2 thoughts on “AJP 2016-01-13: Ranking + League Ideas”

  1. I have been thinking a lot lately about dodgeball because I have not only fallen in love with the sport, but also the league itself. I love the way it is run and such but if I did have to say anything on ideas, I do agree teams could maybe shrink down but I would rather do fifteen on fifteen than six on six. Ten on ten is fine but if you put in six on six, games would have to be shorter because instead of fifteen people trading off throws for 150-200 minutes depending on how many games are scheduled, it would be six people. Aside from that, I have been thinking a lot on two things: expanding the league and getting the league out there. One thing I have noticed with getting the league out is a lot of stuff, such as livestreams and posts, only go to the NCDA pages and that’s it. I have been trying to get people to follow along and it is definitely difficult so I am not blaming the league by any means. I just feel like there should be discussion to on gaining more of a fan base which in turn could hopefully help the league to expanding. With expanding the league, it is really difficult to expand by gaining teams from states, such as Florida and Texas. I am agreeing we should except them and a lot of them probably began the same way we did, a transfer student or a graduate student wanted to start a team. I just think somehow we need somebody to travel to schools and promote the idea. It’s how I noticed a new fraternity formed at BGSU last semester. They had one guy travel and discuss about the chapter with first the school and then students. This is troublesome because of travel costs but I think it should be discussed on how we can get the league to expand more. I love where the league is and I love where I see it heading. Just some thought I have had!

    1. Whoa! Missed this.

      If we did go to a six v six or even 10 v 10, in any form, it would probably lead to a best of set system. For simple argument sake. There’s plenty of discussion to be had about launching that initiative.

      Otherwise, real good points. We would need a solid intern to have the task of handling any more media relations than we currently do. It’s too time consuming to have someone volunteer on their own time (they’d need to get something solid out of it) and we don’t have enough money to hire someone for that. As an organization, we’ve definitely talked about giving travel stipends for going out to a neutral college and recruiting. Most importantly, there hasn’t been a body to step into the role.

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