December 2022 – wBOTM – Danielle Kubbe

The NCDA has been recognizing players that make a statement on the court through their skills, leadership, and ability to mobilize a team, and oftentimes, these teams are greatly influenced by their female players. This month, we are recognizing Danielle Kubbe for the NCDA’s December Women’s Baller of the Month. Content Member Kathryn Mays took some time to interview this star player; take a look at the interview below:

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Falcon’s Ladies Invitational

We are very excited that in one month, on Saturday, January 28 2023, Bowling Green State University will be hosting the first ever Women’s Only College Dodgeball tournament featuring the new women’s no-sting division ruleset. Modeled after the USAD rules with a little NCDA flare (yes, there will be soft boundaries), we are ready to get the women of the NCDA the attention and gameplay they deserve.

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A League of Our Own – Kacey Durliat

Dodgettes Navigating a New League

The 2022 semester has come to an end, and one thing can be said for certain about the college dodgeball atmosphere: we are amidst an entirely new league. College dodgeball returned last fall, and with it came an exciting season of close matches, upsets, rookies, and of course, dodgettes (Shout-out to Akron University’s female players for coining the new term). 

This article continues to highlight dodgettes across the league: 2021-2022 season graduates, pre-COVID veterans, and new recruits. Stay tuned to hear how they made their name in the league and what they are looking forward to this year; in other words, dodgettes navigating a new league.

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