King of the Mountain Recap

This weekend Central Michigan University hosted the King of the Mountain dodgeball tournament.  At this event we saw schools from Michigan, Ohio, and even Wisconsin in attendance.  There were a lot of questions heading into the event, and I came away with quite a bit of insight on the teams that made the trip to Mt. Pleasant for a great tournament.  Below I have the scores from the tournament and some of my takeaways from the event as a whole: Continue reading

King of the Mountain


MOUNT PLEASANT – SAC: The King of the Mountain,
CMU def Akron 8-0
SVSU def UWP 6-0
GVSU def Kent 4-1
CMU def Kent 6-0
UWP def Ohio 6-0
SVSU def Akron 5-0
CMU def UWP 4-0
Kent def Ohio 5-0
GVSU def Akron 10-0
CMU def Ohio 6-0
GVSU def SVSU 3-2 OT

2016 Kentucky Invitational


LEXINGTON – Seaton: Today’s results in the Kentucky Invitational…
UK def DePaul 4-0
OSU def WKU 5-0
UK def Kent 3-1
OSU def DePaul 7-0
OSU def Kent 3-0
WKU def DePaul 3-0
OSU def UK 3-2
WKU def Kent 2-1
WKU def UK 3-1
Kent def DePaul 3-0

Great statistics were recorded courtesy of UK and the rest of the Officiating staff. For that I have thanks. They will be transcribed over the next week.

2015 Spartan Invite Film

We had MSU’s journalism/broadcast program come out and do a live production for the Spartan Invite. What ended up is four fine games caught on film. A big thanks to that program for their work and effort, and another special thanks to MSU Dodgeball. Please make sure you check out the credits at the end..

MSU def Kent 3-0 [YouTube]
MSU def DePaul 4-0 [YouTube]
CMU def GVSU 2-1 OT [YouTube]
CMU def Kent 3-0 [YouTube]

Check out the full results if you don’t remember what happened at IM West in November.


Standings as of 2015-12-04

Including the Buckeye Invitational which may end up closing out the year. If you have anything scheduled for December, or January, be sure to let us know.

The top 8 remain solid, but BW’s wins shaqify the bottom half of the list. GVSU wins the official tiebreaker for first, with just 2 more games played than CMU. GVSU does have the edge in three of the four systems; CMU places higher in Perrone while GVSU grabs the rest.

Below: As of 2015-11-23  Continue reading

University of Akron’s “Pink Out”

pinkout-2015-01Written by: Adam Pfeifer [Akron]

The University of Akron hosted the first annual Pink Out tournament over the weekend which had 3 teams attend. 3 of the 4 teams had roughly the same skill level, that being Akron OU and BW, and Kent State being the outlier. Baldwin Wallace came into the tournament ranked 14th, Akron ranked 15th, Ohio university ranked 16th and Kent state ranked 6th Continue reading

NCDA Standings 2015-10-23

Standing Team Algorithm Avg
1 MSU 2
2 GVSU 3.5
3 JMU 3.5
4 OSU 4.25
5 CMU 5.25
6 Kent 6
7 PSU 7.25
8 SVSU 8
9 UK 8.5
10 Towson 8.5
11 UMD 11
12 BGSU 12.75
13 UWP 13
14 BW 13.75
15 Akron 16.75
16 Ohio 17.25
17 DePaul 18
18 VCU 18.5
19 WKU 18.75

If you’re into that kind of thing. I’d rather people just play dodgeball. That’s pretty cool in its own. A little context:

  • The left number is a team standings. This would be a team’s seed going into the Sunday Tournament Bracket at Nationals.
  • Middle is the Team Acronym. Let’s note that TU has moved on to Towson
  • The right number is the result of the NCDA Ranking Algorithm. It is an average of every team’s ranking within a system.
  • First tiebreaker favors teams that played more matches.
  • Although not needed this week, the second and final tie breaker favors the team that joined the League first.