Policy Proposal – Reformatting the Bracket for Nationals

This policy proposal was authored in two parts by Felix Perrone and Adam Hynes. Both parties wish to see change to the single-elimination bracket portion of Nationals, but they wish to see things change a bit differently.

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Rulebook Updated to Version 1.1.

On 2017-03-30, the NCDA Executive Board has voted 5-0 in favor of changing the following rule effective immediately.

Pre-today: Airborne Balls – All Balls immediately become dead. No Direct Catches or Direct Hits may be made with a Direct Throw that was airborne before the whistle was blown. Exception: If a Target is hit, then a Timeout Stoppage of Play is called before the ball is ruled Dead, the Target and his teammates still have the opportunity to complete a Direct Catch or Team Catch. Failure to make a catch will result in the Target being considered out.

New, effective immediately: Airborne Balls – All Balls are live until they become Dead [2.1.5]. Referee Discretion – If a referee is unable to determine whether a thrown ball was released before the stoppage of play was called, the ball will return to the throwing team. If a thrown ball was released after the stoppage of play, that ball will be returned to the throwing team.

Basically, if a timeout is called, all airborne balls are live until they are dead. If the final whistle blows and balls are in the air, they are still live until they hit the ground/wall/ceiling/whatever.

The 2017 Rulebook has been updated to version 1.1.

The 2017 NCDA All Star Game Participants – Presented by SAVAGE Apparel Co.


For the second year in a row, SAVAGE Apparel Co. is our headlining sponsor for the NCDA’s 2017 All Star Game.  The team uniforms for this match will be provided by SAVAGE; they will be dry-fit, fully sublimated uniforms. They look amazing and we’re very excited to be able to present each of the All Stars with one of these jersey. This partnership between SAVAGE and NCDA is a great way for SAVAGE to be able to sample their excellent quality gear to each team. As a reminder, teams can purchase gear from SAVAGE at a discounted price from their website.

This year’s game will feature two players from each NCDA team, with a draft taking place on March 26th at 8:00PM Eastern.  The draft will be broadcasted to YouTube and a link will be provided on our website and our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure.

Kevin Bailey will be the honorary coach for one side, while Jacob Leski will coach the other squad.  These two executive board members will pick their choices in a snake-style draft during the 2017 All Star Draft.

Listed below are the representatives from each school for the 2017 All Star Game Presented by SAVAGE:

*Let us know in the comment section who your top picks would be if you were an All Star Game team captain!

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Rule Proposal – Revisit Roster Size

Reducing Roster Sizes

For the 5th year in a row, I am proposing reducing the active player count on the court from 15v15 to 12v12. Before you blow this off, and have the mentality of “change isn’t good”, I urge you to just take a few minutes to read my rationale below:

Currently, we play a VERY large scale game with roster sizes ranging from 10-20 players with 10-15 active players on the court at the beginning of each point.

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Nationals 2017 Announcement

Get ready y’all. This is going to be a HUGE event. Nationals 2017 will have roughly 460 players representing 24 schools from 10 different states. With so many dodgeball players from all over flocking to Lexington on April 8 & 9, its bound to be a good time!

Nationals 2017 will feature 59 ranked games, in addition to the NCDA Alumni Match, NCDA Ladies’ Match, and the NCDA All Star Game presented by SAVAGE apparel.

This is INSANE and I couldn’t be happier! This will be the largest Nationals the NCDA has ever hosted. This year’s attendance will break last year’s (which set the current record) 18 team tournament by 33%.

Entry fees are due March 15 and can be paid via check or through PayPal.

These 24 teams have registered for Nationals:
Akron, BGSU, BW, CMU, CSU, DePaul, GVSU, JMU, Kent, Miami, MSU, NSULA, Ohio, OSU, PSU, SVSU, Towson, UK, UMD, UNG, UVA, UWP, VCU, WKU

Design by Brett Hadwin, Zigmas Maloni, Felix Perrone

All Stars have been submitted for these 26 teams:
Akron, BGSU, BW, CMU, CSU, DePaul, GSU, GVSU, JMU, Kent, Miami, MSU, NSULA, Ohio, OSU, PSU, SU, SVSU, Towson, UK, UMD, UNG, UVA, UWP, VCU, WKU

[artwork coming soon!]

