Alumni Appreciation: Chad Schlundt

Chad Schlundt - MAD-00-C
Chad Schlundt – MAD-00-C. Sans Neon.

One last article! This will concern a good friend of mine, Chad Schlundt, #00 and Captain of Moody Bible during 2011 and 2012 seasons.

Chad is the kind of guy that everyone says is a great guy, and for valid reasoning. When I first found out Chicago was gaining another dodgeball team, I was ecstatic.  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Chad Schlundt”

Alumni Appreciation: Jason Stein

Lindsay Maynard writes…

When reflecting on and appreciating the various esteemed alumni to have graced the court at Saginaw Valley, I did not necessarily save the best for last. We have had many great men on our team, too many for me to continue writing articles this month seeing as these articles tend to take precedence over schoolwork. I saved perhaps the most noted guy for last. Nay, the most passionate man. Cut the bull, we’re talking about Jason Stein, “The Most Hated Man in Dodgeball.”  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Jason Stein”

Alumni Appreciation: L. Maynard on 3 SV Alumni

There are a number of other alum from Saginaw Valley that deserves recognition and appreciation. Below are three guys that I had the pleasure to play dodgeball with for a number of years with the club. On the court they are amazing athletes. Off the court, they are great guys that I’m lucky to call my friends. -Lindsay Maynard [SVSU] Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: L. Maynard on 3 SV Alumni”

Alumni Appreciation: Greg Trippiedi reflects

When my personal journey into collegiate dodgeball began on September 8, 2006:

-The Ohio State Dodgeball Syndicate were (was?) the defending national champions

-Grand Valley’s NCDA record 42 match win streak would not even begin for another two months

-17 current NCDA member clubs did not exist, including future NCDA Champions CMU and SVSU  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Greg Trippiedi reflects”

Alumni Appreciation: Early Girls of Dodgeball

Two pioneers of the NCDA game for women, Andrea Mason (MSU #12) and Molly Fannin (DePaul #17, retired) all played in multiple Nationals tournaments, countless games, and were just as good with their male counterparts.  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Early Girls of Dodgeball”

Alumni Appreciation Month: Jimmy Stokes (GVSU #40-C)

180867_1570859552306_4884952_nThere have been plenty of excellent dodgeball players that have come through Grand Valley. Jimmy Stokes is another one of those great players, however besides being an amazing player, he also was a 2 year captain for the Lakers which came at one of the most important times for Grand Valley Dodgeball.
Most people can remember Jimmy Stokes by the #40 he donned each year in a Laker uniform to, his devastating throw in the mid to upper 70’s range that would tail off or even knuckle, and at times could even be mistaken more for a homing missile then a dodgeball, where seemingly more often than not, it connected with its intended target.

Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation Month: Jimmy Stokes (GVSU #40-C)”

Alumni Appreciation: Bryan Janick

In this edition of our Alumni Appreciation Month, SVSU Vice President Lindsay Maynard writes about Saginaw Valley’s founder.

Bryan Janick. SVSU #3, jersey retired. For those of you who know him, you know he’s the oldest little kid you’ve ever met. He’s like a 12 year old in a 37 year old’s body. Or maybe he’s somewhere in his twenties, I’m really not sure. You’re also likely to know of his immense knowledge of the game of dodgeball. And he can dodge a ball like none other. The man’s like a ninja when it comes to dodging.  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Bryan Janick”

Kent State Dodgeball Memoir

“Hey you! Get over here and come play dodgeball!

Those were the first words screamed to me, Leslie Ellison #21″, by Carl Veith, co-captain with his brother Matt Veith in 2008.

My first time at the Kent State Rec Center, I was a terrified freshmen. I still think back to that day and laugh. It’s true what people say: sometimes one moment can change your life completely.  Continue reading “Kent State Dodgeball Memoir”

Alumni Appreciation: Aleks Bomis

Much has been made of the contributions that Aleks has made to the dodgeball world, whether it’s been starting the MSU team, helping create the NCDA, helping out with the Nationals 2011 video, doing a variety of posters in Photoshop, being the short lived commissioner of the NCDA, he has truly done everything in his power to help the league grow.

Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Aleks Bomis”

Alumni Appreciation: Mike McCarthy

You all know him- the man, the myth, the legend. Mike McCarthy (CMU #55) was one of the greatest dodgeballers to step out on the court. He could throw 75 mph, catch anything, rocked a mohawk, led CMU to a National Finals appearance, and helped them win their first Michigan Dodgeball Cup. He’s still very active in the NCDA community despite being out of the game since 2010.

Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Mike McCarthy”

Alumni Appreciation: Champ’s Player Logos

In the spirit of using player silhouettes as the League logo, the NBA and MLB being notable examples, the NCDA also has a few of its own.

The following images were created by DePaul Dodgeball alum Kevin “Champ” Hill [DePaul-42-A], during the 2012 season. A talented designer, he also refined the main NCDA logo which these “Player Logos” are inspired by. This small series started after work on refining the main logo, and reflecting the Nationals 2010 shirt design.  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Champ’s Player Logos”