Alumni Appreciation: Champ’s Player Logos

In the spirit of using player silhouettes as the League logo, the NBA and MLB being notable examples, the NCDA also has a few of its own.

The following images were created by DePaul Dodgeball alum Kevin “Champ” Hill [DePaul-42-A], during the 2012 season. A talented designer, he also refined the main NCDA logo which these “Player Logos” are inspired by. This small series started after work on refining the main logo, and reflecting the Nationals 2010 shirt design.  Continue reading “Alumni Appreciation: Champ’s Player Logos”

Head West Young Dukes

jmu_logoJames Madison is getting ready for the big trip West to the Chicago Dodgeball Open next weekend, and they’re going to get their money’s worth out of the games. The #4 Dukes (6-1-1) will get games against #6 Grand Valley, #11 DePaul, #3 Michigan State, and #17 Nebraska as they look to improve their record and put away the other East Coast schools in their regional rankings. They’re also looking for more national recognition. The Dukes burst onto the scene by having a great first regular season, and capped it off by upsetting Michigan State at Nationals. They reached the National Quarterfinals before being knocked off by Kentucky 3-1. Continue reading “Head West Young Dukes”

January: Alumni Appreciation Month

Hello good people!

We here at the NCDA (content wise) have decided to have January be Alumni Appreciation Month.

We’ll be seeking interviews and articles written about our glorious past graduates, to be put up on Most teams have some cool people that no longer are an official part of the team, so ask around! Articles showcasing early leaders and players of the NCDA would be a big plus!  Continue reading “January: Alumni Appreciation Month”

2013 Chicago Dodgeball Open Preview

The first tournament of the 2013 calender year is the Chicago Dodgeball Open, hosted by Depaul and Moody at the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center on Depaul’s campus. Joining Depaul and Moody for the CDO will be Grand Valley, James Madison, Michigan State, and Nebraska. This is the fifth Chicago Dodgeball Open on record, and it is one of the more popular tournaments due to it’s great location and set up. Continue reading “2013 Chicago Dodgeball Open Preview”

Editorial: Player Mentality

Recently I attended a men’s basketball game between DePaul and Northern Illinois, both of which also have dodgeball clubs. NIU may play a game or so sometime this season. Anyways, DePaul barely won this basketball game. I don’t think it’s any surprise as to how inept DePaul men’s basketball can be. Towson, I do feel your painContinue reading “Editorial: Player Mentality”

Standings Update

Compiled by Felix Perrone (WKU #76), here are all the current standings as of 12/18/2012:

indexThe NCDA is working out how best to sort their standings, to help solve the problem of a spatially divided league without a set amount of games per team. Check out a detailed description of all the standings after the jump…

Continue reading “Standings Update”

BOTM: 2012 Decemeber

Chris Hess [JMU]

This month’s Baller of the Month goes to the Captain of James Madison University, a school in Virginia on the East Coast. As of Dec 15 of this year, JMU is 6 wins and 1 OTL this season, and planning to host the BEAST II after the new year. Here’s a little interview with Chris.  Continue reading “BOTM: 2012 Decemeber”

Introducing “24/7: Road to the Michigan Dodgeball Cup”

The Michigan Dodgeball Cup is traditionally the biggest tournament of the season outside of Nationals. Historically featuring schools like Michigan State, Delta College, Oakland, Grand Valley, Saginaw Valley, Lansing Community College, Eastern Michigan, and Central Michigan, this season’s MDC will likely feature just four teams- GVSU, MSU, SVSU, and CMU. However, these four schools are four of the top schools in the history of the NCDA, with a total of six National Championships in the eight year history of the NCDA.

So what is this “24/7: Road to the Michigan Dodgeball Cup” then?

Continue reading “Introducing “24/7: Road to the Michigan Dodgeball Cup””