All-East Coast 2019

Next on our release of top regional performers is the the All-East Coast team for the 2018-19 season. This year’s eligible teams under consideration were Towson, James Madison, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth, Penn State, and West Virginia. This list consists of the top performers within the East Coast region, as selected by their peers.

1. Jordan Watt (Towson)

Early on it was pretty clear Watt was on pace to have a special season. Watt helped lead his team through a dominant first month by beating nearly the entire East Coast and becoming Baller of the Month, and teams across the country were enamored with his devastating throw. This season he also improved his catching ability which made him a more complete player that even put him in this year’s league MVP conversation. For now though, we can definitively declare him East Coast MVP. -Hunter Ford

2. David Guare (Towson)

Guare was able to receive an honorable mention on last year’s All-East Coast team, but saw his stock skyrocket this season to end up second overall in the All-East Coast list. His IQ on the court and ability to take advantage of distracted opponents is something to marvel in, and Guare’s ability to protect teammates at all times helped result in Towson’s championship run this year. -HF

3. Garrett McGurl (JMU)

Sometimes I feel as if he doesn’t get the credit he deserves, receiving less press than other JMU greats like Doug Schilling and Evan Eschenburg. However, it’s apparent that he wasn’t overlooked by his east coast foes. He’s a prototypical JMU player, being a great athlete that can do a bit of everything with a cannon for an arm. He was a fearless leader for the Dukes and was never one to back down from a 1v1, regardless who the opponent was. He’s one of a few guys graduating from JMU this year, which leaves a big hole in their lineup. -Zane Durbin

4. Evan Eschenburg (JMU)

I’m a little surprised to see him this low on all-east, which is saying something since he’s only number four. Luckily, he’ll get a chance to prove his haters wrong next year and once again be a top player in the east. He can catch, he can throw, and he works well in the neutral zone, always keeping his opponents off balance. Next year, we’ll see another great season from Eschenburg, without a doubt. It’s no wonder that JMU had yet another successful season behind the two guys listed above, but I don’t expect them to miss a beat next year with their talent, led once again by Evan. -ZD

5. Zane Durbin (UVA)

Durbin was a player that really distinguished himself on many occasions throughout the season, and was always a consistent presence for the Cavaliers. The 3rd year player makes his 2nd appearance on the All-East Coast list after making it one year prior. Durbin has a combination of both power and accuracy which elevates him past his contemporaries, and also has a bit of underrated athleticism to make him a problem for any opponent. -HF

6. Shawn Sullivan (UMD)

This kid is an absolute unit in every sense of the word. He’s the type of guy that you don’t love lining up against because there’s a good chance he’ll beat you on the opening rush, tag you with that ball, rinse, and repeat. He’s a huge reason for Maryland’s incredible second semester, including their solid Nationals run. Unfortunately, he’s the only Maryland player that made the list, which may reflect how their success is a true team effort. Look for him to make his way to the top of this list, find his name on All-American ballots, and be joined by some of his teammates next year. -ZD

7. Ike Fleckenstein (VCU)

Fleckenstein burst onto the scene at last year’s Nationals, and only continued to improve in his Sophomore season. Nicknamed “Mr. Reliable” by Kevin Bailey, Fleckenstein earned that title by being one of VCU’s best catchers. He has great court vision, and a solid arm to compliment his hands. Next season he will take over as Captain for VCU. -HF

8. Jeremy Shaw (UVA)

What a year for Jeremy, he finally got through one without any (major) injuries! All jokes aside, he’s one of the shiftiest and most elusive players that I know. His high dodgeball IQ and quick sidearm throw combine to help him make the right throws at the right places at the right time. He always shows out and lays it all on the line for the team, injury history aside. It’ll be one last season for him next year, and I wouldn’t expect any less than to see his name on this list once again. -ZD

9. Colin Sporer (Towson)

Sporer reminds me a lot of a former teammate of his in Jeremy Brown who also made All-East Coast in his senior season. While both have solid all-around skill sets, Sporer is an incredibly hard worker and consistently pushed himself and Towson to get better all season. As President, he lead Towson to their best season in program history, and proudly gets to ride off into the sunset as a national champion. -HF

10. Cory Nasiadka (WVU)

The unquestioned leader of WVU, this kid has all the tools to become one of the league’s best players. He may not have as much support as the other guys on this list, but that speaks volumes to his skill and ability to shine. Overall, the past two seasons of experience against tough opponents have served Cory and the rest of the WVU squad well, as I expect them to make a huge jump and him to creep his way up this list. Maybe we’ll even see a couple of his teammates recognized for all-east next season. -ZD

11. Tyler Schmitz (Towson)

While I like to give the guy grief at times, Schmitz has been underappreciated by many throughout league during his career. Thankfully, this isn’t one of those years. Schmitz has a powerful left-handed throw only bested on his team by East Coast MVP Jordan Watt, and was arguably Towson’s second best offensive player all season. -HF

12. Wayne Shortt (VCU)

In his 4th season, Shortt officially becomes VCU’s most decorated player with his 3rd All-East Coast honor. Shortt saved his absolute best for last at this year’s Nationals where he was VCU’s best player in all three of their overtime wins. His entire career has been marked by making plays in big moments that others would crumble in. -HF

Honorable mentions

Jonathan Smith (JMU)
Colin Moerman (Towson)
Jake Nasiadka (PSU)
Benjamin Pazuchanics (PSU)

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