Colin O’Brien’s “Overtime Six”

The following was written by Michigan State’s captain: Colin O’Brien:

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has thought highly enough of me to included me on his overtime roster. It is a great honor to have your peers want you on their team, but it sure is harder to not be the subject of team throws now. With that said, I thought I would offer up my opinions on who I would choose for my overtime roster. (And I apologize to the East Coast schools; I have only had a few opportunities to see them in action)

All of the players on my overtime roster impress me every time I watch them play. My support for these players is more anecdotal in nature rather than a rigid analysis of their skillset. Nonetheless, I am fully confident that an overtime roster comprised of these players would have no trouble winning the point. These are six complete players, each can throw and catch with the best of them. Continue reading “Colin O’Brien’s “Overtime Six””

GVSU tops MSU in a Doubleheader to Start the Semester

Michigan State traveled to Allendale to take on Grand Valley State in a doubleheader to start off the semester. The Lakers were victorious in two very different games over the 13-manned Spartans.

The first game quickly turned into a rout. GVSU started school one week before MSU and had one more week of practice under its belt, and it showed early. The Lakers took points early and without much trouble to take 3-0 lead into the half. Continue reading “GVSU tops MSU in a Doubleheader to Start the Semester”