Zanderthon Throw-Down 7 Recap

The annual Zanderthon Throw-Down took place on February 25th at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. It was an event between current members and some familiar faces from the alumni. Even though it was just Platteville and its alumni, it made for a fun and exciting day of competitive dodgeball. Let’s take a look below at the results on the day.

Court 1

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
Team Newell3Team Huntley3
Team Newell2Team Kurey1
Team Newell4Team Zander1
Team Sims0Team Zander4
Team Newell3Team Sims1
Team Newell

Court 2

Team 1ScoreTeam 2Score
Team Kurey3Team Sims2
Team Zander1Team Huntley4
Team Sims2Team Huntley1
Team Huntley4Team Kurey1
Team Kurey1Team Zander4
Team Huntley

UWP vs Alumni (3-2)– To start out the day, a full NCDA match was played between the alumni and current team. It was played 15v15, back to the older days of the NCDA when matches were played with that many people on the court. The first point of the day was 15 minutes long, a lot of back and forth and in the end the alumni took it. UWP came storming back and tied it up by half time. In the second half, UWP continued to play tough and take the next point. It looked like they were going to run away with, but the alumni buckled down and tied it back up 2-2. The game looked like it was about to go into overtime, but the Pioneers were too much for the alumni and the final point scored to secure the victory happend with just seconds left to spare. A lot of talent was showcased and it made for a fun match to watch!

Team Zander

Round Robin– The second part of the day involved spliting up current players and alumni to better show case their talent and create for some exciting match ups. These games were played using a much smaller court to test players reaction times and skills in close range. Each team played everyone and in the end, the top two teams played in the championship match to be crowned the champions. Team Newell and Team Huntley dominated the field and played in the championship match. In the round robin, these two teams played their first match agaisnt each other and it ended in a 3-3 tie, so we were in for a great match for the championship. It was a back and forth game that saw a lot of catches, but in the end Team Huntley was too much for Team Newell to handle and they won 3-2.

Team Sims

Final Thoughts- This event was a awesome time to see some familiar faces and was great to see so old friends and teammates. It is always awesome when the current players can see former players and get to learn from them different styles of play and make friends. If you were not able to watch or would like to watch the games, you can find them at the links below. Make sure you subscribe to the Platteville Dodgeball Club YouTube channel and support our team!

Team Kurey
  1. Zanderthon Throw-Down (Court 1)
  2. Zanderthon Thow-Down (Court 2)

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