Recruitment: Analyzing Our Expansion

Nothing like a new Member Team to get me excited about the NCDA. It probably gets me through weeks of paperwork. There’s little things that teams do, like answering a request, or posting a game score so I don’t have to search for it. Those get me through the day. But a new, Upcoming Team submitting their contact information and getting ready for their induction match? That’s something that gets me thinking about the League’s future.

We had Penn State join at Nationals 2013, and Saint Ambrose [in Iowa] submit their contact information on May 5th. In order to further develop the League with new schools throughout North America, we first have look at how and why we’ve grown.  Continue reading “Recruitment: Analyzing Our Expansion”

BOTM: 2013 May

Becky Seemann [DePaul #9] & Rachel Joyce [#12]

Rebecca Seemann (DePaul #9) is a third year lady dodgeballer for the DePaul Dodgeball Society and has competed in NCDA events for the past three years.

Rachel Joyce (DePaul #13) is also a third year lady dodgeball for DePaul, and will be graduating in just a few weeks.

I sat down with the both of them for an interview:

Continue reading “BOTM: 2013 May”

USA National Dodgeball Team Applications

The USA National Team will play other national teams in New Zealand and Australia in September.

Ian Childs [MSU] said this about the NCDA: “you’ll find a plethora of talented guys and girls who will no doubt win games.” There’s always plenty of dodgeball going around, and more dodgeball is being played all the time.

Currently, the USDO [USA Dodgeball Organization] is searching for players for the USA’s national team, in Australia this September. The Deadline is June 30th, but they only consider people that apply. Full information can be found on a facebook post in their group.  Continue reading “USA National Dodgeball Team Applications”

AJP Special: Alumni Podcast Nationals 2013

The Aluminati host another edition of Average Joes’ Podcast!

The NCDA alumni sign off for the season with a full recap of Nationals 2013: favorite moments, big surprises, overachieving teams, injuries and breaking down the All-Nationals teams. The alumni will be back over the summer with an episode focused on recruiting and fundraising. Thanks for listening!


BOTM: 2013 April

Sam Hiller [MSU-C-87] [NCDA Chief of Content]

The April Baller of the Month is one of the more specialized awards out of the year. Because we choose the BOTM in the middle of the month, it usually falls after Nationals, and thus there is usually a great story behind it.

This April, we celebrate the NCDA’s own Chief of Content, Sam Hiller. The sheer amount of writing this man has done for the NCDA over the past year is enough to warrant the award… but a very special icing on the cake involves MSU making it to the Championship.  Continue reading “BOTM: 2013 April”

GV Lanthorn: GVSU Dodgeball club defeats Michigan State to win the national title

Published April 17, 2013 at 5:25 PM

The Grand Valley State University club dodgeball team was founded in 2005. The program became a dynasty almost immediately.  Continue reading “GV Lanthorn: GVSU Dodgeball club defeats Michigan State to win the national title”

Region Realignment

Regions are fluid and flexible. They are designed to group teams together based on who teams play the most. For example, MSU, GV, SV, and CMU played each other a total of 19 matches in the 2013 Season. They are grouped in the MI region because they play each other, not because of any special geographical significance. Although distance may play a part in how teams play each other more regularly, the important thing is the end result. Regions are based on statistics.

Here is a sheet detailing who’s played who for the 2013 season. I’ve included the upcoming DePaul-Moody match.  Continue reading “Region Realignment”

AJP Special: Alumni Podcast March 2013

It’s an Average Joes’ Special!

NCDA Alumni Edition:
The second NCDA Alumni podcast is a real beefcake. Hosts Josh Raymer, Aleks Bomis, Leslie Ellison, Jason Hallman, Ryan Menn and Kate Takeda talk memories, injuries, opening rush, roster reduction, rule changes, women in dodgeball and preview Nationals 2013. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one.


Valley Vanguard: SVSU looks to prove its dominance at Nationals

Valley Vanguard:
Club looks to prove its dominance at Nationals

Some teams rebuild. Others simply reload.

After losing eight players from last year’s national championship team, the SVSU dodgeball club has set its sights on silencing the doubters who have tabbed it as a rebuilding program.  Continue reading “Valley Vanguard: SVSU looks to prove its dominance at Nationals”