens, Ohio. Ohio University will be hosting this event of 20 teams from around the country all coming together to play the game of dodgeball. 

This tournament will consist of 2 days of games, the first of which will be a round-robin matchup, and the second being a single elimination tournament where the last team standing will earn the title of NCDA Champion.


Day 1 - Events and Round -Robin Play

Saturday play will begin with the 2023 All-Star game, bringing in the best players from around the league. These players will be drafted to their respective teams live a few weeks prior on the NCDA YouTube.

Following the All-Star Match, the Women’s Match will take place, these players will also be drafted to their respective teams before the event, allowing for them to show off their skills.

The final event before we begin official matches is the alumni game, where people who played in previous seasons of NCDA competition play can return and get an opportunity to show off for the current players. 

Upon completion of these three events, the round-robin portion of the tournament will begin. Teams will go up against predetermined opponents throughout the league, where all points won and lost will be doubled to allowing teams to increase their ranking before bracket play begins the next day. When the final match of the day finishes, teams will be sorted into the bracket and given their matchups.

Day 2 - Bracket play

Once rankings from the 20 teams are finalized they will be sorted into this bracket, and match play for the second day will begin. This will be a single-elimination tournament where if you lose, you go home. At the end of this day, a new NCDA champion will be crowned.


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