Baller of the Month December 2021: Derrek Kemper

The long wait is over! Derrek Kemper of THE Ohio State University is your Baller of the Month for December. The Rookie sensation for the Buckeyes is a Power house thrower, and already has the catching ability and court awareness of a multi-year veteran. Derrek has proven himself to be a huge asset to the talented Buckeye roster thus far. We talked all things Dodgeball, including his go-to tournament meals!

Tournament Preview: University of Akron’s Pink Out VI

This marks the 6th time that teams will compete at the University of Akron in October for the (formerly) annual Pink Out Tournament, hosted by the Zips. The teams in attendance will be the Redhawks from Miami, The Bowling Green State University Falcons, and The Cleveland State Vikings. The three visiting teams will all be competing in their first matches of the season, with the hosts competing in their second tournament this year. I asked the attending school’s captains what their takes and expectations for their teams are when they compete this weekend, as well as some stand out players to watch out for on their squad.

February Baller of the Month: Dylan Greer

This month, we will be getting back to current players as the Baller of the Month, and this months winner is well deserving of the distinction. Dylan Greer, captain and president of THE Ohio State Dodgeball Club has brought the Buckeyes back from obscurity, to be named as this years “Dark Horse” pick to win the National Championship. Dylan had a lot to say, so lets get to the interview!

Pinkout V: The NCDA Strikes Back

We’re headed back to Akron, Ohio folks, for the fifth annual Pinkout tournament. This started as a humble tournament and has evolved into one of the biggest of the Fall semester every season. With 9 teams in attendance, this one is sure to be a slobberknocker. We asked a representative from each team to help give us some insight into their respective teams. Let’s get into it!

Ohio Region 2019-20 Preview

*All regional rankings based off the content team’s preseason power rankings

2019-20 Projections:

Order of Finish:

  1. Miami
  2. Ohio
  3. Bowling Green State
  4. Akron
  5. Cleveland State
  6. Kent State
  7. Ohio State
  8. Cincinnati
  9. Marietta College

Ohio Region Player of the Year: Tom Morand (Miami)

Ohio Region OT 6:

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2019 All-Rookie Team

Learning to play dodgeball in the NCDA is one of the toughest learning curves for many competitors. Whether it’s learning strategy or even how to pinch, the game can make many feel like a complete novice early on. However, there are those who learn the ropes quickly and emerge as players with immediate impact on their respective teams. The All-Rookie list is a way to recognize those individuals. Congrats to our first team selections!

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All-Ohio 2019

The following was co-authored by Tom Morand, Adam Pfeifer, Reid Manger, Noah Ourant, and Colby Briceland.

The Ohio made big waves this season and had undoubtedly the best season overall by the ever growing state. Ohio was able to add another team to the mix in the University of Cincinnati, and have several teams in contention for the National title with many teams finishing top 10, not to mention a 5 team overtime tie breaker for the Ohio Dodgeball Cup. The sky is the limit for Ohio, and the following players are largely responsible for how prominent the State has become to College Dodgeball.

Interview with a Falcon: Bowling Green Interview

Last week, NCDA Content Writers Hunter Ford and Kevin Bailey took some time to interview the leaders of the Bowling Green State University Dodgeball Team: Reid Manger and Max Kowalski. During this interview they discuss topics ranging from their recent win at the Ohio Dodgeball Cup, their goals for the BGSU program after they leave, thoughts on the future of collegiate dodgeball, and of course, what they think of the perception of Bowling Green Dodgeball nationally compared to what the actual culture of the program is. Below is the interview with these players:

From Left: Reid Manger, Max Kowalski, and Owen Sill after winning the 2019 Ohio Dodgeball Cup.

Your Better Late than Never ODC Recap

The following was written by Reid Manger (BGSU) and Eric Boehm (Formerly of CSU) with input from Ohio Region Captains:

This year’s Ohio Dodgeball Cup was one for the history books. The NCDA’s largest region, consisting of ten teams, put on one of the more exciting shows in the league this season. Although only eight of the teams participated in this year’s showdown, there were still plenty of storylines to follow: Will Cincinnati make a mark in their inaugural tournament? Is Kent State still the face of Ohio, or is it Miami’s time to put a stranglehold on that title? What about Bowling Green, are they still relevant? All these questions were answered, and many more along the way! Not to mention, there was even a 5-way tie for first when the dust originally settled, leading to an OT style tournament to declare a champion. In the following paragraphs, I give a brief rundown on how each team’s afternoon played out, rest of season outlooks, and various takeaways from each captain about their squads. Oh, and special guest Eric Boehm, a Cleveland State alum, gives his take on how things went down, too. You may think some of our opinions are unsolicited, and they may be, but nobody else wanted to do a recap so this is what you get! Buckle up for this rather lengthy review of the Ohio region!

