Nationals Bracket Predictions

This post is taken from the content discussed on the Live Nationals Preview Show.

I suggest you watch the show if you haven’t already. Or don’t. My feelings won’t be hurt.

Here are the Sunday brackets based on Kevin Bailey’s, Colin O’Brien’s, and Jacob Leski’s predictions for the Saturday slate of games at Nationals 2017, along with the “chalk” bracket based on every higher ranked Gonzalez team winning based on their current ranking. Analysis of each game for both days was discussed on the show.

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The Michigan All-Stars

As everyone knows each team this season is represented by two players for the All-Star Game presented by SAVAGE Apparel Co. (or maybe you don’t but in the words of the famous urban philosopher The Notorious B.I.G., “if you don’t know, now you know”). Now it may be true for many teams, but I think it’s especially true for the four Michigan schools that more than just two players per team are deserving of the status of all-star. So I decided to make a full team of the players from the Great Lakes State that I deem to be all-stars in addition to the eight players recognized by their respective schools.

The jerseys of the team that will be winning the All-Star Game presented by SAVAGE Apparel Co.
The jersey of a team whose GM is on the hot seat after some questionable draft picks



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Policy Proposal – Member Team Voting Rights

Policy Proposal by Colin O’Brien

In order for a member team to be eligible to vote on league matters (proposed rule changes, policy changes, or Executive Board elections), the member team must pay league dues.

Reasoning: New member teams are currently given two years before they have to start paying league dues. New member teams lack the experience relative to other league teams needed to best judge rule, policy, or executive board candidacy. Following their first two years in the league, the new member team would gain such experience. Also, if a new member team would especially wish to vote, the option remains for the new member team to begin to pay dues early to gain voting rights.

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Public Service Announcement

Do you play in the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association? Then you should read the 2017 NCDA Rulebook. Are you a captain of a member team of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association? Then you definitely must read the 2017 NCDA Rulebook. Have you in the past or will you in the future officiate an official match between two member teams of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association? Then why on Earth have you not already read the 2017 NCDA Rulebook?

And, if after reading the 2017 NCDA Rulebook you find yourself in the reading mood, then why don’t you go ahead and read the NCDA Constitution as well. Knowledge is power and it can never hurt to get informed.

Looking Ahead: Previewing the 2018 MDC

Well the best non-Nationals tournament of the year took place last Sunday. Although the Michigan Dodgeball Cup may have lacked some drama regarding which team would lift the cup, it was not short on some dramatic moments on the day. With the 2017 MDC in the books, there remains only one thing to do: start looking ahead to the 2018 MDC!

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MDC Preview: Reviewing the Season’s Michigan Match-ups

The Michigan Dodgeball Cup takes place this Sunday in East Lansing, MI. The MDC is often regarded as one of the most premier tournaments of the year (the most premier tournament in the minds of any player from the mitten). With a slate of previews coming in preparation of Sunday, the first delves into the Michigan match-ups that have taken place already in the 2016-17 season (Spoiler Alert: there were some overtimes).

What each team covets come Sunday

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We already heard from the NCDA Chief of Content on his overreaction from the BEAST VI this weekend. But a couple of days have passed and it’s time for a more reserved, balanced reaction to the wild and entertaining day of dodgeball that took place in Harrisonburg this past Saturday. A reminder once again of this weekend’s results.
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Public Service Announcement

There are 75 days until Nationals. More importantly, there are 68 days until the week before Nationals. Many of you (not all) know the week before Nationals as the only time throughout the year you actively care about the rule book. The week before Nationals has a long and storied history as the week people freak out and suggest a bunch of new rules. It would be great if rule proposals could be brought up and discussed before this infamous week. So if you have an idea for a new rule or rule change, please begin to bring it up and we can discuss it prior to the week before Nationals. That is all.


~(The following has been included per the request of Zigmas Maloni)~

Deadline for Rulebook and Policy Proposals: 2017-04-01
Submission: Post in Facecool Captains’ Club or Email to the League (
Criteria: Rulebook stuff is a rule proposal. Policy stuff is everything else. The Exec Board will sort it out. Additionally, there are no limits to the amount of proposals that can be submitted per team.

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Guess Who’s Back? Doubleheader Preview

The two top ranked teams in the NCDA square off in East Lansing this Saturday for a doubleheader showdown. Currently, GVSU leads the season series 2-1 (we don’t need to talk about the all-time series lead, just go read Kevin Bailey’s most recent article if you want to witness the bloodbath). This will likely be the only time any Michigan schools face off this semester before the Michigan Dodgeball Cup, so a strong performance Saturday for either team could make them a strong favorite to take home the cup on February 19th. Here’s a preview of the two teams and some predictions for who will come out victorious.

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Midseason Questions by Region

The last tournament of the first half of the season took place this past weekend in Wisconsin. With that, I thought it’s time to look across the league and review the first semester as well as look forward to the second half of this season by posing some questions for the regions in the NCDA.

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Spartan Invite Recap

So two Sundays ago Michigan State hosted the Spartan Invite. Here’s a quick recap of each of the teams that attended the event. Some might question why this article didn’t come out last week. To that, I say, real life happens and sometimes you don’t get to things when you want to and better late than never. With that being said, I will go through the teams in reverse order of success from the tournament.

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Players to Watch – Michigan Region

I went to my first tournament as an alumnus this past weekend as Grand Valley hosted all four Michigan schools. It was quite an odd feeling watching my old team play without being out there with them, and especially hard when MSU vs CMU went to overtime. But regardless, I enjoyed myself and was able to watch a tournament from a new perspective. Here are four standouts, one from each school, who are some lesser known players on their respective teams.

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BOTM: 2016 March


March Baller of the Month: Kyle Foster (SVSU)

The Baller of the Month for March is Kyle Foster of Saginaw Valley State University. Kyle played outstanding for SVSU as he helped lead his team to two upset wins and nearly the title at the Michigan Dodgeball Cup. Kyle has long been a key player for his team and this honor is well deserved and perhaps a long time coming.

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What an MDC Championship Would Mean for Each Team


Ask any dodgeball team in Michigan what their #1 goal is for the season and they will say win a national championship. Goal 1B is to win the Michigan Dodgeball Cup. Currently, as far as I know, there are only two trophies in the NCDA, and they correspond with both of the previously mentioned tournaments. The MDC means more to the state of Michigan than any other tournament does to any other team in the league (perhaps biased but I think most would agree to that claim). So for the final MDC preview article I am going to look at what taking home the Michigan Dodgeball Cup would mean to each of the four teams.

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