Worlds 2019 Full Results

CANCUN – Polifórum Benito Juárez: The World Dodgeball Federation holds Worlds 2019 over November 26-December 1, with the Mexican Dodgeball Federation as host. 

If you missed the feature article detailing the mechanics of the ranking system, take a gander at the Complete History of the WDBF which were released prior to Worlds 2018.  Gonzalez Rankings will soon be published for the 2019 year.

Round Robin, Day 1

MEX def ARG 9-5 (W)
MEX def NOR 20-0 (M)

Round Robin, Day 2

USA def GBR 16-1 (M)
HKG def AUS 10-6 (M)
NZL def NOR 16-0 (M)

CAN def ARG 14-5 (M)
MEX def ITA 9-4 (M)
AUS def HKG 11-5 (W)

MYS def AUS 7-5 (M)
HKG def ARG 10-3 (M)

USA def ITA 16-2 (M)
CAN def GBR 13-7 (M)
MEX def NZL 6-4 (M)

USA def MYS 7-5 (W)
CAN def ARG 13-3 (W)
MEX def ITA 9-7 (W)

CAN def MYS 8-7 (M)
HKG def USA 10-3 (M)

MYS def MEX 13-1 (W)
GBR def NZL 8-4 (M)
AUS def MEX 11-4 (M)

CAN def ITA 23-0 (W)
USA def HKG 9-4 (W)
AUS def ARG 11-2 (W)

Round Robin, Day 3

AUS def NZL 11-2 (M)
MYS def GBR 13-4 (M)
MYS def HKG 7-6 (W)

AUS def ITA 17-2 (W)
ARG def NOR 8-3 (M)
USA def ARG 16-0 (W)

CAN def MYS 8-5 (W)
HKG def NZL 8-4 (M)
AUS def GBR 7-6 (M)

HKG def MEX 13-2 (W)
CAN def ITA 23-1 (M)
MYS def NOR 21-1 (M)

HKG def GBR 10-6 (M)
USA def ITA 15-3 (W)
USA def NZL 10-0 (M)

HKG def ARG 14-3 (W)
USA def ARG 12-2 (M)
AUS def MEX 16-1 (W)

AUS def CAN 11-6 (M)
MEX def ARG 8-6 (M)
MYS def HKG 13-1 (M)

MYS def MEX 12-3 (M)
ITA def NOR 11-2 (M)

Round Robin, Day 4

USA def AUS 6-5 (M)
GBR def NOR 22-0 (M)
NZL def ITA 10-3 (M)

MEX def HKG 6-5 (M)
MYS def ARG 11-1 (M)
CAN def NOR 19-0 (M)

USA def MEX 16-1 (W)
AUS def ITA 14-0 (M)
MYS def ARG 12-0 (W)

CAN def MEX 14-4 (M)
GBR def ARG 12-2 (M)
HKG def NOR 12-2 (M)

USA def CAN 10-6 (W)
ITA def ARG 6-5 (M)
MYS def AUS 4-2 (W)

USA def CAN 11-3 (M)
MYS def NZL 13-1 (M)
ARG def ITA 9-5 (W)

CAN def AUS 11-6 (W)
AUS def ARG 10-1 (M)
HKG def ITA 18-3 (W)

USA def MEX 14-3 (M)
MYS def ITA 19-4 (M)
CAN def MEX 12-4 (W)

Round Robin, Day 5

MEX def GBR 9-6 (M)
USA def NOW 21-0 (M)
NZL def ARG 9-0 (M)

USA def AUS 8-5 (W)
MYS def ITA 11-2 (W)
CAN def HKG 12-7 (M)

CAN def HKG 11-9 (W)
GBR def ITA 16-2 (M)
AUS def NOR 18-1 (M)

MYS def USA 6-5 (M)
HKG def ITA 13-0 (M)
CAN def NZL 13-2 (M)

Bracket, Day 5

AUS⁴ def HKG 8-5 (M)
USA¹ def NZL 10-2 (M)
CAN³ def MEX 13-5 (M)
MYS² def GBR 11-2 (M)

MYS³ def CAN² 8-3 (W)
USA¹ def AUS⁴ 8-7 (W)
USA¹ def AUS⁴ 8-4 (M)
MYS² def CAN³ 12-5 (M)

Medal Matches, Day 6

AUS⁴ def CAN² 9-8 OT (W), for Womens Bronze
AUS⁴ def CAN³ 10-9 (M), for Mens Bronze
USA¹ def MYS³ 7-5 (W), for Womens Gold
USA¹ def MYS² 9-4 (M), for Mens Gold

[OT matches were not noted, except for one entry (AUS⁴ def CAN² 9-8 OT,W Bronze)]

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