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BOTM: 2019 February

Wow, what a month for College Dodgeball, right? Cleveland State hosted their first tournament, Akron hosted the third annual WAR two-day tournament, both the Michigan and Ohio Dodgeball Cups were hosted. AND The BEAST and Zanderthon Throw-down both went off without a hitch. With over 20 of the active league members playing in tournaments in February it was a daunting task to pick the Baller of the Month for such a stacked month. That makes this player that much more impressive.

Congratulations to your February 2019 Baller of the Month, Josh Lyons from the University of Akron.

Josh has been a staple of the Akron Zips Dodgeball Club since their inception in 2014 and for good reason. Season by season he continues to improve in every aspect of the game, from catching to throwing and helping lead the team to a 15-7 season thus far. Josh has proven time and time again that he is the unsung hero of the Akron program, until now. Below is the interview that I conducted with Josh.

Josh Lyons is one of Akron’s top performers consistently. This is him pictured at The War III hosted by Akron.
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Preview: Ohio Dodgeball Cup 2019

Co-authored by
Tom Morand and Colby Briceland

 The annual Ohio Dodgeball Cup will take place this upcoming weekend at Bowling Green State University. This year there will be 8 teams in attendance looking to take home the cup.  The ODC is structured in such a way that if only one team goes undefeated on the day they will win the Cup. In the case multiple teams end with the same record a tie breaker will be played after the conclusion of the scheduled matches to determine which team is the best in the Ohio region.

Click here to see the score sheet and schedule for the Ohio Dodgeball Cup!

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Chaos Ensues at Akron’s WAR III

The following was co-authored by Kevin Bailey, Hunter Ford and Colby Briceland.

Over the weekend, University of Akron hosted the biggest regular season tournament of the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association season.  15 teams made their way to Akron for the annual two-day tournament called ‘WAR’. As it turns out, the name fits the bill.

In attendance at this event were teams from five different regions.  Including 14 of the top 18 teams in the latest Power Rankings. Needless to say, there were some epic matches over the weekend.  In fact, an argument could be made it was the most entertaining regular season tourney in NCDA history. If you disagree, feel free to state your case.

Below is a recap of this unbelievable tournament:

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Magnus’ Rock Fest Tournament Review

This past weekend had West Virginia, Saginaw Valley State, Kent State and Akron traveling to Cleveland State to take part in the Magnus’ Rock Fest. Cleveland State hosted their first tournament and it was a great success, bringing in five teams from three different states. Thank you to Casey Brown for giving us his thoughts on this tournament.


Kent def CSU 2-1

SVSU def WVU 4-0 

Akron def WVU 4-0

SVSU def CSU 4-1

Kent def WVU 4-0

SVSU def Kent 5-0

Akron def CSU 2-1


The Following was written by CSU’s Casey Brown and Akron’s Colby Briceland

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Tournament Review: Rally in the Valley

This past weekend saw James Madison University, The University of Akron, and West Virginia University travel to Penn State to take part in the Rally in the Valley Tournament. There were many great moments this weekend, as most of you have seen the play that Steve Herrick of PSU pulled off to save Penn from an overtime. It was a great turnout and we thank Penn State for hosting, below I will review each teams performances throughout the day.

JMU def PSU 3-1

Akron def WVU 4-0 (Called Early)

PSU def Akron 4-2

JMU def WVU 4-0 (Called Early)

JMU def Akron 4-1

PSU def WVU 4-0 (Called Early)

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Rally in the Valley: Penn State Tournament Preview

Penn State looks to open up the second half of the season with their first home tournament of the year. Rally in the Valley will See Penn State, James Madison University, West Virginia University and the University of Akron in their first matches of the second semester. lets take a look.

9:00 AM: Penn vs JMU

10:15 AM: Akron vs WVU

11:30 AM: Akron vs Penn

12:45 PM: JMU vs WVU

2:00 PM: JMU vs Akron

3:15 PM: WVU vs Penn

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