Job Titles in the NCDA

My day job beyond the NCDA involves being a designer for a human resources application. They specialize in job titles, and I also have a giant list of things to do for the NCDA. The following is a rough list of all the job positions of the League. This isn’t so much of declaration that we need additions to our small staff. (I don’t think that’s a big secret.) I do however think it’s useful to see the wide range of Jobs the current administrative backbone of the NCDA fulfills. We all wear many hats, and there’s always room for more help.

Normally I’d make this a static page. But I wasn’t feeling like being too rigorous about this, and this is mostly for the perusal of the unwashed masses.

Research & Development:

  • Graphic/UX Designer – Officiating App UXUI
  • Front End WordPress Developer – PHP/HTML
  • Front End RPI Developer – PHP/HTML
  • Android Developer – Officiating App
  • Mathematician and Formula developer – RPI
  • Record Keeper, Updater, Seeker of old results

Executive Board

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Chief of Content
  • Nationals Event Coordinator
  • Nationals Event Asst Coordinator
  • Head of Officials
  • Executive Assistants

Department of Alumni Relations

  • Alumni Support Manager
  • Alumni Social Manager

Department of Recruiting

  • Recruitment Coordinator
  • Recruitment Email Writer
  • Recruitment Spokesperson

Department of Promotions & Web Presence

  • Website Content Editor
  • Website Maintenance – bad links, update software, etc
  • Social Administrator: FB, Twitter, etc
  • Scriptwriter: Officiating Videos
  • Filmmaker: Officiating Videos
  • Video Editor: Match videos, also Nationals video, promos
  • Youtube Manager and architecture
  • Writer: Brand Identity Guidelines

Average Joes’ Podcast

  • Podcast Host
  • Podcast Editor
  • Podcast Producer

Rulebook Committee

  • Rulebook Committee Coordinator
  • Rulebook Committee Member/Writer

Author: Zigmister

DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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