Worlds 2018, Day 2 Previews

LOS ANGELES – Hangar Studios: The World Dodgeball Federation is holding Worlds 2018 (WDBF Dodgeball World Championships 2018) over October 10-13, and USA Dodgeball is playing host. If you missed the feature article detailing the mechanics of this system, take a gander at the Complete History of the WDBF. Day 1 Round Robin results:

HKG def ARG 13-1 (M)
AUS def CAN 7-5 (M)
USA def ITA 13-1 (M)
MYS def MEX 5-4 (W)

MYS def CAN 8-6 (M)
USA def ARG 18-2 (M)
NZL def ITA 8-4 (M)
HKG def MEX 13-3 (W)

MYS def CAN 8-6 (M)
USA def ARG 18-2 (M)
NZL def ITA 8-4 (M)
HKG def MEX 13-3 (W)

CAN def MYS 11-3 (W)
USA def ITA 20-0 (W)
AUS def MEX 8-1 (W)

AUS def ITA 11-2 (M)
USA def HKG 11-0 (M)
MEX def NZL 7-1 (M)
CAN def ARG 21-1 (M)
MYS def AUS 5-4 (W)

USA def NZL 11-1 (M)
CAN def HKG 12-6 (M)
AUS def MEX 6-3 (M)

CAN def AUS 9-7 (W)
MYS def ARG 14-2 (M)
USA def HKG 11-7 (W)
ITA def MEX 8-5 (W)

[OT matches were not noted]


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Worlds 2018, Day 1 Previews

LOS ANGELES – Hangar Studios: The World Dodgeball Federation is holding Worlds 2018 (WDBF Dodgeball World Championships 2018) over October 10-13, and USA Dodgeball is playing host. We’ll follow along and check out the potential Rating Exchanges for each game in the schedule.

If you missed the feature article detailing the mechanics of this system, take a gander at the Complete History of the WDBF.

October 10 – Round Robin

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The Complete History of the WDBF

The Complete History of the World Dodgeball Federation

Every Member Nation’s relative strength after every game

Technical Documentation – WDBF Global Rankings

WDBF Womens, Sorted.

Standing Nation Rating Status
1 🇲🇾 Malaysia 44.681 2017 Gold
2 🇦🇺 Australia 44.411 2017 Silver
3 🇺🇸 United States 43.973 2017 Bronze
4 🇨🇦 Canada 41.186 2017 4th
5 🇭🇰 Hong Kong 40.543 2017 Attending
6 🇲🇽 Mexico 38.403 2017 Attending
7 🇮🇹 Italy 36.167 2017 Attending
8 🇨🇲 Cameroon 41.350* 2018 Non Attending
9 🇨🇫 Central African Republic 38.650* 2018 Non Attending

* denotes a provisional rating (< 6 matches)

Gonzalez Standings WDBF Womens

WDBF Mens, Sorted.

Standing Nation Rating Status
1 🇲🇾 Malaysia 48.665 2017 Gold
2 🇨🇦 Canada 44.058 2017 Silver
3 🇦🇺 Australia 44.877 2017 Bronze
4 🇺🇸 United States 42.773 2017 4th
5 🇲🇽 Mexico 41.832 2017 Attending
6 🇳🇿 New Zealand 40.791 2018 Attending
7 🇭🇰 Hong Kong 39.595 2017 Attending
8 🇮🇹 Italy 37.799 2017 Attending
9 🇦🇷 Argentina 40.000* 2018 Attending
10 🇨🇫 Central African Republic 42.135* 2018 Non Attending
11 🇨🇲 Cameroon 40.215* 2018 Non Attending
12 🇹🇩 Chad 39.000* 2018 Non Attending
13 🇬🇦 Gabon 38.650* 2018 Non Attending

* denotes a provisional rating (< 6 matches)
Gonzalez Standings WDBF Mens

Ranking Order:

  1. Inactive Member Nations are not listed
  2. Sort Worlds attendees first, then others.
  3. Sort the most recent Worlds medalist according to their placing; Gold, Silver, Bronze, 4th finishers of the last Worlds will always have a standing of 1-4.
  4. Sort by Gonzalez rating

In late October of last year, 2017-10-21 to be precise, I had the privilege of watching live results of “Worlds” come in from an event hosted by Dodgeball Canada in Toronto.

