Zanderthon Throw-Down VIII Recap

The annual Zanderthon Throw-Down took place on March 2nd at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. This event was between Platteville, their alumni and a new addition to the league, the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Let’s take a look at the results from the day and here from the players and coaches!

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Zanderthon Throw-Down VIII Preview

We are onto another weekend of matches on what has been an exciting season of dodgeball so far. Platteville will be hosting the the 8th annual Zanderthon Throw-Down on March 2nd. The teams in attendance will be the University of Wisconsin Platteville (UWP), the University of Wisconsin Stout (UWS), and alumni. This weekend UW-Stout will be getting their first official match in and the NCDA will have another team joining the league. After the official matches are done, teams will be mixed up to compete in a 6v6 round robin tournament! Let’s take a look at the teams and the schedule below.

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Zanderthon Throw-Down 7 Recap

The annual Zanderthon Throw-Down took place on February 25th at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. It was an event between current members and some familiar faces from the alumni. Even though it was just Platteville and its alumni, it made for a fun and exciting day of competitive dodgeball. Let’s take a look below at the results on the day.

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Zanderthon Throw-Down 7 Preview

It is another weekend of dodgeball and Platteville is hosting the the 7th annual Zanderthon Throw-Down on February 25th. Although, this time around it will just be the current players vs the alumni, we are still expecting to see some exciting matchups and some entertaining dodgeball. The day will start out with a full NCDA match between the current team and alumni followed by mixing up teams to compete in a 6v6 round robin tournament that will end with the top two teams in the championship match! Let’s take a look at each of the teams below and the schedule for the day.

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My Dodgeball Story: Jason Hallman (Kent State)

Continuing the My Dodgeball Story for our 3rd story of the summer, and 1st of July comes from Kent State University’s very own Jason Hallman, who played at Kent State from 2009-12, is in his 1st season with the Cleveland Has-Beens, and is a prominent referee in the NCDA. Take it away Jason… Continue reading “My Dodgeball Story: Jason Hallman (Kent State)”

Alumni Appreciation- UWP Players

It is January and alumni appreciation month for the NCDA. So I thought it fitting to highlight some of the former players of the Platteville Dodgeball players that helped to make what the club is today.   These individuals were broken up by category comprised of different skills we utilize in the sport of Dodgeball.

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Alumni Appreciation- UWP


Alumni Appreciation- Founder of UWP Dodgeball

As you may know, January is alumni appreciation month and I thought it would be fitting to write about how Platteville’s club got started.  Our club started over ten years ago and I’m so happy that it did. I have met a lot of amazing people and made a lot of great friends because of it.  To help tell how the club got started we talked to the founder of the club: Scott Skelly. Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation- UWP”

UWP- Matt Bautch

An End of an Era for one of the Greats at UWP

Matt Bautch- #8

This semester, Matt Bautch, a great player and one of my best friends, graduated.  He did a lot for our team, which deserves recognition.  For the last 4 and a half years he has been one of Platteville’s best players, and most of the teams who have played against him can agree. Matt was always a very quiet individual and didn’t talk much. In our first few weeks of practice as freshmen everyone called him blue because no one knew his name (He always wore the color blue to practice, hence the nickname Blue).  I can remember walking back to the dorms at midnight after practice while I talked and he just listened.  He wasn’t much for words, but then again, he didn’t have to be, he let his play on the court do his talking.  Matt had one of the strongest arms in the league and could catch about anything thrown his way.  It was always fun watching him go up by himself and push the other team back to the back line. Continue reading “UWP- Matt Bautch”

Letter to the Officials and Staff

Good people,

Thank you for registering! Nationals 2015 is hosted by Western Kentucky University and WKU Dodgeball. It will be fun. The Staff and Alumni are an integral part of the success of this organization. We thank you in advance for this service.

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NCDA Alumni Podcast: February 2014

In the latest episode of the soon-to-be-renamed NCDA Alumni Podcast, the Aluminati discuss the Michigan Dodgeball Cup, Nationals 2014, and dodgeball outside the NCDA. Big questions are raised – Will Nationals ever get too big? Do the results of the MDC affect your view of the favorites heading into Nationals? – and everyone revels in the chance to make fun of McCarthy’s black eye.


AJP: Sept 2013 Alumni Podcast

Here’s another Average Joes’ Podcast, hosted by the Aluminati. Always good to have them contributing, especially when its a fantastically put together production which likely blows away the vanilla AJPs. Here’s a couple talking points they cover.  Continue reading “AJP: Sept 2013 Alumni Podcast”