Zanderthon Throw-Down VIII Preview

We are onto another weekend of matches on what has been an exciting season of dodgeball so far. Platteville will be hosting the the 8th annual Zanderthon Throw-Down on March 2nd. The teams in attendance will be the University of Wisconsin Platteville (UWP), the University of Wisconsin Stout (UWS), and alumni. This weekend UW-Stout will be getting their first official match in and the NCDA will have another team joining the league. After the official matches are done, teams will be mixed up to compete in a 6v6 round robin tournament! Let’s take a look at the teams and the schedule below.

University of Wisconsin Stout-For Stout, they will be going into their first match and trying to figure things out on the court as a unit and how they need to play together to compete. The advantage for this squad is that it will be the third event that they participated in. They had some experience refereeing at the Cyclone Clash and played some scrimmage games at the Pioneer Classic so they at least have a feel of the game and how fast pace it can get. Stout has come a long way this year and put in a lot of work to get to this point. This weekend all that work will finally payoff when they get their induction match.

University of Wisconsin Platteville– Platteville’s main focus this weekend will be building off their performance at the Cornhusker Clash. It was one of the team’s best and they want to continue to stay disciplined and keep working on their strategy. The plan is to get their rookies involved earlier from the start and get them to take charge and let their training take over and build confidence in their abilities. This will be important come April if UWP plans to be able to compete at nationals.

The following is the schedule for the 6v6 round robin tournament.

TimeTeam 1Team 2
1:00p.m.Team KureyTeam Zander
1:15p.m.Team HuntleyTeam Laux
1:30p.m.Team SebranekTeam Kurey
1:45p.m.Team ZanderTeam Huntley
2:00p.m.Team LauxTeam Sebranek
2:15p.m.Team KureyTeam Huntley
2:30p.m.Team ZanderTeam Laux
2:45p.m.Team SebranekTeam Huntley
3:00p.m.Team ZanderTeam Sebranek
3:15p.m.Team KureyTeam Laux
6v6 Round Robin Tournament Schedule

Final Thoughts– This is an exciting weekend as the NCDA is adding another team to the league and the Central Region is expanding. This is a great for the league and hopefully this will lead to more competition and even more exciting matches. We will be streaming the games on the Platteville Dodgeball YouTube channel.  If you have not, make sure to subscribe to the channel at the following link so that you get the notification when we go live (UW-Platteville Dodgeball)!

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