My Ohio Overtime-6

Below is Leo Rockamore’s Ohio Region OT-6:

  1. Brett Liming
  2. Ryan Ginsberg
  3. Cory Heitmann
  4. Terence Checkett
  5. Ryan Engleman
  6. Clay Egleston

Brett Liming

Brett Liming

The OG Bearcat. The NCDA Slim Reaper. Brett Liming has been putting on a show and half this year and is a huge part of Cincinnati’s success this year. In their right corner Brett has done it all. He’s known for being a fierce weapon on offense, whether on the front line or in transition; but is highly underrated in his ability to catch and survive in clutch situations. Whether racking up kills in transition, picking opponents off on the cross, or snagging a catch out of a team throw, Brett is a major threat to anyone he faces. I would even go so far as to say he’s the most complete player in the league right now. Don’t take your eyes off the Slim Reaper.

Ryan Ginsberg

In my opinion, Ryan Ginsberg isn’t short of Liming by much on this list. Millimeters even. Ginsberg is a mean lefty with an arsenal of weapons at his disposal from submarines, to crosses, no look throws, or even just running you down and putting you in next month’s highlight reel. Make no mistake, you won’t catch him lacking without a ball, either. He’s got some of the best hands in the league and will make a catch on you the same moment his kill tags your player in the middle of the court. Expect to see Ohio State make a final four appearance this year with Ryan Ginsberg leading the charge.

Cory Heitmann

While it seems Cory has had a quieter year, he hasn’t slowed down at all. In fact, it looks like he’s moving faster, as if that was even possible. For court presence alone, Cory takes the cake on this list. His speed, stamina, and powerful over the top throw will award him at least a few kills every point. His quicknesses and awareness not only makes him a strong center court presence, but a formidable catcher. Watch for Cory on the court, or you can bet on watching him from the sideline.

Terence Checkett

The Bobcats have had a rocky year; but through it all one player has stood out the most. Terence Checkett has been putting up numbers for this team all year. He’s got one of the best throws in the league, and you can bet on him getting a kill anytime he’s on the frontline. For only being in his second year, he’s got an amazing game sense as well, which is crucial to his role as middle player for Ohio. He’ll keep your head on a swivel with a flurry of pump fakes, stamp your best catcher on the backline, and then make a diving catch all in the same point. If the Ohio Bobcats make a run at Nationals this year, it’ll be because of him.

Ryan Engleman

Ryan Engleman

Ryan Engleman has had a hell of a year. While previously only known for his ability to grab any catch he wants, he’s come into his own as a powerful arm for Cincinnati. His ability to time and pick out catches has seamlessly transferred into his ability to get counters in the heat of chaos. It would seem his opponents continue to overlook his throwing ability, and he has been capitalizing on that all year. Engleman’s catching hasn’t fallen off one bit, making him a huge threat on both offense and defense. If you’re not watching Ryan Engleman, start now.

Clay Egleston

The Akron Zips sit fourth in overall standings as of right now and I’ll tell you why. Most assume they snuck their way to the top off easy wins, but I can tell you Clay Egleston and the Zips have been on a tear. Clay Egleston is a key reason for this, as his consistent performance throughout the year has helped catapult them up the rankings. You may know him for his sick catching, which got him a double catch against Ohio State, but he’s another player underrated on offense. Clay has sent as many to the outline with his drop curve as he has with a catch. Watch for the Zips to make a run at Nationals with Clay leading the charge,

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