10 Ways To Become An NCDA All-Star

It has been another exciting season of dodgeball within the NCDA, with a lot of close matches, crazy upsets, amazing plays, and standout players. But what truly makes a player stand out in the league enough to be considered one of the best? Every sports league has its “all-star” players, and the NCDA is no different. After Nationals, every serious player in the league will be looking for their name on the “All-Region” or “All-American” rosters. Whether you’re a rookie or a multi-year veteran, there is always a new way to take your game and notoriety to another level. I spoke to just a few of the league’s most memorable players from over the years to get their thoughts on what it took to take their dodgeball career to the next level, and this is what I learned. Here are 10 ways to become one of collegiate dodgeball’s top players:


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Dodgeball 101: Finding Sponsors

As the saying goes, “money makes the world go ’round” and when trying to run your dodgeball empire this is no exception.  One of the things that hinders teams year-in and year-out is having the finances to properly run the team.  This can range from having problems with buying uniforms, being able to travel to tournaments, and even being able to buy dodgeballs for the season.  So what are some solutions if your team doesn’t get the proper funding it needs?  Fundraising? Raising dues? Make the rich kid on the team pay for everything?

All of those are legitimate options, but they can require a lot of time and effort, and generally aren’t fun to do.  So what’s another option? Sponsorships.  Almost every kid grows up dreaming of being in commercials and getting endorsements from big name companies, but now you can actually make that a reality (aside from the commercial part, probably).  Here are some of my top tips for how you can get your team sponsors for the year, and ultimately ease the financial burden that comes with dodgeball. Continue reading “Dodgeball 101: Finding Sponsors”