57 ladies have registered for the ladies match. At least one lady has registered from these 18 teams (including alumni ladies):
Akron, BGSU, CMU, CSU, DePaul, GVSU, JMU, Kent, Miami, MSU, NSULA, Ohio, OSU, PSU, SVSU, Towson, UK, UNG.

Design by Brett Hadwin

The winning team will receive shirts with the logo below printed on the chest.

Design by Zigmas Maloni, Brett Hadwin

Nationals 2017 Registration Forms

–Important Nationals News–

Okay friends, here is the stuff you’ve been waiting for. As you know, the official apparel sponsor of Nationals 2017 is SAVAGE Apparel. We need to have our shirt order turned into them no later than March 1st, which means we also need your team’s information.

There are four tasks to complete before March 1st concerning Nationals:

  1. Captains: Register your team for Nationals 2017 in Lexington, KY at University of Kentucky.
  2. Captains: Submit your team’s all stars for the 7th Annual NCDA All Star Game presented by SAVAGE. Each attending team is eligible to submit two all stars to compete in this year’s ASG. Each all star will receive a complimentary jersey from SAVAGE. This year’s format will be a draft. All Star coaches for this year’s event are Kevin Bailey and Jacob Leski.
    1. (Teams not competing at Nationals, but sending representatives, can still participate in the All Star Game. Submit your All Stars!
    2. (Teams not attending Nationals can also submit All Stars and will have the option to purchase a jersey at a cost TBD).
  3. Lady Dodgeballers, register for the 6th Annual NCDA Ladies’ Match. There is no limit to the amount of participants each team can have in the match. Each team is entitled to two ladies match shirts each for free, if they have ladies interested in playing (teams with no ladies cannot submit requests for shirts; they cost money). Additional Ladies’ Match shirts can be purchased for $10/shirt, but they MUST register in order to receive a shirt. We will NOT be purchasing any extras.
  4. Alumni, if you would like to officiate at any point during the weekend, register here. There are benefits for officials including: receiving a free event shirt once you’ve officiated 3 full games, receiving a hotel stipend for officiating 60% of the total rounds, and getting paid per game (see registration form for additional details).

ALL OF THESE FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN MARCH 1ST IN ORDER TO RECEIVE SHIRTS. If your team is not registered by March 1st, you will NOT receive event, ladies’ match, or all star shirts/jerseys.

Nationals fees are also due no later than March 15, 2017. You should have received an invoice last week in your email. If you did NOT, please let us know ASAP. Registration fees are $300 this year and will go toward paying for: Officials, tshirts, balls, court tape, and camera equipment.

Let your favorite Board member know what questions you have, because I know you have some.

NCDA President’s Announcement – Looking Forward

From the Office of the President for Immediate Release:

First off I would like to say how happy I am with the current state of our organization. By membership, we are the largest dodgeball league in the United States. I don’t know of a way to even check this, but I can say with confidence that we are also one of, if not THE, largest dodgeball organizations in the world. As of 1/1/2017, we have 628 registered members in the NCDA from 25 different states; and that number will only go up from here. Our unique style of play and our dedicated members are what keep this organization moving and expanding. We are growing, we are influencing, and we are thriving. Continue reading “NCDA President’s Announcement – Looking Forward”

The Roads Most Traveled

Hunter Ford asks: Who has had the most miles traveled?

Those formulas were rather difficult to figure out utilizing Google Sheets (Google’s version of Microsoft Excel), but after well over a year of testing, I finally did it. This sheet takes all of our active teams and finds the distance between them using a complex formula which mimics the functionality of a web-crawler. It will then generate a report which will show the total unique distance traveled to and from an Event for each team. Meaning, Kent will not get credit for traveling to BGSU four times last year for each game they played at Nationals, it will only give them one credit for travel to and from BGSU for Nationals.

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