Ballot Results for the 2020 Season

Below are the results of the preferential election for the 2019/2020 NCDA Rulebook, select Policies, and 2020 Executive Board. The Rulebook is scheduled to be released prior to the start of the 2020 Season.

Extra special thanks to the 29 Member Teams that submitted ballots. There are 32 active Member Teams. Overall there were 24 Member Teams with voting rights that submitted ballots, with 5 non-voting teams submitting ballots for the record.

Nationals 2020 Selection

Special thanks to Ohio State University, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and Ohio University for their time and effort in putting together bids to host Nationals 2020.  Here were the final results for Nationals 2020 selection:

School1st Pref2nd Pref3rd Pref

In the resulting preferential count, OSU was chosen in the second round and will host Nationals 2020. They will provide a Director of Nationals by June 15 to join the 2020 Executive Board.

Executive Board

President (directly elected)
Hunter Ford ran unopposed

Treasurer (directly elected)
Erik Zander

Open Directorships
There were 8 candidates for 3 open directorships. A special thank you to each of the candidates: Zachary Rivera, Colby Briceland, Austin Morley, Eric Boehm, Dylan Fettig, Felix Perrone, Zachary Parise, and Kenny Mize. Two candidates were excluded in the count: Brandon Meisel conceded due to schedule conflicts, and Erik Zander was elected as Treasurer.

Open Directorships [full count results]
Colby Briceland – Elected 1st round
Felix Perrone – Elected 1st round
Dylan Fettig – Elected 6th round

2020 NCDA Executive Board:
Hunter Ford, President
Erik Zander, Treasurer
Kevin Bailey, Chief of Content
Jacob Leski, Director of League Expansion & Retention
Dylan Fettig, Director
Colby Briceland, Director
Felix Perrone, Director (one year term)
Director of Nationals, TBD (OSU)

A special thank you to Mike McNicholas (congratulations), Colin O’Brien, and Brandon Meisel for their service on the Executive Board, and to the NCDA over the years. Thank you for your time.

There were no Alumni Ballots.

Rule Proposals

R.1) Team Catch Same Play Re-Entry
Yes, if a ball is team caught and the Target player who was hit exited the court on their own power before the catch, they are allowed re-entry. [NEW]
13 to 11

R.2) Captain’s Challenges
No, there will be no official challenges during matches [Current]
15 to 9

R.3) Ball Re-Entry
Yes, teams are allowed to take direct ownership of balls that exit the court within their zone [NEW]
20 to 4

R.4) Attack Line Distance – Should the throw line be moved to 28 feet?
Yes, the Attack Line should be moved to 28 feet from the baseline [NEW]
Member Teams tie 12 to 12
Exec Board votes to break tie: 6-0 in favor, one abstention

R.5) Yellow Card Adjustment
Yes, a yellow carded player is out for the rest of the point, and the following point (a. next point in same match, b. overtime or c. the first point of the team’s next match, in the same event).
Also yes to secondary clause: Carding of coaches or bench players will cause a playing Captain to sit out for the remainder of the point, and the carded team must play a player down for the next point. [NEW]
14 to 1=4=5

Policy Proposals

There were no Policy Proposals for this Ballot.

Survey Results

Leadership Conference: Are you planning to Attend?
Yes: 7
Undecided: 14
No: 8

Team Turnover: How many members of your team played in NCDA matches throughout the 2018-2019 Season?
19.963 players on average, 19 players at median

Team Turnover: How many played their last matches prior to Summer 2019?
5.286 on average, 5 players at median

Election Details

29 Member Teams submitted a ballot, 24 Member Teams had voting rights. Quorum of 16 reached, election is valid. Majority target is 13 if no abstentions on a proposal. Super majority target is 16.

Aside from Nationals and the Exec Board, all options obtained a simple majority in the initial count, no run through our preferential election program was needed. There was one tie for the Executive Board to vote as the tiebreaker (R4. Attack Line).

The Executive Board has waived any veto rights, so there will be no recall election on any proposals.

Ballot totals were confirmed by the independent Chief of Records (ZM).

Full spreadsheet results found via the magical technology of google.

The results of this preferential election will become valid 2019-08-01. Any necessary written documentation (published policies, Bylaws, or Rulebook) will be published prior to the start of the 2020 Season.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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