All-Ohio 2019

1. Tom Morand: Miami University:

Adam Pfeifer: This guy has broken out in a stunning fashion the past two years. What a season for Tom and the rest of Miami. Tom is an amazing catcher and can take over a game with catching alone. (In case you missed the Towson game at the War III this year) He also has the ability to get hit after hit at any given moment. I believe he was the most valuable player to any team in the nation  this year, and will be the league MVP next year.

Noah Ourant: From start to finish, Tom was the best player in Ohio this season and one of the best players in the entire country. Not many players have as balanced a game as Tom does. He’s an elite thrower and catcher in this league and will only be better next year. It’ll be difficult for someone to stop Tom from claiming this spot two years in a row.

Reid Manger: The frontrunner from start to finish, Tom put together a memorable season his Junior year. People could tell he had the tools as a freshman, but this was the year he put everything together (most notably a much-improved ability to catch). Tom is extremely dangerous in the mid court and in transition and you have to be aware of where he is at all times on the court. The first ever RedHawk to win Ohio MVP will almost assuredly be high up on the All-American boards. Rumor has it, though, he has even bigger plans in store for himself and his team next year. Everyone stay tuned for how he’s going to build off of this years performance his senior year.

Colby Briceland: Undoubtedly the MVP in the Ohio Region this season, Tom Morand took Miami to unknown heights this season. Miami was defunct a few years ago, and now they were top contenders for the 2019 National Title. This is without question; due in large part to the efforts of Tom. one of the most lethal players in the game today, Tom has the ability to throw an entire team out with his arm, and then turn around and catch the remaining players out from the team standing across from him. We haven’t seen the last of this young man, as he still has another season to be had, and with his finish this season, Tom will come into the fall, hungrier than ever.

2. Max Kowalski: Bowling Green State University:

Tom Morand: Max was the head of the snake for BGSU and is one tremendous player in the league. I have fought head-to-head against him on multiple occasions and both come out on top during different situations. All of those plays have taught me that Max has my respect as a talented player more than any other in the region. Max fires himself up along with carrying the weight of his team on his back at moments. Max’s career was one for the books to represent BGSU and himself. He literally left everyone on the table for his last year. I wish you a speedy recovery Max.

AP: Max is the definition of a one man wrecking crew. He is one of the only players in the NCDA that can take out 10+ players catching or throwing. Max being as large as he is can dodge like some half his size. He gave me one of the best moments I saw all year against Kent when he took on 12 players alone to take out 9 with one single throw after another. Great season and career for Max. 

NO: One of the most intense individuals on the court that I’ve ever seen, the Ohio Region is gonna miss Max a lot next year. With one of the strongest arms around, if he gets a few in a row there’s a chance that Max can take your whole team down one at a time. Not gonna lie I’m still hoping that he comes to OU for grad school just to play one more year.

RM: Not to take away from my soon to be teammate Tom, but next on the list is who I think might be the single most talented player in the entire league; My current teammate, Max. Although I know coming in second in this year’s voting is going to eat at him as a competitor, Max has a lot to be proud of this season. He carried the offensive load for his Falcon’s the entire year, his catching rivals most anyone in the league, and he brought a much needed, albeit overwhelming at times, competitive edge to the team. Max could legitimately do it all and single handedly won numerous points for BG through the course of the year. Bowling Green isn’t ever going to find another player like you, buddy. Here’s to a great career.

CB: Max was the largest pain in my side without question. Max wins our tit-for-tat match-ups during our careers as this man is incredibly difficult to defeat on the court. A true dual threat, Max was able to subdue teams to their baselines with his strong over-the-top throw style, and his uncanny ability to clutch even the most out of reach catches. Max is a once in a lifetime talent, and will surly be missed in the league, except for his constant need for rule clarifications. All jokes aside, if Bowling Green didn’t have Max, their season wouldn’t have been as spectacular. A truly gifted individual.

3. Joey Stack University of Akron:

TM: Joey is one of three, 3 time All-Ohio players from Akron’s team on this list. Joey has had a fantastic season picking people off one at a time with his cannon of an arm and making a timely catch here and there to keep Akron alive in matches. There might be only a few people in Ohio that you wouldn’t want throwing at you without a ball and he certainly is one of them. He was a big part of why Akron’s team had their best season in program history.