These results were barely “live” like other sports might be privileged to experience, but dodgeball is in a nascent state despite the NCDA’s efforts and contributions. There were posts from fans watching the live stream, but the results I went for were the cell by cell updates to a simple Google Sheet.

We have a fellow Chicagoan and DePaul alumnus Vegim Begolli’s Mad City doing great things in developing event production and streaming quality live feeds. Dodgeball has much to learn from the achievements of eSports. Other organizations are coming to appreciate the value of records. At the very least, we are improving from hand written poster boards of brackets posted to social media. With actual reliable data gathering, we can evaluate competitors based on quantitative analysis and avoid the many pitfalls of opinion based Captain Polls.

As my first feature article as part of the new Statistics Committee of the WDBF, and as the United States representative of Dodgeball Canada’s Statistics Committee, I present the Complete History of the World Dodgeball Federation. Continue reading “The Complete History of the WDBF”

Standings as of 2018-09-25

Standings are aimed to be released by the end of every Tuesday. 

In the 2019 Season, we have 1 technical upset in 22 ranked matches (95.45% success rate) across 4 events. It’s still early. Additionally, there have been three JV matches entered into the Records.

The Gonzalez System is a computer ranking model similar to Elo and is a rating exchange system based on research performed by World Rugby. It has been adapted by the NCDA to the demands of College Dodgeball, but can be tuned and customized endlessly to incorporate accurate data. It has been used to help determine seeds for the Nationals bracket since Nationals 2014, and was used exclusively for the Nationals 2017 and 2018 bracket. 

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2019 Executive Board

WAUCONDA – Office of the Director of Officiating: It is my pleasure to announce the 2019 Executive Board of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association. Jacob Leski (CMU) and Kevin Bailey (GVSU) will remain on the Board, and Hunter Ford (VCU Alum) moves into a voting position as the Board’s newest and youngest Director. All three will hold a term of two years (July 1 2018 to July 31 2020), serving as leaders of dodgeball at the collegiate level.

2019 NCDA Executive Board:
Felix Perrone, President
Mike McNicholas, Treasurer
Colin O’Brien, Director
Dylan Fettig, Director
Kevin Bailey, Chief of Content
Jacob Leski, Director of League Expansion & Retention
Hunter Ford, Director
Director of Nationals, TBD (PSU)

I would like to take a moment to thank the rest of the Candidates for running in this election. It’s still quite amazing we have this amount of quality leadership willing to step into a national role. Colby Briceland, Erik Zander, and Brandon Meisel, thank you again for being candidates for this League’s Exec Board.

And as always, thank you to our 31 Member Teams that voted in this preferential election (of our the 37 eligible Member schools). An extra special thanks to the 19 Alumni that voted, your continued support and involvement is crucial to this organization.

Preferential Election Results: 32 valid ballots, including one Alumni ballot determined by a Borda count. Electing 3 candidates. Threshold to win is 9 votes. There were no ties. Jacob Leski (17) and Hunter Ford (9) were elected in the first round of counting. Leski’s surplus votes were transferred to down ballot preferences as fractions in the second round. In the third, Kevin Bailey (4) reached the threshold and was elected in the third round. Full details can be found in our records archive.

Thank you, and good luck to the new board.

2019 Executive Board Election

There are three positions on the eight Director Executive Board that need filling. Following the NCDA’s voting policy, the vote will be preferential.

Teams will submit their ballot by ranking each candidate in order of their preference. The three most preferred candidates will be offered the respective position on the Executive Board.

Captains, submit your team’s ballot via Google Forms:


Voting will run from 2018-06-26 until 2018-06-30. The new board will be announced no later than 2018-07-01, with the start of the NCDA fiscal year.

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Summer 2018 Off Season Voting

Voting will run from May 29th to June 5th, 2018 11:59PM Pacific, or will end early if each Member Team casts a ballot via Google Forms. Each Member Team has one ballot. The NCDA uses a preferential voting system. If you do not wish to vote on a specific rule or option, just leave it blank.


Each option on the form is accompanied by a link to the original proposal that was voted into consideration at the 2018 Captains’ Meeting. Below are the campaign paragraphs for each bid to host Nationals 2019.  Continue reading “Summer 2018 Off Season Voting”