Letter to the Officials and Staff

Good people,

Thank you for registering! Nationals 2015 is hosted by Western Kentucky University and WKU Dodgeball. It will be fun. The Staff and Alumni are an integral part of the success of this organization. We thank you in advance for this service.

  1. For those Officiating, you will be paid by check. Rates start at minimum wage for BG, KY which is $7.25. Head Referees will be paid more. The last games of Sunday tournament bracket will be greater pay as well, so it will pay to have you stick around!
  2. If you are getting paid, you must fill out a W9 for the League. We’ll handle this as we get closer, and will also provide them in person.
  3. If you are getting paid, there is a chance you will receive an event shirt as part of your service. The more you officiate, the greater your chance the shirt will be comp’d.
  4. Staff and Officials will be fed pizza on Saturday. We have staggered lunch breaks set into the Schedule.
  5. Officiating Assignments will be arranged/setup at a later time, but prior to the event.
  6. It is encouraged for Officials to wear the vertical style referee stripes.
  7. Alternatively, officials may wear the black NCDA alumni shirt to officiate.
  8. IF YOU ARE OFFICIATING, BUY A WHISTLE. pls brng tweet tweet.
Alumni/Staff/Ladies’ Match:
  1. They will be held on Sunday morning.
  2. Other staff/alumni that are not getting paid may buy a shirt for the reduced price of $5.00. Normal shirt prices are $10.00.
  3. Alumna/Female staff will play in the NCDA Ladies’ Match. They get a shirt for this.
  4. The Staffing List serves as registration for the Alumni/Staff Match. It serves as a reward for doing at least some work for the NCDA at Nationals. Really, thank you for your service.
If anyone has any further questions, please let me know.

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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