NDA Toledo Women’s Division Inaugural Tournament Preview

Saturday August 5th will mark the NDA’s first women’s only tournament being held at Owens Community College near Toledo, Ohio. The NDA is committed to growing the sport and highlighting the women in our league on a new stage. This tournament will feature the no-sting ball type and will be played in a 6v6 format. For the first event, there will be the following three teams in attendance: Cleveland Comets, Midwestern Mercenaries, and Midwestern Martians. Let’s take a look at each team below.

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NDA – DC Recap

The NDA’s inaugural East Coast event took place this past weekend (6/17). Eight teams participated, with six East Coast teams making their NDA debut and two Ohio teams making the trip down after participating in NDA – East Lansing a little over a month ago. There were blowouts, overtime nail biters, and all the highlights you can handle in post-collegiate pinch dodgeballs return to the East Coast.

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NDA Kalamazoo Tournament Preview

The following was written by NDA board member Kevin Bailey

Semi-pro dodgeball season hits full swing this weekend with a loaded tournament in Kalamazoo. 13 teams are set to attend what will be the biggest National Dodgeball Association event of the season (so far) both in size and significance. The list of teams for Kalamazoo includes a staggering 12 of the top 13 teams in the June NDA Power Rankings.

After the East Coast teams showed out last weekend at a surprisingly deep Washington, D.C. event (the first of two in that region), the baton has been passed back to the Midwest as we continue our race towards the first ever NDA Championship. This weekend we will see the top finishers from the May 6th East Lansing Tour Stop back in action, as well as the season debut for a few intriguing rosters including #6 East Lansing Final Justice, #10 Rubber City Resistance, and #13 Platteville Pickaxers.

Let’s take a closer look at this stacked event.

Top Tier:

#1 Grand Rapids Kraken

#2 Grand Rapids Dynasty

#3 Detroit Omerta

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National Dodgeball Association Tournament Preview: Washington, D.C.

The NCDA’s partner organization (the National Dodgeball Association) will be holding an east coast event this Saturday in Washington, D.C.

Below, is a preview of that tournament prepared by University of Maryland Coach, and DMV Grizzlies player: Zach Fernald.

DMV Grizzlies

The Grizzlies are a primarily Virginia and Maryland based team making their NDA debut on 6/17. This team features former All-East Coast players like Shawn Sullivan, Zane Durbin, Zach Fernald, and Daniel Fernald. All of these players have played with the Grizzlies in various forms of dodgeball since graduating college and are fired up to make their return to the pinch court as a unit. While those names may be well known in NCDA circles, there are a few key players who are returning to the court for the first time since their last NCDA event in 2020. They also have several players without any large court pinch experience. 

Final word: This is a talented team, they will look for their core to lead the way early on while those new or returning to this style of dodgeball get up to speed. 

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