BOTM: 2013 November

Matt Gonzalez [UNL-46]

Matt of Nebraska-Lincoln Dodgeball is one great guy with a positive attitude, and known for a mighty beard. Some say the pure black of the full beard, when coupled with the Nebraska red, combines to create a sight to intimidate even the most seasoned opponent. His performance on the court, hospitality, and awesome demeanor led his fellow Nebraska Invite captains to nominate him for 2013 November Baller of the Month. I sat down to interview him over the internets.
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AJP: GVSU Edition #1: RedHawk Invite

GVSU LogoGVSU Captain Kevin Bailey, along with teammates Aaron Terenzi and Austin Morley, recap the “RedHawk Invite” and give their opinions on the college dodgeball season so far, in the first ever “GVSU Podcast”.

Published under the Average Joes’ Podcast umbrella.


SV Vanguard: Finishing up fall strong

Club Dodgeball: Finishing up fall semester strong, recruiting for winter

Posted on Monday, November 11th, 2013 by: Chris Oliver in the Valley Vanguard

Despite only fielding 11 players against teams of 15 during the weekend, the dodgeball club posted a 2-2 record in its road trip to Miami, OH.

Team captain Max Siler said despite having no depth and having to play four games, his team competed well, and he thinks the results would be better if circumstances played out differently.  Continue reading “SV Vanguard: Finishing up fall strong”

Breaking Bad: Week 1

CHICAGO-Ray Meyer: Last Monday we started an experiment at DePaul Dodgeball. We’re recording the breaking in of new PG8.5 dodgeballs, the new Preferred Dodgeball of the NCDA. Check out the previous article for details on the experiment.

Night 01, Monday, 04-Nov-2013:

Balls inflated at dodgeball and introduced into play. They have not been broken in by any particular method, they are straight out of the shipping plastic. Their feel is the standard slipperiness of the final outer coating from the manufacturer. Many complaints and whining about not being able to hold a grip due to this slipperiness, of those that use the grip as their primary method of throwing.  Continue reading “Breaking Bad: Week 1”

Breaking Bad with Dodgeballs

Kent State’s Old Dodgeballs

DePaul Dodgeball recently received a shipment of Champion PG8.5’s, a generous 72 dodgeballs in multicolor. The team applied for funding from its Student Activity Funding Board, and was granted an allocation for the purchase of any dodgeball club’s most vital equipment.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll conduct a observational experiment into the breaking in of these new PG8.5s, the new preferred dodgeball of the NCDA. I don’t pretend that this is properly scientific, as those necessary rigors involve more patience than the DePaul Dodgeball Society can muster at dodgeball nights.
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St Ambrose Analysis

This past weekend, three teams joined the league. One team hosted their own event: St. Ambrose hosted DePaul Dodgeball and Wisconsin Platteville in a Round Robin. Troy Dixon and I traveled to help Officiate the event. In this article, we perform an in depth analysis based on our on site observations.

The Court and St. Ambrose University

Zigmas Maloni: Let’s start with the Court, location and any intricacies related to dodgeball played on this surface. Any thoughts?  Continue reading “St Ambrose Analysis”

Midwest Mayhem: St. Ambrose

DAVENPORT – Lee Lohman Arena: With the conclusion of St. Ambrose’s Midwest Mayhem, I figure I’d let the small audience that views the League in on the events in Davenport, Iowa. In many ways I still consider the website getting views by only a dozen or so people, but that’s getting off the point. Continue reading “Midwest Mayhem: St. Ambrose”

AJP #34: Officiating and the 2014 Rulebook

33013_logoIn a short episode of AJP, Sam and Zigmas layout the changes in the 2014 Rulebook, as well as a small chat about Officiating. The League is always improving day by day.

Includes a shameless plug of having your own personal NCDA Rulebooklet! It’s easy to read and only $5!


2014 NCDA Rulebook

Good people! Your administrative interns have completed work on the NCDA Rulebook for the 2014 Season. Here it is!

Captains & Officers of the Member Teams: If you find anything, any problems, any mistakes, any issues, any contradictions please email them to the League email and they will be addressed! If there are no issues, the Rulebook will become valid on 11 October 2013.

A little history: The foundations of our college dodgeball ruleset goes back to 2005. In 2010/11, I recodified the 2011 Rulebook into a more logical arrangement. Some of the things that were rewritten included the ambiguous language: “Ball hits Player B then hits Player A or Player A’s teammate. Player B is out.” It was replaced with more recognizable language like Targets and Throwers. Anyway, three seasons have passed and the Rulebook has been put through some great tests over that time. Three years was a good amount of time to take another fresh look at the Rules and see if we could further refine the language and any ambiguities that might have popped up.

Adding Felix Perrone [WKU] and Dylan Fettig [GVSU] as editors, here’s a list of the many changes we undertook. Most of the edits are grammatical and changing ambiguous language to specific language.

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AJP: Sept 2013 Alumni Podcast

Here’s another Average Joes’ Podcast, hosted by the Aluminati. Always good to have them contributing, especially when its a fantastically put together production which likely blows away the vanilla AJPs. Here’s a couple talking points they cover.  Continue reading “AJP: Sept 2013 Alumni Podcast”