Shout out for Dodgeball Officials this Season

ncda-logo-alumni-1Good People. As Director of Officiating, I would like to take a moment to note several stellar Officials we had over the Nationals event weekend and those I’ve observed over the 2016 Season. I was pretty much useless in mobility but a lot of people came together to make sure Matches were officiated with at least four person crews. I had incredible help with Felix Perrone running to queue teams up for Matches and Officiating. He did 11 miles on Saturday.
Alumni Jason Hallman pretty much officiated every round, including being part of the Championship crew this year. Matt Zinn did the same, but needing to step out once GV went deeper into the bracket. Jude DuPart and Ryan Carlton deserve similar recognition, but we’re going to have to institute some mandatory break policy for you people next time!
I was incredibly happy to see people stick around to help staff the last three matches, especially those with long travel times. Becky Seemann, Nick Johnson, Evan Bemus, Sam Murphy, Klaire Randall, Mike McNicholas, Colin O’Brien to name a few good people.

Many people from BG and Akron were able to stick around and help in the Quaternary bracket games as well, which are the crutch in any Nationals schedule since people tend to move for home at that point. That prevented a big mess.
Dylan Fettig has done an incredible job as a crew chief over this whole season. I’m happy to have his experience and service on the Exec Board, as well as in the Stripes. He has done an exceptional job corralling GV players into an efficient Officiating crew and this was no exception at Nationals.
Wes Peters and Colin O’Brien have done similar things with MSU players. They are top notch Officials which I’ve had the pleasure to observe and serve with over many Seasons. Jake Leski and the rest of the CMU leadership have done great work as well. Everyone has gotten seriously more accurate in their shot clock timing, and this is accurate across the geographical diversity of the League’s timekeepers.
and Ryan Menn was a great pizza slinger.
Who else would you see recognized for their Officiating work this season?
Zigmas Maloni
Director of Officiating
NCDA Executive Board

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DePaul Dodgeball #68 & NCDA Director of Officiating

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