Leadership Conference


The Leadership conference is an annual event hosted by NCDA Leadership team over the Summer (in July) at the University of Akron. Players, captains, and coaches are all welcome to attend the event. This gathering is held over two days. Day 1 (Saturday) consists of a conference covering an array of topics from recruiting tactics to social media. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the league and gain useful knowledge on how to bring more student interest to teams and the league as a whole. Day 2 (Sunday) is tournament day, all attendees are allowed to participate and teams will be mixed throughout the league overall, a great opportunity to meet some new friends and student-athletes throughout the league. Below is more information on each day and what you can do to prepare for the event.

Day 1 - League Conference

As stated above, Day 1 will be a conference with league board members to go over various topics. It gives you as a member of the league, a chance to voice your opinion on the positive aspects of the league and areas that could be improved. Below is a list of topics covered, this includes:

  • recruiting tactics
  • new rules and policies
  • fundraising ideas
  • the benefits of social media
  • refereeing
  • involvement both inside and outside the NCDA

This conference allows the league to see how it can benefit the teams and help improve the league as a whole and provides a chance to discuss any issues that occurred throughout the previous season.

Day 2 - Tournament

Day 2 consists of a mix-and-match tournament where members from different teams are encouraged to work together with their mutual love of the sport to play some old-fashioned dodgeball. After teams are set, the tournament will begin with a round-robin introduction followed by a single elimination playoff section concluding with the crowning of the Leadership Conference champions.  The only difference is the in the playoffs, instead of a traditional clock timing rounds, the games are best 3 out of 5 to choose who is victorious. A large part of the NCDA’s goal beyond dodgeball is making friends and connections with people of similar interests. This tournament can be crucial in achieving this goal and is also a great chance to play a different format of dodgeball. A great opportunity to play some fun summer dodgeball after the end of the season.