AJP: Towson #2: BEAST III

TU LogoMuch dog barking was not had, so you can get to enjoy the smooth silky radio voices of Sean Smith and Jonathan Shaw. In this episode of the Towson AJP, your two hosts review BEAST III hosted by JMU.

Published under the Average Joes’ Podcast umbrella.


Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

9 thoughts on “AJP: Towson #2: BEAST III”

  1. Good podcast guys, and thanks for the kind words! I agree 100% with what you guys said about Maryland. They were surprisingly good at the BEAST. I’m excited to see how they compete at Nationals.

    1. Well it would be nice to do it after the Friday-Saturday pools are picked. But I would definitely be interested in doing that.

      1. When are the pool play brackets coming out? As soon a they come out we should get on the preview ASAP.

        1. The standings still need to be updated before that even happens, lol like a months worth of games not put in yet.

          1. I talked to Carlton recently. The pools won’t come out for a while, maybe we should do one soon just so we have enough time to get it up on the website?

          2. The pools can’t really be done until the attending teams are confirmed. Right now we about 8-10 teams that have said they are coming to Nationals.

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