Jonathan Shaw’s 2016 Preseason All American Team

Before I reveal my list I just want to let everyone know that this list is in no way in order of how these players rank against one another, rather it is just a numbered list. Also after reading this if you have issues with it, don’t complain, and most important don’t text/message me whining and complaining. Write your own list with your own opinions. Thank You.

  1. Doug Schilling JMU – It’s nearly impossible to replace a guy like Brent Gromer, who probably had the fastest arm in the league last year, but in my opinion “Pizza Doug” is going to be the next man up for the Dukes of JMU. 3 things separate this man’s arm from everyone else on the team: 1. He is a lefty 2. He is probably now their best arm 3. His release point is literally a couple inches from the ground. The combination of these characteristics makes Doug an absolute threat for this upcoming dodgeball season. I expect this sophomore to be a breakout player in the NCDA this year.
  2. Justin Lin PSU – Don’t overlook Penn State this year ladies and Gentleman. This team will bring back the player who last year at nationals caught everyone by surprise, and was perhaps the most exciting player to watch in the NCDA. During their match against DePaul he made 4 catches in the span of about 20 seconds. It was crazy. If Penn State wants to make a splash this season look for their star player to have an absolutely solid year.
  3. Colin O’Brien MSU – I have never played so poorly in my dodgeball career then when Towson played MSU at nationals last year. The reason why was because this son of a gun caught me just about every time I threw at him. Colin is one of the few players in the NCDA with the true ability to take over a point, and his catching style is very similar to another great catcher Joey Cardella of JMU in that both players automatically will drop their ball, get to the floor and look for the catch. Watching Colin play is a pleasure because he makes it look effortless. MSU will need this man to be clutch if they want to get back to the final four.
  4. Brett Hadwin CMU – I will save my opinions for what I think this young man coming back for another season means for the Chippewas in my next article. I have never had the pleasure to watch Mr. Hadwin live in person, however I’ve seen a lot of tape.  If you want a leader I will hand you this gentleman right here. Let’s be clear I’m not just putting him on this list because he is a good leader, he is a force on the court with a solid arm, and a good set of hands to back it up. Simply put he is an easy choice for what is going to be a very tough list to write.
  5. Austin Morley GVSU – Here is what I know about next year. GVSU will still be a dominant team, and they will at least have a couple guys on the All American team. If I was a betting man, I would say this gentleman will be on that list. Here is another guy I have seen very little of, however what I did see I liked. He is one of those players to me that looks just as comfortable with a ball as he does without one. Another great player on another great team.
  6. Aaron Terenzi GVSU – He earned this spot last year, and I don’t see any decline for this upcoming season. I hear from many players around the league that his role as a power thrower will increase, but at the same time is a very consistent player who usually avoids the big mistakes. GVSU’s success is a notion of their depth. This man is just another solid brick to the impenetrable wall that is GVSU.
  7. Niko Nodal DePaul – Look, this team hasn’t done anything of note in the last couple years, it’s tough when you see a team that actually has potential, but it just never really comes together. However Niko is by far the best player on the team, and from what I see is always taking the game seriously. Some around the league will argue that he may actually be the best player in the NCDA. Doesn’t matter how good the team is, this man deserves a spot on this list.
  8. Michael Riley CMU – To all you out there who didn’t put this man on your All American team last year, shame on you. Like literally never vote again. This man came back to CMU dodgeball 2nd semester last year and made a strong impact immediately. He was huge in there come from behind win against MSU at the CDO, and was big in there upset against GVSU. He does it all well. Blocking, Catching, Throwing, Dodging, Leadership. This man is a 5 tool player, and I argue he is the best overall player on a loaded CMU roster. Can you say Sleeper All American MVP this year?
  9. Alex Holzgen CMU – I only saw video of this kid, and from what I saw it looks as good as advertised. I have heard people rave about the potential of this Chippewa, and I believe a breakout year is in the works. Look for him to also learn from leaders such as La Valley, Hadwin, and Leski this year, which could make him a force in this league for many years to come.
  10. Michael Hinely TU – If you haven’t heard of this man’s name yet, it’s time you learned it. He entered as a freshman last year and had an immediate impact for our Tigers team. His arm is a lethal weapon that probably hits the low 70’s, and that arm will be relied on to replace All Star Joe Tobin as Towson’s number 1 thrower. If improvement continues from his catching aspect, look for this man to become the all-around threat this team needs.
  11. Marshall Winterbotham OSU – My first of 2 big sleepers on this list goes to # 7 of Ohio State. By far the best thing about taping almost all the games at Nationals last year, was being able to go back, and really appreciate the players who don’t get the recognition they deserve. I encourage everyone to watch OSU vs Towson, and OSU vs JMU, while keeping your eyes on this man. He made catch after catch against both squads, and excelled at “baiting” players into throws when they thought he wasn’t looking. I can’t wait to see him play again this year, and with players like Chris Stringer gone, expect the Buckeyes to go for the catch quite a bit more this year.
  12. Drew Greenwalt UK – I heard Kentucky came to Nationals last year with some stupid amount of Freshman, like 13 or 14, something crazy like that. The team shocked everyone by being tied with GVSU at half, and then upsetting Maryland in the first round of elimination on Sunday. All I know is this team will be even better next year, and if they continue their success it will be in large part to one of their only Veterans on the team. Easily a top 5 catcher in the league, Drew has the ability to not only take over games but the ability to stop other teams from taking over games. My gut tells me this year the NCDA gives this man the credit he deserves by selecting him to his first All American team.
  13. Kevin Bailey GVSU – Odds of being struck by lightning: 1 in 700,000. Odds of getting killed by Fireworks: 1 in 616,488. Odds of getting attacked by a shark: 1 in 11,500,000. Odds of winning $1,000 in the McDonalds Monopoly Game: 1 in 36,950,005. Odds of Kevin Bailey not making the All American Team: 1 in 10^(insert infinity symbol here). Nuff Said.
  14. Zach Booker JMU – I am gonna have a lot of seasoned vets hating that this man took one of their spots on this list, but I set it at the end of last year. This man is my “Player to Watch” in the entire NCDA. The improvement from year to year with this man has been simply stunning. I see the Dukes play all the time, and every time I see Zach I think about the similar progressions from a Single A baseball player making it to the pros. He learned from his time on their B team, and I have never seen someone’s catching ability drastically increase over the years like this mans. If anyone read JMU’s season preview you know they lost 6 or 7 starters from last year. My belief is that this gentleman is the next one up for JMU. Look for Zach to become all around one of JMU’s best players this year.
  15. Wes Peters MSU – Look, Father Time has a way of catching up with you….unless your name is Wes Peters. I kid of course, but let’s get serious for a second. Wes is a seasoned vet. He can still catch the heck out of the ball, and can still be a leader. MSU got way better when he signed up there for grad school, and I just think he is another great player on another great team.

Author: Kevin Bailey

Current NCDA Chief of Content. Former Captain for Grand Valley State University (#4).

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