AP: Joey is an amazing well rounded player. He can take over a game with his throws and also catch in moments when his team needs a big catch. His survivability is probably his greatest weapon. For 5 years he has challenged me and the rest of Akron to be better. The goal was always to get him out at practice. Joey finished his final game of dodgeball in GV and has decided to leave the game behind and start a new chapter. Akron the NCDA and game of dodgeball will miss having you on the court.

NO: A key member for Akron as they have climbed the rankings the last few years, Joey has a very balanced game. He is someone that you have to be aware of where they are on the court at all times.

RM: Another senior on the list, Joey is no stranger to the All-Ohio list. This is his third straight year he’s found himself receiving this honor (previously coming in 7th and 8th on the list). Although this season was probably the least amount of hype he’s received content wise since his freshman year, coming in third in regional voting (his highest placement ever) goes to show he was as good, if not better, than ever this year. He was by far Akron’s most all-around weapon and led them to by far their best season in team history. It was a pleasure playing against you these past four years, take care.

CB: Joey Stack has been Akron’s best player for his entire career, and it is only fitting that he ends up that way on the list. Just when I thought he had peaked, Joey had the best year of his career for sure. Joey leaves behind a legacy of being one of the most feared players in all the NCDA. Like the two before him, Joey was well versed in both catching and throwing skills. With his undeniable tenacity and passion, Joey will be remembered for years to come as the best player to graduate from Akron.

4. Jake Larsen Ohio University:

TM: Jake is the only person on this list that was not on my radar at the beginning of the season. He came out of absolutely nowhere to become a star players of Ohio. Jake has only started to break into his potential as a player and is already ranked at #4 in the region. Jake will certainly be one of the headline names next season for OU, but might not be the only one.

AP: Jake can throw really hard. He turned some heads to start the season at Miami with that arm. He had quite a few very clutch plays to help OU get some big wins. He was also able to catch Payton Shuster in the round of 16 at nationals full arms extended above his head. With the rest of the Bobcats’ amazing returning cast, Jake will help OU have the best season yet in 2019/2020 season.

NO: My only teammate on this list, Jake only got better as his first year in the league went on. Known primarily for his arm, he is sneakily improving his catching game as well. Jake carried a lot of the offensive load at times for us this year, and always stepped up to the task. With two years left to play, the sky’s the limit for how good he can be.

RM: The best player in the league that nobody has heard of award goes to Jake Larsen, in my opinion. Coming in 4th on this list as only a sophomore speaks volumes of the potential this guy has. Having the honor (or annoyance depending how you look at it) of playing OU 6 different times this year, I got a great look at what Jake can bring to the table. He has one of the hardest throws in the league (I think I still have a red mark on my chest from ODC), and he’s a deceptively good catcher. I felt sometimes he took himself out of the game to watch and rest a little too much this year, but if he ever decides to stay focused and go all out 100% the league better be ready. To me, he’s the only one who can rival Tom for the MVP spot on the list next year (assuming good health from both parties).

CB: Tom said it perfectly when he said that Larsen came out of nowhere. His rise to stardom began in the second semester during February when he helped lead OU to multiple overtime matches and solid performances. This guy. Admittedly, when Akron played OU, my goal was to neutralize him because of his explosiveness. I knew if he got a head of steam, that the Bobcats would surly overcome us. The only rookie on this list, Jake will be a household name for years to come.

5. Austin Michael Miami University:

TM: I have had the pleasure of playing alongside one of the smartest players in the NCDA and I do not think that is an understatement. Austin early on developed a knack for watching film and it drastically influenced his playstyle. He will rarely, if ever, not make the right game time decision on the court. Austin was one of the staples on Miami’s roster making drop catches one after another in every tournament along with making timely counters and kills. It is only fitting that in his last year as a captain he goes out with a bang receiving an All-Ohio distinction.

AP: Looking at this guy, he doesn’t appear to be as skilled as he is. Do not the looks fool you. Austin can drop and catch any thrower in the nation. he proved that over and over all season. Austin also has a very high dodgeball IQ. He is able to help put his team in the best situation to win at all times. He also knows the NCDA rulebook front to back. We need much more of this.

NO: The first primary catcher to show up on our list this year, Austin is a pain to throw at. At times daring people to throw at him, Austin was the right hand man along with Tom for Miami’s resurgence this year. I honestly think that the best part of Austin’s game wasn’t anything he did physically for his team, but in how he kept them focused and organized as matches went on.

