The following are the registration forms that need to be submitted to the NCDA in order to participate in events.

Team Registration – This form provides the NCDA board with the contact information of each team to send out invoices and ask questions. It is also provide other member teams with contact information to message other teams to participate in tournament. This has to be submitted every year.

Individual Registration – This form must be filled out each year by each individual. This allows the league to keep track of eligibility and makes you a member of the NCDA agreeing to our guidelines, rules and policies.

Tournament Registration – This form only needs to be submitted by the hosting school of the event in order for the games to be NCDA sanctioned events. This allows the host school and board to work together to help put on and run a smooth event.

Roster Registration – This form must be submitted by each team’s captain for every match or tournament that the team participates in. The board has to ensure that everyone has submitted their individual registration and ensure players are eligible to play.