BOTM: 2016 January


January Baller of the Month: Zigmas Maloni (DePaul)

Following the tradition of alumni recognition for the month of January, we are pleased to announce Zigmas Maloni as the NCDA’s Baller of the Month.

In my opinion this recognition is well over due. Zig has never been recognized as the BOTM in his nine seasons of involvement in the NCDA, despite his constant devotion to this league. He has been an invaluable member of the NCDA and the administration within the organization over the years, and has invested countless hours of time helping the league in a multitude of facets.

Zigmas served as the NCDA’s first officially elected President from April 2013-June 2015 and is currently the organization’s Director of Officiating where he works tirelessly with the up-keep of the Rulebook, Records, and the Development Team. A small look into some of the projects he’s been involved with include: the Average Joe’s Podcast, the NCDA Fireside Chats, development of the NCDA Ranking Systems and Algorithms, recoding the rulebook, assisting with the birth of the constitution and bylaws, running the official website, keeping up with the forums and other social media platforms, working with and playing for DePaul Dodgeball, and being a general wealth of dodgeball knowledge.

Zig is not the kind of person who seeks public praise for his efforts, which is why I wanted to keep this short and sweet. Every member of the NCDA, present and future, owes a great deal of gratitude toward this man. Without him, this organization would be but a fraction of its current state.

Congratulations sir, it is very well deserved.

Author: Felix Perrone

NCDA President

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