RM: The second and final RedHawk on the list, Austin was a large part in Miami’s success this year. Arguably the best catcher on the team, Austin help create a different dynamic on a team that was, for the most part, filled with power arms. His leadership and passion for the intricacies of the game can’t be understated either, as he had a lot to do with strategies the team implemented and how to deal with adversity. Austin can walk away from the team knowing that they’re in good hands, and that he’s as big of a reason for the club’s turnaround as anyone else on that roster.

CB: A true master of the drop-catch, Austin has the rare ability to put himself in the exact position he needs to be in to secure the aforementioned drop-catch. One of the key components in the success of the Redhawks this season, Austin was a force on the court with a commanding presence and the confidence to rival that of anyone. I can’t think of a better and more fitting end to a great season.

6. Joe Walsh Cleveland State University:

TM: He has certainly made a name for himself this year in the NCDA. I know everyone that sees him on the other side of the court is thrilled once he is taken out. Joe is the most valuable player on CSU and every team that faced CSU this years knows for a fact of how much damage he can do to your team. Joe excels at every aspect of the game including throwing, catching, strategizing, much more.

AP: Joe would be an overtime player for any team in the NCDA. The kid controls the court and keeps his whole team under control. Thank goodness Joe is returning for a few more seasons in the NCDA. He will also be making his debut with the Has-beens in Elite this summer. His game will only get better with the experience. If CSU can figure out how to play a full 50 minutes next season, I could see Joe being considered for AA next year. 

NO: Joe had one heck of a season for CSU this year, even if their record didn’t always seem to show it. Always in control of what he wanted to do on the court, he was the focal point of the Viking’s offense as well as the primary leader. I’d look for big things out of Joe next year. With another year of experience under his belt, he’ll come back in the fall looking to shoot up this list even more.

RM: Probably the second most under appreciated guy on this list, in my opinion, is Joe Walsh. He’s definitely a huge bright spot for a CSU team that otherwise lacks star power. Best of all he’s only a sophomore. I also heard a rumor that he throws almost as hard with his left arm as he does with his right arm (which by the way is really hard if you haven’t been on the receiving end of it), which obviously is awesome in itself but could realistically lead to better health in the future. I look forward to watching him develop both himself and his team over the next couple of years. Has he hit his ceiling yet? I hope not. Will he help lead CSU to top 15 relevancy before he graduates? I sure hope so. A player and program to keep an eye on next year.

CB: Joe is an insane talent on an otherwise unknown squad for me this year. A true diamond in the rough for CSU this season. Joe was the only reason for Akron having two matches with CSU that came down to one point. We knew that Joe had to be on the outline if we wanted to control the game. If Joe was in, he is the target. If not for Cleveland’s low rank, Joe would undoubtedly be a household NCDA name. He has built a name for himself in the Ohio Region, and it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the league recognizes.

7. Ben Johnson Ohio State University:

TM: Ben returns to the All-Ohio conversation after being an honorable mention in 2017 and not on 2018’s because of his untimely broken arm. This year Ben came out firing on all cylinders to make up for the impact he didn’t make last year after his arm healed. I know him being unable to throw last year drastically improved the other elements of his game on the court this year. You will certainly see and hear more of Ben and Buckeyes next year.

AP: To start, Ben is probably one of the most fun players in the NCDA. He has ability to get small and basically disappear behind an 8.5 ball. Dispite being a smaller player, Ben is also a great catcher and can throw with his left or right arm. Ben is an amazing leader for OSU and once again was a huge part of their success throughout the season.

RM: An honorable mention two years ago, Ben makes a return on this list. He led the team to a bounceback year of sorts as the Buckeyes look like they’re beginning to put the pieces together to be back in a top 10 discussion in the near future. Admittedly I didn’t see much of OSU or Ben play this year, but what I do know is that Ben has been one of the better all-around players in the region the past few years. He’s adept at both catching and throwing and, although I don’t usually commend players on their ability to dodge, he’s a fun guy to watch evade. I look forward to how he’s able to put the OSU’s pieces together these next couple years.

CB: My goodness can this kid move. If you want to get Ben out, you better put at least 3 balls on him, or else you’re wasting your time. An unbelievable amount of survival skills, with his catching and throwing skills not far behind. With Ben Johnson as one of the Captains at the helm of OSU, you know they will be competitive as long as he is on the court. With another season on the horizon for Ben, I fully expect OSU to trend towards an upward motion.

