My Take on Nationals 2014

nationals-2014-shirt-finalNCDA Nationals 2014 took place this past weekend, and as expected, it was one of the best weekends of the year for everyone involved.  I had the privilege to play and spectate so many awesome collegiate dodgeball games this weekend, and it made me more than excited for the future of this league.  Here are some of my reactions to what took place this weekend.  Continue reading “My Take on Nationals 2014”

Dodgeball Outside of the NCDA: Elite Dodgeball


This past weekend I traveled to Rochester, New York to play in Elite Dodgeball’s Throwdown tournament.  16 teams from all over the United States invaded the campus of Rochester Institution of Technology to see who could claim bragging rights for their team, and for their region.  At the end of the day the winner of both the non-pinch and the pinch division, was DOOM a team from Los Angeles, California.

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2013-2014 NCDA NCAA Divsion 1 Basketball Preview Part I

Yes. It’s time for the long (but not long enough!) haul of the NCAA Basketball season to soon start. The big story this year is insane amount of incredibly talented recruits, including already consensus #1 pick Andrew Wiggins (Kansas), the next great player out of Chicago in Jabari Parker (Duke), and Kentucky’s five top ten recruits, what is being hailed as the “best recruiting class ever” (take that Fab Five) by none other than Louisville coach Rick Pitino. The big name coaches occupy the top four spots in mostly everyone’s preseason picks, with Coach Calipari (UK), Pitino (Louisville), Izzo (MSU), and Krzyzewski (Duke), with others such as Roy Williams (UNC), Jim Boehiem (Syracuse), and Bill Self (KU) not far behind.

Arguably six NCDA schools could be preseason Top 25 this year depending on how you feel about Maryland, but almost certainly VCU will be in the high teens/lows twenties, OSU around #10, and MSU, Louisville, and UK will be top three.

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Matches I Hope We See This Season

We’ll start with the obvious ones:

  • Battle of the Valleys: GVSU vs SVSU, last two MDC and National Champions, eternal rivals looking to one up the other one. Besides the probable one at the MDC, hopefully we’ll get two more of these bad boys in this year.
  • Title Rematch: MSU has never beaten GVSU in the long history of this showdown, and GVSU would love to keep it that way. A rematch of a lopsided Championship Game would be fun to watch, so long as it’s more like the epic December 2012 battle these two teams put on.
  • Battle for Ohio: Kent State and Ohio State may be two title contenders this season, so this would be a huge game. These guys’ll likely meet multiple times in 2013-2014, getting good experience and fueling an old rivalry.
  • East Coast Throwdown: JMU, in the short history of East Coast schools, has dominated their territory. Towson looks like they might have something to say about it this year, after a good showing at Nationals despite being down some major pieces to their puzzle. A couple of these games could help show who’s the boss out East.
  • Battle of the Bluegrass: UK vs WKU has gone from Topper dominated to Wildcat dominated, but this is a very underrated classic that sometimes get overlooked.

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A Fresh View on Nationals


This past weekend the NCDA held its National Tournament at the University of Kentucky. This was not only my first Nationals, but Towson’s first as well. As a second year team we had wanted to attend last year’s Nationals at Saginaw Valley, but we did not have the funding available to go. This past weekend was a spectacle in my mind that can only ever be imitated, but never duplicated.  Continue reading “A Fresh View on Nationals”

Region Realignment

Regions are fluid and flexible. They are designed to group teams together based on who teams play the most. For example, MSU, GV, SV, and CMU played each other a total of 19 matches in the 2013 Season. They are grouped in the MI region because they play each other, not because of any special geographical significance. Although distance may play a part in how teams play each other more regularly, the important thing is the end result. Regions are based on statistics.

Here is a sheet detailing who’s played who for the 2013 season. I’ve included the upcoming DePaul-Moody match.  Continue reading “Region Realignment”

Spring Break Standings Update

1. Kent State (21-7) 42 points
2. Kentucky (13-1) 26 points
3. JMU (12-4-2) 26 points
4. SVSU (10-5-3) 23 points
5. MSU (10-5-2) 22 points
6. GVSU (10-1) 20 points
7. Maryland (4-5) 8 points
8. Ohio State (4-7) 8 points
9. Towson (4-9) 8 points
T10. WKU (3-6) 6 points
T10. CMU (3-6) 6 points
12. Miami (3-12) 6 points
13. Moody (2-3) 4 points
14. DePaul (2-6) 4 points
15 BGSU (2-9) 4 points
16. RIT (1-3) 2 points
17. VCU (0-11) 0 points
18. Nebraska (0-4) 0 points

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