University of Akron’s “Pink Out”

pinkout-2015-01Written by: Adam Pfeifer [Akron]

The University of Akron hosted the first annual Pink Out tournament over the weekend which had 3 teams attend. 3 of the 4 teams had roughly the same skill level, that being Akron OU and BW, and Kent State being the outlier. Baldwin Wallace came into the tournament ranked 14th, Akron ranked 15th, Ohio university ranked 16th and Kent state ranked 6th Continue reading

NCDA Standings 2015-10-23

Standing Team Algorithm Avg
1 MSU 2
2 GVSU 3.5
3 JMU 3.5
4 OSU 4.25
5 CMU 5.25
6 Kent 6
7 PSU 7.25
8 SVSU 8
9 UK 8.5
10 Towson 8.5
11 UMD 11
12 BGSU 12.75
13 UWP 13
14 BW 13.75
15 Akron 16.75
16 Ohio 17.25
17 DePaul 18
18 VCU 18.5
19 WKU 18.75

If you’re into that kind of thing. I’d rather people just play dodgeball. That’s pretty cool in its own. A little context:

  • The left number is a team standings. This would be a team’s seed going into the Sunday Tournament Bracket at Nationals.
  • Middle is the Team Acronym. Let’s note that TU has moved on to Towson
  • The right number is the result of the NCDA Ranking Algorithm. It is an average of every team’s ranking within a system.
  • First tiebreaker favors teams that played more matches.
  • Although not needed this week, the second and final tie breaker favors the team that joined the League first.

Perrone Point Awards from the Gauntlet

To elaborate on our evaluation of the Gonzalez results from earlier in the week, this article will focus on the Perrone System. The System has a quality win component that uses the opponent’s Win Percentage to dictate how much Perrone Points a team receives.

I’m throwing a lot of numbers at you, but that’s just the exact thing that happens. Think of it this way: if one defeats an undefeated team, the most points are awarded. If you defeat a team with 0 wins, you get a tinier amount of points. Flip that around for the loser: losing against an undefeated team won’t be so bad. Giving a team their first win will hurt the losing team.  Continue reading

Gonzalez Rating Exchanges

Since the Rugby World Cup is going on, i’d thought we’d highlight the Gonzalez exchanges for yesterday’s matches. The Gonzalez System uses the same rating exchange system that the International Rugby Board (IRB) uses to determine rankings for its teams. World Cup games are worth double just like our Nationals games are.

First, the initial ratings before the day’s first match:

  • GVSU = 59.202, a historically strong team and top rank at #1.
  • MSU = 51.009, still up there at #5 in Gonzalez Standings.

With home court advantage, GVSU gains 3 rating points to bring them to a hefty rating of 62.202 versus MSU’s initial rating of 51.009.  Continue reading