8. Reid Manger Bowling Green State University:

TM:  I would argue to say that Reid is the best catcher in Ohio. I know people will not dare to throw a ball within 10 feet of him because he will likely catch it. If people think the LAZ is too big you can personally thank Reid for making some wild catches. I have seen him make numerous seemingly impossible catches this year and too many over the head catches. He ends his career at BGSU in steller fashion with a ODC title, but will be back next year on a different Ohio team to continue his rein of catching.

AP: I think Reid may be an all time top 10 catcher in the league ever! He is also another player who has a high IQ and makes the right decisions to help his team be successful. I think the reason he was not higher on this list was only because he played next to Max and was injured for the first half of the season. The scary thing Reid will be returning next to join Miami of Ohio. Look out NCDA!!! The big question, will the gloves stay at BSGU? 

NO: In my opinion, and in my personal rankings, I had Reid much higher on this list. I think he is the best catcher in Ohio, and possibly in the league. Over the last three years that I have seen him play I have watched him completely flip points just casually catching everything. During Day 1 of Nationals he might have had 12-13 catches within a few points against UNG. My only complaint with Reid is that he is breaking tradition and transferring to Miami next year instead of following the lead of Caleb Arnold and Adam Hynes and going from BG to OU

CB: Reid may be one of the top catchers the state has ever seen and ever will see. With only playing half of a season, Reid still manages to make All-Ohio. That in itself is a true testament to the impact he has on the court. if you ever see Reid lurking behind the plane of throwers for the Falcons, do yourself a favor and burn the throw as far away from Reid as you can. He has the rare talent to plan his positioning to make even the most challenging catches. Reid’s decision 2019 is huge, as he takes his talents to South Beach… Of Ohio.

T-9. Josh Lyons University of Akron:

TM: Josh earned BOTM in February of this season for his outstanding catching performances for Akron. I honestly swear maybe 75% of Akron’s catches came from Josh this year and I do not think that is an exaggeration. He the backbone for his team coming up clutch time after time to give his team the best chance to win any given match.

AP: To start, Josh is the nicest guy in college dodgeball, but do not get on his bad side. Josh also got lost playing with some other good players during his career. Finally he was  able to break out with his performance at the War this year. Josh can catch anyone. He can also catch 2 of you like he did at Penn State’s tournament with the double catch. Josh like his teammate Joey will be walking away from the game of dodgeball after his last game at nationals. Another amazing player will that will be missed.

RM: I have a lot of respect for Josh. I always saw Josh as the guy to do the dirty work for Akron and it’s good to see him get some much-deserved recognition too. When we faced Akron, I always knew he’d be a consistent threat in the middle all game long. He did a little a bit of everything for the Zips, and I always likened him to a robot with how methodical and precise he moved around the court. I believe this is Josh’s final season with the NCDA, and what better way to leave than with Akron’s best season in club history.

NO: The second player from Akron to appear on the All Region team, Josh has been a notable player in the Ohio Region for a few years now. It’s not just what he can do on the court but also his leadership and experience that have been his best attributes. Josh is always calm and collected on the court, and no moment in a game is ever too big for him. When his team needs him the most, he steps up.

CB: Josh was lost in the shuffle for a minute there, but the league came to it’s senses and realized that Josh Lyons is top tier. From a double catch, to overcoming a 1v9 against OSU, Josh really came into his own and had an incredible season and was for sure one of the reasons for Akron’s best season to date. Just when you thought Josh was a one dimensional catcher, Josh would pumpfake so hard it would knock your socks off, and he’d catch you slippin’ on a cross that you never saw coming. Josh finishes his career in dodgeball on a high note.

T-9  Owen Sill Bowling Green State University:

TM: I think Owen is one of the hardest players on their own body in the league and it shows in his play-style. He was one of the main offensive threats this year of BGSU and is completely unpredictable. I do not think I have ever seen someone block on their knees and be able to run you down before hitting you with a 360 throw faster than him. He is as quick as can be and is a jack of all trades and deserving a spot on the list.

