NCDA moves to the Gonzalez System

CHICAGO – Office of the Director of Officiating (and Records): The NCDA Executive Board has voted to move to a new ranking system. This new system is closely based on the earlier “Gonzalez System” and the new Gonzalez System will replace a combination of four different systems, which was used in seeding the Tournament Bracket for Nationals 2014, 2015, and 2016. The vote concluded on 2016-10-24; the motion carried 3-1, with one abstention, plus Director of Nationals assent.

For the full detail of the Gonzalez System, see its Policy documentation. See below for a short and simple explanation of the system. Continue reading “NCDA moves to the Gonzalez System”

Standings as of 2016-12-05

As UW-Whitewater joins the NCDA as the 44th School to compete, we now have 29 active teams listed in the Standings. We only had 3 matches played in the West since the last Standings post.

Win Loss Exchange
UWP (40.417) DePaul (37.857) 0.744
DePaul (37.113) UWW (40.000+3) 1.589 (90.85%)
UWP (41.161) UWW (38.411+3) 1.025 (4.25%)

To start backwards, UWP’s slight, technical upset win over a home UWW netted them 1.025 Gonzalez points and was 211th of 221 total upsets. That’s the low 4th percentile.

DePaul’s upset win over the home court boosted UWW have the teams exchanging 1.589 in a relatively close match. It is close to the 91st percentile, with just 19 upsets greater than it. We should look out for another UWW/DePaul matchup when Whitewater has more games under their belt (at least 6).

A UWW venue is the most neutral location for a UWP/DePaul matchup (just a two hour drive!) and marks great potential for a new event location, as long as UW Whitewater gets gym space sorted out. This weekend marks the 10th time UWP and DePaul have played, although they’ve played a few times before accurate record keeping started in 2010. UWP is 10-0 versus DePaul, with 3 of those being minor upset wins and even two where UWP topped a DePaul home team. This year DePaul has a much closer rating to UWP, who still leads that middle section of the Standings along with VCU.

  1. 2013-03-02: UWP takes 1.330 on DePaul (Home)
  2. 2010-10-23: UWP takes 1.159 at WIU
  3. 2016-10-16: UWP takes 1.146 on DePaul (Home)
  4. 2016-12-04: UWP takes 0.744 at UWW
  5. 2016-09-24: UWP takes 0.663 (adjusted) in OT at UNL
  6. 2013-10-20: UWP takes 0.647 on DePaul at SAU
  7. 2014-03-08: UWP takes 0.485 on DePaul (Home)
  8. 2013-11-09: UWP takes 0.423 on DePaul at UNL
  9. 2015-09-19: UWP (home) takes 0.072 on DePaul
  10. 2016-02-20: UWP (home) takes 0.010 on DePaul Continue reading “Standings as of 2016-12-05”

Standings as of 2016-11-14

We had twenty matches over two events this weekend. Dodgeball has returned to IM West for the annual Spartan Invite, and the same can be said for a reactivated Miami. BGSU set a new record for most games played in a weekend outside of Nationals (6 matches) by participating at both events this past weekend.  Continue reading “Standings as of 2016-11-14”

2016 Spartan Invite Exchanges

This year’s Spartan Invite (also noted as MSU Invite in some past years) includes more Michigan teams (read: ALL of them) than historically seen. For the initial years, MSU has tried to focus on inviting out of state teams, giving MSU a great chance to see the League without ever leaving home! For many events we’d see a little Founding Member round robin including DePaul, Kent, OSU and MSU happening along the other invited teams.

But sometimes you can’t hold to tradition because of a multitude of reasons that I wouldn’t hold on anyone. In this case, Kent, BGSU, and DePaul join the fray. They also happen to be stalwart competitors at many past fall quarter Spartan Invites. I sometimes like to consider BGSU and DePaul part of the Michigan region for the pure fact they often play these teams more than anywhere else. Continue reading “2016 Spartan Invite Exchanges”

2016 Wes Hopkins Fastest Arm Contest

CHICAGOOffice of the Director of Officiating (and Records):
The NCDA conducted another survey of the abilities of the League’s student-athletes during Nationals 2016 in Bowling Green, Ohio. This year’s Fastest Arm was named in honor of the current record holder, Wes Hopkins of Kentucky, and presented by the DePaul Dodgeball Society for supplying the radar gun. Mr. Hopkins’ record from Nationals 2013 still stands at 83 miles per hour.  Continue reading “2016 Wes Hopkins Fastest Arm Contest”

GVSU’s victories in 1000 Matches

The data covered here only covers ranked matches played through the seven seasons of 2011 to 2017, specifically 2010-09-25 to 2016-10-10. In that time we’ve played 1002 ranked matches and recorded 1084 line item events. For the purposes of these articles, we’ll only cover those 1002 matches.

Of the 1002 ranked matches we’ve recorded, GVSU has won 89% of the time, going 146-18 including going 9-4 in Overtime. Whenever GVSU loses, it’s 90th percentile news.

I should note this winning tradition basically begins from their first year back in 2006, one of the most successful of any first year team. GVSU did have an undefeated season prior to complete record keeping started on 2010-09-25. Interestingly, GVSU’s winning tradition spans almost all member teams that have ever participated in the NCDA. They have recorded wins on all Member Teams save just a few:  Continue reading “GVSU’s victories in 1000 Matches”

Where we are in 1000 ranked matches: OT

The data covered here only covers ranked matches played through the seven seasons of 2011 to 2017, specifically 2010-09-25 to 2016-10-10. In that time we’ve played 1002 ranked matches and recorded 1084 line item events. Events can include JV matches, scrimmages, special NCDA matches like the All Star Game, Ladies’ Match, May Day, among other NCDA related things. For the purposes of this article, we’ll only cover those 1002 matches.

Hunter Ford asks: Who’s had the most Overtime wins?

Overtime is a Michigan thing. The current four Michigan teams top the list in most Overtimes played, but we could get really into numbers on this subject. There’s four undefeated teams in OT, but those teams have only participated in 1 or 2 overtimes. “Predicting” when an overtime might occur given both team’s initial ratings has been a small white whale of mine. I don’t think there’s enough data yet.  Continue reading “Where we are in 1000 ranked matches: OT”

Standings as of 2016-11-07

Holy cow, we are at 28 rated Member Teams. U of North Georgia enters the rankings at a healthy #10 in the Gonzalez Standings by pulling two road wins against their host Georgia Southern. We’ll see both teams again later in the month when UNG hosts WKU and VCU. The predicted exchanges for that schedule will be valuable to their each competitor’s rating. Continue reading “Standings as of 2016-11-07”

Standings as of 2016-11-01

GVSU takes a minor hit to their top rating from the matches, but is still games ahead of any opponent. I could give you exactly where SVSU’s Battle of the Valley’s OT upset ranks in the history of upsets, but I’m currently still working on some data for the 1000 match articles. It’s about 3rd or 4th in OT upsets though, around the top ten for all upsets, certainly around the 95th percentile upsets either way. SVSU is now on the cusp of climbing past OSU and JMU with even a small win (winning on any team that is within 8.730 of SV’s 45.076).

While UK’s took two wins this weekend in a double header, their opponent was out of their caliber and gives the minimum exchange for the wide rating gap (12.458 with UK’s home court advantage). UK (and Kent) drop a place to make room for Towson’s climb back to #4. This is a good example of how better quality wins can do more for a team’s rating and allow them to climb higher.
Continue reading “Standings as of 2016-11-01”