Dr. Peter Broe Classic Preview

On December 4th, Western Michigan University will be hosting the inaugural Dr. Peter Broe Classic. This tournament was name after Dr. Peter Broe, the founder of the club, as a way to say thank you for all the hard work he put in to get the club up and running. Peter provided several students a great way to make friends and take a little stress of college life and instilled his love of dodgeball in them. This tournament will see the nine following teams in action: WMU, GVSU, CMU, SVSU, CUW, Kent, OSU, UWP, and MSU. Below is the schedule for each court and a breakdown of each team.

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Power Rankings: December 2022

Team writeups provided by the NCDA Power Ranking Panel

1) Michigan State – While their last match was over two months ago, the Spartans have put in a lot of work on their own time and hope to finish the fall semester just as strong as they started. Michigan State heads into the weekend with three big matchups at the Dr. Peter Broe Classic and looks to prove just why they are the unanimous #1 among the power rankings. Between the triple headed All-American offensive threat of Jack Girling, Barry Butler and Alec Deen coupled with a well-versed defensive core, MSU seems incredibly solid on paper. The real test will come down to rookie development. It comes as no surprise that the Spartans have recruited well, but their top rookies in Nick Fedewa, Matt Barriball and Zach Van Fleet will be paving the way and look to shine in key roles this weekend. If they continue to develop, you can expect these three to become new household names in the NCDA.

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Pioneer Classic III Recap

On November 12th the University of Wisconsin Platteville hosted the following the following teams at the Pioneer Classic: University of Nebraska Lincoln, Cleveland State University, Western Michigan University, and Concordia University Wisconsin. The Pioneer Classic saw a lot of matches that normally don’t happen outside of nationals so it was a great weekend for the different regions to compete against each other. Concordia University is now officially a part of the NCDA! Below are the results and thoughts from the day.

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Pioneer Classic III Preview

This Saturday, November 12th, the University of Wisconsin Platteville (UWP) will be hosting the follow teams at the Pioneer Classic: Cleveland State University (CSU), Western Michigan University (WMU), University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW), and some washed up alumni. This will be the first time ever that a team from the Michigan or Ohio regions will have ever traveled out to play at the Pioneers’ home court. This will also be CUW’s first ever tournament and another team joining the league! Below is the schedule and highlight of the teams.

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October 2022 wROTM – Annie Larson

Since September 2019, the NCDA has been recognizing rookie players that make a statement on the court through their skills, leadership, and ability to mobilize a team. For the first time in NCDA history, there is a Women’s league, and this is the first month women are receiving their own individual spotlight. After a stellar performance at the Cornhusker Clash on October 8th, the first Women’s Rookie of the Month ever goes to Annie Larson from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. Annie impressed teammates and spectators alike with game-changing catches, leadership skills, and overall dodgeball IQ. Caleb Newell took some time to interview this rising player; take a look at the interview below:

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Power Rankings: November 2022

Team writeups provided by the NCDA Power Ranking Panel

1) Michigan State – The Spartans starting off the season strong was something few doubted. October ended with a convincing 3-0 record against Ohio, Cincinnati and Cleveland State. The triple-headed offensive threat of #2 All American Jack Girling, #6 All American Barry Butler III and ROY Alec Deen showed that they can be an unstoppable force. Girling and Butler III proved early that they deserve consideration for MVP candidacy and have a great communication front in Captain Josh Kramer and Assistant Captain DQ McClean. MSU has recruited well, yet again, and have another strong rookie class including a ROY front-runner candidate in Nick Fedewa and dark horses Matt Barriball and Zac VanFleet. Their rookies proved that they’ve learned strategy early and can further help round-out this powerhouse program. Roster depth and player development will be key if the Spartans look to take home a National Title come April. One has to wonder if the Spartans will let early victories get the best of them to take their foot off of the gas or if they’ll continue to push themselves through the season?

