Ballot Results for the 2021 Season

Below are the results of the preferential election for the 2020/2021 NCDA Rulebook, select Policies, and 2021 Executive Board. The Rulebook is scheduled to be released prior to the start of the 2021 Season.

Nationals 2021

Here were the final results for Nationals 2021 selection:

Ohio State University – 1st Round

Ohio State University has retained the right to host Nationals 2021.

Executive Board

Director of Marketing

Kevin Bailey (GVSU) – 1st Round

Director of Internal Affairs

Shadeed Drakeford (VCU) – 2nd Round

Director of Expansion

Wesley Peters (CMU & MSU) – 1st Round

Director of Female Engagement

Rebecca Shappell (MSU) – 2nd Round

Rule Proposals

R.1) Even Split for Simultaneous Balls Over Calls

Yes, In the event of simultaneous ‘Balls Over’ violations, an even split of balls will be awarded to each team

R.2) Change to 12 Second Shot Clock

No, [Current] 15 second shot clock for 12-6 players, 10 second shot clock for 5 or less players
Member Teams tie 12-12
Exec Board breaks tie: 5-1 against, one abstaining

R.3) Timeout Resets Opponents Shot Clock to Full Amount

Yes, A timeout will result in the opposing team receiving a full shot clock

R.4) No ‘Nicknames’ on Player Uniforms

Yes, No nicknames will be allowed on uniforms during official NCDA matches

R.5) No ‘Baseball Caps’ During Play

No, [Current] No restriction on headgear

R.6) No Gloves During Play

Yes, Players are not eligible to wear gloves during official NCDA matches

R.7) 12 v 12 Overtime Roster in Championship Bracket at Nationals

No, [Current] 6 v 6 overtime roster

R.8) Added Time for Timeouts During Final 10 Seconds of a Half

No, [Current] Play will end when the game clock hits zero, regardless of a stoppage of play

R.9) No Entry on Team Catches

No, [Current] If a ‘Team Catch’ is made, the hit player is safe, the thrower is safe, one player is brought back in

R.10) Redefining ‘Sliding’

Yes, Any ‘leaving of feet’ during the opening rush will be considered a slide and result in a yellow card

R.11) Last Thrown Illegitimate Ball Resets Opposing Team Shot Clock

No, [Current] If a team’s last ball is thrown, or forfeited, and is ruled an illegitimate attempt, the Shot Clock will continue to run because the ball did not enter the opponents LAZ.
Member Teams tie 13-13
Exec Board breaks tie: 5-2 against

R.12) Players May Only Wear ‘Whole’ Numbers on Uniforms

Yes, Players are not eligible to wear any jersey that is not a ‘whole’ number

R.13) Return of Sixth Player Resets Team’s Shot Clock to 15

Yes, A catch which brings back in a team’s 6th player results in an automatic reset of the clock to a full 15 seconds

R.14) No Re-Entry on Same Play

Yes, Players are not allowed to be brought back in on a play that got them out

R.15) Balls that Have Exited the Court in Team’s Territory May be Rolled to Teammates

Yes, Balls that have exited the court in the designated area may be rolled back in to teammates as long as it’s in the direction of the baseline

R.16) Mandatory Uniforms for 2nd Semester

No, [Current] All members of a team should have clothes of the same color and style

R.17) Repeal of the ‘Sportsmanship Clause’ of Team Catches

No, [Current] If a Team Catch is made and the player who was hit exited the court on their own power before the catch, they are allowed re-entry, and that team can still bring one player in from the Jail

R.18) Adjustment to Catches Resetting the Shot Clock

No, [Current] A Direct Catch made by a Team with a Ten (10) Second Shot Clock will result in the Shot Clock resetting for the Catching Team

Policy Proposals

P.1) Change to Nationals Schedule Format

No, [Current] 3 ‘Round Robin’ games on Saturday, 16 team single elimination ‘Championship’ bracket

P.2) Gonzalez Carryover from 75% of Previous Season to 50%

Yes, The carryover from a season prior factoring into a team’s Gonzalez Rating drops from 75% to 50%

P.3) Required Backup Nationals Location at ‘Neutral’ Location

Yes, The Board must determine a date and location for a neutral site for Nationals in the event that the original host is unable to hold the event.

Executive Board override: 7-0 against, policy motion does not pass

P.4) Rejected Proposals Must Wait Additional Year Before Re-Proposal

No, [Current] No limit on frequency of proposals

P.5) Executive Board Approval of ‘Trophied’ Events

Yes, Executive Board must either approve of a Schedule created by the host school, or create their own Schedule if the host Schedule is not satisfactory
12-9-3-1, No majority reached, elimination of last option leads to 2nd Round
13-9-3, Wins on majority in 2nd Round

P.6) Yellow Card for Untimely Schedule Release

Yes, A yellow card will be awarded to the host team’s Captain if a schedule is not released 7 days prior to the event
11-12-3, No majority reached, elimination of last option leads to 2nd Round
14-12, Wins on majority in 2nd Round

Survey Results

How many members of your team played in NCDA matches throughout the 2019-2020 Season?

21.88 players on average, 21 players at median

How many played their last matches prior to Summer 2020?

5.44 players on average, 4 players at median

Election Details

26 Member Teams submitted a ballot, 26 Member Teams had voting rights. Quorum of 16 reached, election is valid. Majority target is 14 if no abstentions on a proposal. Super majority target is 18.

The Executive Board has elected to use veto rights on the following Policy Proposal:
The Board will be required to determine a neutral location for Nationals in the even the host school is unable to hold the event.

A recall ballot for the proposal has been issued and will need a super majority of 3/4s vote by Member Teams to overturn the Board’s decision.

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