Ballot Results for the 2025 Season

Below are the results of the preferential election for the 2024/2025 NCDA Rulebook, select Policies, and 2025 Executive Board. The Rulebook is scheduled to be released prior to the start of the 2025 Season.

Nationals 2025

Final results for Nationals 2025 selection:

Cleveland State University – 1st Round

Cleveland State University has been selected to host Nationals 2025.

Will McCartney has been selected to represent CSU as the NCDA’s 2025 Director of Nationals.

Executive Board


Dylan Greer – 1st Round


Erik Zander – 1st Round

Open Director

Dylan Fettig – 1st Round

Colby Briceland – 2nd Round

Alexis Schultz – 3rd Round

Zach Fernald – 4th Round

Rule Proposals

R.1)  In addition to coaches and captains, all active players on the court will be allowed to call timeouts.

No, only coaches and captains will be allowed to call timeouts. [Current]

R.2) Prevent Alumni from officiating their former teams.

Yes, officials will not be eligible to officiate matches featuring at least one team they previously played for.

R.3) Disallow A & B Teams From Officiating Their Own Teams.

Yes, A Team members will not be eligible to officiate their own B Team matches and vice versa.

R.4) Remove Running Clocks If Point Differential Drops Under Four.

Yes, the decision for a running clock should be reversed once the point differential drops below four points.

R.5) Uncapped Roster Size for Fall Semester.

Yes, roster size will be uncapped for the Fall Semester (July 1 – December 31)

R.6) Shotclock Officials Responsible for Attack Line Violations

Yes, shotclock officials will be responsible for calling attack line violations.

R.7) Post-Event Cheating Punishment

Yes, teams should be allowed to submit grievances and a request for review by the Rules Committee & Executive Board with an 1 match suspension for the player and a 1 point team yellow card.

R.8) Coach/Player’s Box

Yes, players and coaches should be restricted to only staying on one half on the court.

R.9) Digital Shot Clock Usage

No, using a digital shotclock will be optional and teams can choose to shotclock manually. [Current]

***Note: With the resulting vote of R.9) Digital Shot Clock Usage this impacted and negated results for Digital Shot Clock – Reset Times, Digital Shot Clock System – Training Requirement, and Digital Shot Clock System – Match Result Submission

Policy Proposals

P.1) Teams must submit rosters for an event 3 calendar days prior to an event they will be attending.

Yes, teams will be required to submit rosters no less than 3 calendar days prior to an event.

P.2) Any team that is hosting a tournament must submit the tournament registration form on the website or receive a team yellow card.

Yes, teams will be required to submit tournament registration through the NCDA website.

P.3) If passed, for all members effective immediately players will be limited to 5 years of eligibility.  They will receive 2 years of additional eligibility for starting a new member team at an institution not currently with the NCDA at the time they start the team.

Yes, change eligibility requirements so players will be allowed a maximum of 5 years of eligibility with an additional 2 years granted for starting a new club.

Proposal History

A history of all of the NCDA’s rule, policy, and ranking system proposals can be found here [Policy/Rulebook History]

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