Alumni Appreciation: Mike McCarthy

You all know him- the man, the myth, the legend. Mike McCarthy (CMU #55) was one of the greatest dodgeballers to step out on the court. He could throw 75 mph, catch anything, rocked a mohawk, led CMU to a National Finals appearance, and helped them win their first Michigan Dodgeball Cup. He’s still very active in the NCDA community despite being out of the game since 2010.

Mike started in 2008 and played through Nationals 2010 for Central Michigan. Along with Pat Fisher (CMU #23), Eric Sweet (CMU #9), and Bryce Corrion (CMU #00), they formed one of the scariest foursomes in the history of the league. They could do it all, throw, catch, block, and they were all intimidating on the court. Pat, Bryce, and Sweet because of their size, McCarthy because of his ridiculous hair. Mike’s best moment was probably at the 2010 Michigan Dodgeball Cup, in which he made the game winning catch (13:40 in) that ended GVSU’s streak of consecutive wins. His play at that tournament made him NCDA Baller of the Month, and he says as he watches that video,

“I still get goosebumps when I watch that video. I get all pumped up and what to play again so bad.”

He also is known as the first “God” on the NCDA forums, the only other one (currently) is Spencer Jardine (SVSU #77). On his forum post dominance, McCarthy says:

“Spencer is a close second, but he needs about 152 more posts to surpass me and take on the role of God #1.”

I asked Mike what he thought his best assets were in the game of dodgeball:

“Well first off, my arm. All those years of baseball paid off in the end. Second I think of my speed. Specially when the OLD (and way better) rush was still being used. I was able to beat most of my opponents to the line and get 2 balls almost every time. The opening rush was a huge set up for how the rest of the point was going to go so I think the speed really helped with that. To be honest I don’t think any one thing stood out for me. I think I was all around just athletic, not spectacular in one area but a good player in all of the different aspects of the game.”


Mike played in the 2011 All-Star Game for Team Michigan as they defeated The World.

Some quotes by other players on McCarthy:

Wes Peters (CMU #27-C):

“Real life Van Wilder. Oldest freshman in college I know.”

Dan Shackelford (Kent #33-C):

“McCarthy has to be the quickest moving player I have ever seen in the NCDA. I’ve watched him advance from the back line to the neutral zone in the blink of an eye.”

Mike is currently studying at Siena Heights University where he is playing Varsity Volleyball. He still comes to as much dodgeball as he can, and he has been refereeing the last couple MDCs and Nationals. He says of his time playing dodgeball,

“The best thing for me personally that I took from the NCDA was the friends I made. It is beyond people to comprehend what it’s like to play in the NCDA until they actually do it. The people I have met over the last 5 years have influenced my life more than they know. I’m like a giddy school girl when I talk about dodgeball and the friends I have made. From the boys down in Kentucky to the men up at UWP. It’s hard to describe the impact that dodgeball has made on my life, but I know 20-30 years from now I’m going to be walking down the street and see someone I met from the NCDA. It’s hands down the best game I have ever played, and the best experience of my entire life. And that is all thanks to the men and women I met playing college dodgeball. There is so much more I would like to say and people I would like to thank, but I know people are already bored of reading about me so I’ll just keep it short. Thanks to EVERYONE who made an impact of my life.”

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