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Pink Out VII Preview

This weekend, Akron University will host their 7th Annual Pink Out tournament. This year looks to be a special tournament, with 11 teams in attendance from the Ohio, Michigan, and East Coast regions – we hope to learn a lot about these teams. It is also worth noting that half of these teams are ranked in the top 10 in the latest Power Rankings. This will be a prime opportunity for each of these teams to prove their worth and gain valuable on-court experience. We asked each of these teams to tell us about their biggest leaders, rookies, expectations, strengths, and more. Check it out!

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Kentucky Invitational Recap

On October 23rd, four teams from three different regions made the trip to Lexington, Kentucky to compete in the Kentucky Invitational. The teams in attendance were Ohio University, Ohio State University, Saginaw Valley State University, and University of Kentucky. Every team played against the other three teams for some exciting cross-regional play. 

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Standings as of 2022-10-31

In the 2023 Season, we have 8 technical upsets in 59 ranked matches (86.44% success rate) across 10 events.

This season marks the introduction of the NCDA Hybrid Ranking System as voted on by member teams during the 2022 election. The Hybrid Ranking System uses a combination of the Gonzalez System and the NHL Points System.

The Gonzalez System is a computer ranking model similar to Elo and is a rating exchange system based on research performed by World Rugby. It has been adapted by the NCDA to the demands of College Dodgeball, but can be tuned and customized endlessly to incorporate accurate data. It has been used to help determine seeds for the Nationals bracket since Nationals 2014, and was used exclusively for each Nationals bracket between 2017 and 2022.

The NHL Points System is a point-reward system based on the outcome of a match. A team who wins a match is awarded 2 points whether in regulation or overtime, a team who loses a match in overtime is awarded 1 point, and a team who loses in regulation is awarded 0 points.

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Kentucky Invitational

This Sunday the University of Kentucky (UK) is putting on the Kentucky Invitational and will be hosting: Ohio State University (OSU), Ohio University (Ohio), and Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU). Three regions will be in action and it is great to see the cross regional play! For Kentucky, this will be their first action of the year and we are excited to see them and for hosting. The last time they hosted an event, it was nationals back in 2017. Let’s take a look at the schedule below and highlight the teams.

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September 2022 BOTM – PJ Antalek

PJ Antalek is September’s Baller of the Month! He is an Akron captain and member of the 2022 All-Ohio team. Nicole Cutich got the chance to interview PJ at practice, and they talked about players in the league, his pregame rituals, his iconic overtime hit against BGSU, how he apparently doesn’t know what a walk up song is and more. Congratulations PJ!

Towson Throwdown and Maryland Madness Recap

Scores from Maryland Madness

Towson def UMD 2-1

Penn St def UVA 4-2

Penn St def UMD 4-1

JMU def Towson 4-3 (OT)

JMU def UVA 3-2 (OT)

Penn St def Towson 3-1

Penn St def JMU 5-2

UMD def UVA 2-1

Scores from Towson Throwdown

Towson def UVA 3-1

JMU def Towson 3-1

UMD def UVA 3-1

JMU def UMD 4-0

JMU def UVA 5-0

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Sagnasty Classic Recap

At the Sagnasty Classic, Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU), Grand Valley State University (GVSU), and Western Michigan University (WMU) competed in several good games this past weekend. The records for the day were: GVSU 3-0, SVSU 1-2, and WMU 0-2. Below are the scores from this tournament:

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Ten teams made the trip to Ohio University on October 1st  to play in the John Betters’ Bobcat Bonanza III. We saw a few teams make their first appearance of the season including last year’s runner up, Michigan State, while others were looking to improve on past performances. Of the 18 matches played only one ended with a single point difference. What does this say about the teams this season? We’ll go team by team and breakdown what these matches showed us and what to look for in coming tournaments. Also, stay tuned for the Women’s Tournament Recap article. 

Cleveland State huddling up during a match at JBBBIII
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