Senior Day in Saginaw

SVSU will be playing their Senior Day game again this year, with it being a three team round robin on Saturday, March 16th. The “Cardinal Clash” will feature Saginaw Valley, Bowling Green, and Central Michigan. SVSU is the favorite for the round robin, but BGSU and CMU both have great players on their teams and could win it as well. Check back with us for scores and updates.

DePaul University Invite Preview

The recently announced DePaul University Invite will feature a unique mix of teams: #14 DePaul, #13 Moody Bible Institute, #2 Kentucky, and Wisconsin-Platteville, who hasn’t played a game yet this season. While its clear that UK is the favorite for the tournament, and should likely pick up three wins, the other three schools definitely have what it takes to pick up at least two wins.

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Spring Break Standings Update

1. Kent State (21-7) 42 points
2. Kentucky (13-1) 26 points
3. JMU (12-4-2) 26 points
4. SVSU (10-5-3) 23 points
5. MSU (10-5-2) 22 points
6. GVSU (10-1) 20 points
7. Maryland (4-5) 8 points
8. Ohio State (4-7) 8 points
9. Towson (4-9) 8 points
T10. WKU (3-6) 6 points
T10. CMU (3-6) 6 points
12. Miami (3-12) 6 points
13. Moody (2-3) 4 points
14. DePaul (2-6) 4 points
15 BGSU (2-9) 4 points
16. RIT (1-3) 2 points
17. VCU (0-11) 0 points
18. Nebraska (0-4) 0 points

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BEAST II Mega-Preview

379188_514241105265465_1811596984_nThe Big East Appalachian Super Tournament II, aka the BEAST II, is the biggest regular season tournament this season in terms of teams attending. In fact, it’s bigger than Nationals 2009 at Grand Valley! With 10 schools going, it will be a monumental task for any team to pull out the championship, as most teams will be playing five games. Hosted by James Madison University, it also includes Saginaw Valley, Central Michigan, Ohio State, Kent State, Towson, Virginia Commonwealth, Rochester Institute of Technology, Western Kentucky, and Miami.

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Michigan Dodgeball Cup Preview

The oldest tournament in the NCDA is also the best regular season tournament in the league, and the Michigan Dodgeball Cup will once again take place in East Lansing as the #4 Spartans host #5 GVSU, #6 SVSU, and #9 CMU in the toughest collegiate dodgeball tournament during the regular season.
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The Ohio Dodgeball Cup Preview

603046_4817525792569_1133475085_nOhio State will host the Ohio Dodgeball Cup on February 2nd, currently including the Buckeyes, Kent State, Bowling Green, Miami, and non-Ohio school Rochester Institute of Technology. The tournament will feature three founding teams of the NCDA, a former National Champion, and some of the best players in the NCDA. Unlike the Michigan Dodgeball Cup, which is held in East Lansing every year, the ODC is switching from Kent, where it was the previous two entries, to Columbus this year. Last year’s ODC was a weird tournament- Kent State, OSU, and BGSU all went 2-1, and RIT went 0-3. This year could be the same way. Kent State, OSU, and BGSU are all known entities, and all three could beat each other up, but RIT and Miami are wildcards and could pull off some upsets.

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Towson Travels to Maryland for Round Robin

On February 2nd, Towson will travel to College Park to take on the Maryland Terrapins and VCU Rams, and they’re looking to get some valuable wins and some even more valuable experience as they play in their first tournament of 2013 ahead of the BEAST II, Richmond Dodgeball Cup, and Nationals 2013.

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BEAST II Schedule Posted

The Big East Appalachian Super Tournament Two, aka the BEAST II, is a month away. Featuring host #3 James Madison (9-2-1), #2 Kent State (13-6), #6 Saginaw Valley (4-3-1), #13 Towson (1-5), #10 Ohio State (2-6), #15 Miami (0-8), #7 Central Michigan (3-3), #16 Virginia Commonwealth (0-5), #12 Western Kentucky (1-4), and unranked Rochester Institute of Technology (yes, that is a TEN team field!) this tournament should be a great one. Read the schedule after the jump:

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Head West Young Dukes

jmu_logoJames Madison is getting ready for the big trip West to the Chicago Dodgeball Open next weekend, and they’re going to get their money’s worth out of the games. The #4 Dukes (6-1-1) will get games against #6 Grand Valley, #11 DePaul, #3 Michigan State, and #17 Nebraska as they look to improve their record and put away the other East Coast schools in their regional rankings. They’re also looking for more national recognition. The Dukes burst onto the scene by having a great first regular season, and capped it off by upsetting Michigan State at Nationals. They reached the National Quarterfinals before being knocked off by Kentucky 3-1. Continue reading “Head West Young Dukes”

2013 Chicago Dodgeball Open Preview

The first tournament of the 2013 calender year is the Chicago Dodgeball Open, hosted by Depaul and Moody at the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center on Depaul’s campus. Joining Depaul and Moody for the CDO will be Grand Valley, James Madison, Michigan State, and Nebraska. This is the fifth Chicago Dodgeball Open on record, and it is one of the more popular tournaments due to it’s great location and set up. Continue reading “2013 Chicago Dodgeball Open Preview”

Introducing “24/7: Road to the Michigan Dodgeball Cup”

The Michigan Dodgeball Cup is traditionally the biggest tournament of the season outside of Nationals. Historically featuring schools like Michigan State, Delta College, Oakland, Grand Valley, Saginaw Valley, Lansing Community College, Eastern Michigan, and Central Michigan, this season’s MDC will likely feature just four teams- GVSU, MSU, SVSU, and CMU. However, these four schools are four of the top schools in the history of the NCDA, with a total of six National Championships in the eight year history of the NCDA.

So what is this “24/7: Road to the Michigan Dodgeball Cup” then?

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