AP: I think Owen could be the best player in the NCDA. At least the most well rounded player. He unfortunately played on a team with some of the best players in Ohio over the years. This guy is the definition of CLUTCH! Catching and throwing are both top notch. Only downside to Owen is he could probably get in a few extra days at the gym to some more reps in. In being totally honest, until this year he was one of the top 2 most underrated or unknown players in the Ohio region. 

RM: My other ride or die on the list, Owen finally got the recognition he’s deserved for the past 3 years. He’s always done BG’s dirty work in the shadows, and it’s great to see him get at least one accolade before walking away from the sport. He’s not the kind of player you see taking over games by himself on a regular basis (although he can when he really wants to), but he’s as reliable and consistent as they come in the sport. He’ll do almost anything you ask of him. You need him to shut down an opposing team’s best player, he’s got you. You need him to reset every ball, he’s got you. You need him to sacrifice his body to get the team ball control, he’s got you. You need him to get a big catch, well that was never a huge strong point in his game but we love him anyways haha. BG is not an Elite 8 team without his performance on a game to game basis. Owen may or may not have one year left of playing, but if he does play one more year you’ll be sure to find his name on this list next year being by far BG’s most experienced player on the court.

NO: The final installment of the trio of Falcons on the list, Owen is a force on the court. One of the few power arms that BGSU had on their team this year, he along with Max had to shoulder much of the offense, and were vital to turning around the slow start of the year. With Max and Reid both gone next year, it will be up to Owen to lead this team even more, and I’m sure that he is up to the task.

CB: Easily the unsung hero for BGSU, due in large part to his quiet demeanor and his outspoken teammates. Owen was a key piece to the Falcon’s success this season and last. He gets the recognition he deserves and will continue the success that Bowling Green has found themselves in the past few seasons. Look for him to move into the spotlight and take a more outspoken role in Ohio next season.

11. Adam Pfeifer University of Akron:

TM: Another 3 time All-Ohio player from Akron. Adam in his last year in the league earns one more personal accolade in the NCDA. Everyone knows Adam has the most energy on his team and maybe in Ohio. He holds down the left side of the court and will nail you wherever you leave yourself exposed. I guarantee his presence on the court will greatly be missed because of how much it impacted the game.

RM: The third Zip on the list, Adam Pfeifer, has long been viewed as one of the more polarizing personalities in the league. However, he’s grown, and has been, just as dynamic of a player in the NCDA and I like getting the opportunity to talk about him as a player and not for his opinions. With one of the weirder windups around, Adam is a threat to hit anybody on the court from any angle, which has personally caused me issues when going toe to toe. He’s also the hype man and vocal leader of what was a successful team this year, which, in itself, is a worthwhile role to have. Adam is yet another guy walking away from the sport, and you’ll be missed in more ways than one.

NO: One of the most notable names in the Ohio Region the entire time that I have been in the league, Adam is someone that you always have to account for on the court. He has more experience than just about anyone in the league, along with a strong arm and incredible instincts for the game. I can’t think of any better compliment to give than the fact that whenever we played Akron for the last few years, our first priority of each point was to eliminate Adam and then go on from there.

CB: Adam is Akron dodgeball’s heart and soul, and it pleases me to be able to write about him as he takes his place on the list. Adam built Akron from the ground up and was able to develop into one of the most dangerous players in the game. He can throw out the most skilled blocker, and somehow put himself in the position to make a clutch catch when we needed it most. If not for Adam giving me the most brutal faceshot at my first practice, I may never have came back next week. What he has been able to do, not only for Akron, but for Ohio and the sport or Collegiate dodgeball as a whole, on and off the court is unrivaled by all. Thank you, Adam.

T-12. Colby Briceland University of Akron:

TM: Rounding out Akron’s representation on the list is one of your very own content team members Colby Briceland. If you want the most consistent player for your team Colby is your man. He will hold down the right side of any game you are in and make some timely counters and crosses while never exposing himself for an easy out. Akron was lucky to have such a passionate captain for the game and might even deserve to be higher on the list for dealing with previously mentioned Adam.

AP: Colby had a bit of a set back this year with a few injuries. Those didn’t stop him from playing with his team at every tournament this year. His injuries also didn’t stop him from taking down players with his strong throw and his very high survivability. For being such a large man, Colby was almost impossible to get out when he had a ball in his hands. Colby played his last game as a member of the Akron Zips and will look forward to the Elite season.

