September 2019 ROTM – Ryan Ginsberg

The NCDA has been recognizing players that make a statement on the court through their skills, leadership, and ability to mobilize a team. While team captains often receive this honor, the league is greatly influenced by the outstanding new players that join each year. This month, we are introducing a new segment: Rookie of the Month. After a remarkable performance at the Buckeye Invitational on September 28th, the first Rookie of the Month goes to Ryan Ginsberg from Ohio State. Ryan wowed teammates and spectators with low throws, clutch catches, and a competitive spirit. His performance against Akron especially contributed to Ohio State’s victory with eight catches in one point, and he will without a doubt play a part in Ohio State’s success this season. Dylan Greer and Kathryn Mays took some time to interview this rising player; take a look at the interview below:

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