Standings as of 2017-10-17

We had just one event this weekend, the third annual Pink Out hosted by Akron at the Goodyear Hall. This one event did have 17 ranked matches, three JV contests, and ten teams competing.

The Gonzalez System now includes 250 technical upsets in 1317 ranked matches, and we’re up to 67 matches this season which continues to break records. Seven JV contests as well.  Continue reading “Standings as of 2017-10-17”

Pink Out 3

AKRON – Goodyear: In the third Pink Out,
PSU def VCU 3-2 OT
BGSU def BW 5-1
CSU def DePaul 3-2
Kent def Ohio 3-2 OT
Akron def Miami 6-1
Miami def DePaul 3-2 OT
BGSU def PSU 4-1
Ohio def BW 5-1
OU-JV def BG-JV 5-1
Kent def VCU 3-2
Akron def CSU 5-0
CSU def BW 3-2
Ohio def DePaul 3-0
PSU def Akron 5-1
BGSU def VCU 2-1
Kent def Miami 3-0
CSU def Miami 2-1
Akron def DePaul 4-0
PSU-JV def OU-JV 3-1
PSU-JV def BG-JV 8-2

Standings as of 2017-10-11

This feature article was co-authored with Felix Perrone

In three events across a similarly expansive swath of the country as last week, we played 15 ranked matches and three JV contests. This has brought the records to a nice and round 1300 ranked matches. We saw a feature article with Dylan and Felix, in this feature article, Felix and I will present some more fun facts regarding that large chunk of data. Complete records span eight seasons, from the Opening Match on 2010-09-25 to this weekends games of 2017-10-08. While we have a number of matches recorded from 2005-2010, those records are not complete and as reliable so we refer to those as the dark times.

We had three events this weekend at PSU, GSU, and GVSU.

So far:

  • 50 matches played in the 2018 Season (another round number!)
  • 23 teams of our 32 active teams have played (not as round)
  • just 1 overtime (way under average)
  • 11 technical upsets (about on target)
  • a historical leader dips (more on that later)

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Standings as of 2017-10-03

+1200 mile road trip!

College Dodgeball closed out the opening month of the 2018 Season with an action packed Saturday. Fifteen teams played across three venues spread over 1215 travel miles, where 21 ranked matches were played, and in which 118 points were scored.

Think about all those lazy Shot Clock reset throws.

Of these Saturday games, five were technical upsets according to the Gonzalez system. None were extreme upsets but interesting regardless. We have 244 technical upsets in 1285 ranked matches.  Continue reading “Standings as of 2017-10-03”

Standings as of 2017-09-26

We are only three events in and 14 ranked matches into the 2018 Season. We’ve already had 11 teams compete, and we have oodles more games (at least 21) to see this upcoming weekend with events at UNL (Cornhusker Clash), Kent (Summit Street Slugfest), and UMD. There’s a lot of activity to close out a very busy September. I can’t express how excited I am to see the match count grow.

This weekend saw only five ranked matches and no technical upsets. They were held at Towson and a double header at UK. In the current Gonzalez System, there are now 239 technical upsets in 1264 ranked matches since accurate record keeping started 2010-09-25.

As stated in the previous Standings release, a couple things to reiterate for a couple more weeks: Continue reading “Standings as of 2017-09-26”