RM: The fourth and final Zip on the list, Colby Briceland, is also saying farewell to the NCDA. One of the more prominent faces in the Ohio region behind the scenes, Colby’s work as an administrator for Akron and as a content member for the league can’t be understated, he also turned in a very respectful playing career. In previous years he has come in 6th and 11th on the All-Ohio list, so it should come as little surprise that he finds himself on the list again. Despite having his worst placement, I’d argue he put together his best year yet. He’s a threat with his arm and developed into a pretty decent catcher over the year. Like your other teammates Colby, you’ll very much be missed.

NO: The final member of Akron on this list, Colby is another player I think is ranked too low. He’s one of the most all-around players in the country and has an extremely high IQ on the court. Like I said about Adam, Colby was another player that we would focus on eliminating early because the longer that he’s on the court, the greater chance he’ll help his team figure out a way to beat you.

T-12 Dylan Greer Ohio State University:

TM: I have absolutely never, I repeat NEVER met someone so excited to play dodgeball in my life and it absolutely shows on the court for Ohio State. He has been able to rebuild a core of players for OSU with his same passion that will make strides the next few years. Dylan truly leads his team on the court with great strategy and knowing exactly the right thing to do. He certainly prefers you to throw a ball at him so he can easily catch it, but do not get me wrong he still has great throw to hit you out.

AP: So it goes with what seems like all the great Ohio State players in recent years, Dylan is such a great guy. He probably has the most motivation of any player in the league to want to become better. That is personally as a player and to help improve his team. Dylan is another player you don’t want to solo throw or you’ll be walking out of bounds. If he is on his knees without a ball and pulls his shorts up, take my advice and burn the throw to make it count.

RM: Another newcomer to our list, Dylan finishes up the representatives from OSU with his first, and likely not last, appearance on the All-Ohio team. A lot of the things I talked about with Austin Michael earlier on this article, I feel I can relate to Dylan. He’s got a passion for the fine details on the dodgeball court and appreciates strategical aspects of the game. Having someone like that as a captain is great for any team, but especially one who’s leading a young team and molding players for the future. Combine this with his great hands and you have a guy you can build around. Like his teammate Ben, I’m interested in what’s to come for Dylan as both a player and for his team these next couple of years.

CB: Probably the only active player to have read the rulebook for than myself, Dylan is a once in a lifetime talent and his unmatched enthusiasm and passion for the sport earned him a spot on this list. Dylan is one of the best captains in the league, and despite being a member for the Buckeyes in a low time for the team, Dylan has never hung his head down. His IQ and love for the sport are unwavering in all situations and will be a large part of why the OSU dodgeball team will begin an upward trend this upcoming season.

T-12 Parker Morris: Kent State University:

TM: Parker receives his first All-Ohio award in his last season in the NCDA. He had to make a transition in the middle of the season from being one of the top players on his team to have to step up and become the best player. Parker can gun you out and man he is difficult to get out on the court. Also, he is smart with his crosses and will keep any team he is facing honest. He was one of the main reasons Kent competed with Towson on Sunday and that is a statement by itself.

AP: Great survivability, great leadership and a high dodgeball IQ. Parker was able to help the Golden Flashes compete all year after losing many starters from last season and keep Kent in so many close games. He was the glue that held kent together this year and really got all the rookies ready for the future of Kent moving forward.

RM: An honorable mention last year, it’s good to see Parker crack the list before walking away from the game (for at least the time being). Yes, Parker is a great player as I’m sure the other writers are hitting on, but I’d rather spend my paragraph on him as a leader. Kent may not have had a good season by their standards, but for Parker to be there every step of the way through all the adversity to make the most out of the season and build towards the future speaks volume about his character. You did great work for that team despite what the final record says, I hope they carry your work forward next year and make you proud.

NO: Parker rounds out this list just as he rounds out an incredible career at Kent. One of my favorite people to talk to at tournaments, he was a staple in the region this year and the heart of Kent’s team on the court. Kent lost a lot of players this year from graduation and injuries but he was still able to carry them to a top ten ranking heading into Nationals and kept them fighting with the top teams in Ohio all year long.

CB: Last but surly not least, Parker had the tall task of living up to the lofty expectations of an always excellent Kent State dodgeball program. Injury ridden, Parker still managed to keep his Golden Flashes in games and clutch catches to win points. His leadership has left a lasting impression on a young Kent State roster, and will help to grow a successful culture for his team.

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