BEAST II Schedule Posted

The Big East Appalachian Super Tournament Two, aka the BEAST II, is a month away. Featuring host #3 James Madison (9-2-1), #2 Kent State (13-6), #6 Saginaw Valley (4-3-1), #13 Towson (1-5), #10 Ohio State (2-6), #15 Miami (0-8), #7 Central Michigan (3-3), #16 Virginia Commonwealth (0-5), #12 Western Kentucky (1-4), and unranked Rochester Institute of Technology (yes, that is a TEN team field!) this tournament should be a great one. Read the schedule after the jump:

9:00am- CMU vs OSU, Miami vs Towson, Kent vs WKU, RIT vs VCU

10:15am- JMU vs Towson, CMU vs Miami, SVSU vs VCU, Kent vs RIT

11:30am- JMU vs OSU, SVSU vs WKU

12:45pm- CMU vs Towson, Kent vs VCU

2:00pm- JMU vs Miami, Towson vs OSU, SVSU vs RIT, WKU vs VCU

3:15pm- JMU vs CMU, SVSU vs Kent, Miami vs OSU, WKU vs RIT

4:30pm- First Place Game, Third Place Game

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  1. Way I see it, everybody gets two solid games. Games that I’d love to see would be CMU/JMU, CMU/OSU, Kent/WKU, SVSU/WKU, SVSU/Kent. Somebody get a camera there!

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