2019 College Dodgeball Women’s All-American Team

Since 2017, the NCDA has honored the female competitors who have dedicated time and effort to their craft. The individuals on our list have excelled throughout the past year and made major contributions to their respective teams. Many of the NCDA’s female athletes also support their organizations through leadership roles, and this list is a way to recognize those outstanding individuals.

MVP – Rebecca Shappell

Michigan State University

Rebecca Shappell (left) on a team throw with Brent Weakland

Perhaps no other women’s player in history has meant as much to their team as Shappell. She has been nothing short of consistent for Michigan State during her time there. Whether it’s through communication or laying out for catches, her presence is always looming on the court. Shappell will continue her career with Final Justice in Elite, and will continue to be a shining example for all female athletes to aspire to.

2. Jessica Blum

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Blum may only be a Freshman, but she has already shot up on dodgeball radars across the country, even earning All-Midway honors. Blum is an elite catcher who has made many opponents think twice about throwing her way. Nebraska will be looking to build a lot of their future around her these next few seasons.

3. Kathryn Mays

Ohio State University

While wearing the best jersey number in dodgeball (if I do say so myself), #4 of Ohio State always found herself in the heat of action for the Buckeyes during her 2nd season with the team. Mays carries a big load on the young OSU team, and is a crafty thrower. With some more time in the league, don’t be surprised to see her atop this list next season.

4. Jennifer McClune

Ohio University

McClune stood out throughout the year as one of the best catchers in the league. She left a good impression on many spectators at this past year’s Nationals against quality teams such as GVSU and MSU. She is perhaps one of the toughest outs on this list not only because of her catching ability but because she is difficult to hit as a moving target.

5. Maddie Talbert

Ohio State University

Another selection from OSU, Talbert has had a long and successful career with the team. I would argue her best performance of the year happened during WAR when, despite having a clearly injured hand, she stepped up when her team needed her and made multiple catches to keep the team in games. Her presence and positive attitude will surely be missed by her teammates next season following her graduation this past Spring.

6. Cassie Weaver

Kent State University

During her career, Weaver has served as Captain and President for the Golden Flashes, and always found herself making plays alongside some very talented teammates. The southpaw has been excellent in catching opponents off guard with cross-court throwing in the past, and has made strides to improve her skillset in other ways as well.

7. Katie Rayburn

Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Image may contain: 4 people, people playing sports and basketball court
Katie Rayburn (second from right) pictured with teammates

This is Rayburn’s 3rd time making the Women’s All-American list and for good reason. She has been noted as a strong catcher during her career, but additionally she finds herself filling the ‘survivor’ role, being one of the last players remaining for NSU in many points. This was Rayburn’s last season with Demons Dodgeball but the standards she set as a leader for the team have propelled this once absent group to new heights.

8. Janna Curtan

Bowling Green State University

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport and basketball court
Janna Curtan (left) on an opening rush against Ohio University

Bowling Green has a long history of outstanding female players, and Curtan is certainly no exception to that. Her court awareness and understanding of the game has made sure she retains significant time on the court with the Falcons. Curtan also has an underrated arm which makes her one of the best offensive players on this list.

9. Alissa Mintner

Ball State University

The Sophomore for Ball State caught a lot of balls and everyone’s attention at WAR this season. While BSU’s program is young, she plays like a veteran, poised under pressure against opponents of all skill levels. BSU is likely to make a jump next season in terms of skill development and overall ranking, Mintner will continue to be an important piece for that.

10. Anna Moellenbeck

Miami University

I would say the thing that stands out the most about Moellenbeck is the energy she brings to the game. Miami had one of the most talented groups from top to bottom this season and Moellenbeck made sure that she was involved in their surge this season. Moellenbeck arguably has the most potential of the female players on this list, and everyone should continue to keep an eye on her going forward.

11. Gwendolyn Johnson

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, basketball court and indoor

Johnson makes the list for two years in a row due to the toughness and grit she brings to the court. In many situations she finds herself as one of the last players remaining for Nebraska and is able to make smart throws in tough situations to help her team. Expect a lot from the rising Junior as Nebraska continues to improve as an NCDA program.

12. Nathalie Conn

Kent State University

Image may contain: 2 people, including Cassie Weaver, people smiling, shoes
Conn (left) with teammate Cassie Weaver

Rounding out the list is Kent Freshman Nathalie Conn. Having the opportunity to learn from an experienced veteran in Cassie Weaver has helped Conn progress faster than most would be able to. Conn finds herself on this list because of her evasion skills and being a good facilitator for the team. Next season Kent will experience a lot of turnover, and she will play a role in making sure the ship stays afloat.

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