2019 All-Rookie Team

Learning to play dodgeball in the NCDA is one of the toughest learning curves for many competitors. Whether it’s learning strategy or even how to pinch, the game can make many feel like a complete novice early on. However, there are those who learn the ropes quickly and emerge as players with immediate impact on their respective teams. The All-Rookie list is a way to recognize those individuals. Congrats to our first team selections!

Rookie of the Year – Jacob Larsen

Ohio University

It’s not a surprise to see Larsen as your 2019 Rookie of the Year. Jake exploded onto the scene for OU in a big way this year. Larsen has one of the strongest arms in the league, and he knows it. Don’t think for one second that he is a singular threat though, as he has been known to come up with clutch catches when his team is low on numbers. I highly expect Larsen to be a household name by the start of next season.

2. Jacob Weber

Akron University

Jacob Weber is Akron’s best recruit since the inception of the team in 2014. A bowler and pitcher in high school, Jacob has a coveted “rubber arm” and can throw all day without tiring. Jacob quickly became one of Akron’s OT 6 and saved the Zips from falling to the Ohio Bobcats in overtime at WAR. With the graduation of many of Akron’s heavy hitters, Weber will surly step into the spotlight for the 2019-2020 season for the Akron Zips.

3. Jack Hilt

Michigan State University

Jack Hilt had a stellar first season for Michigan State. This rookie made the Spartan Overtime 6 by midseason, and was one of their most dependable offensive weapons throughout the year. Few players move as fluidly at his size, which is another reason why he has so much upside moving forward in his career. Look for Jack to develop into a leader in 2020, as the young Spartans squad looks to push for the first National Title in school history.

4. Jacob Georges

Michigan State University

Jacob Georges was not on the roster at every tournament last year for Michigan State, but he made up for it by emerging late in the year as a top player. Nationals was the most notable event for Georges as he was often times the most effective arm for the Spartans. Look for Georges to become a household name in the NCDA as a Sophomore.

5. Steve Herrick

Penn State University

Penn State lost some big names following the graduation of its 2018 class, but Steve Herrick may be the new savior for this program. As a freshman, Herrick was featured prominently in his team’s highlights, and played a big role in many crucial moments. This included wining out a 1 v 2 situation against Akron to prevent the game from reaching OT and winning it for his team.

6. Jawanza Edwards

Central Michigan University

Jawanza Edwards had a fantastic rookie season for the Chippewas. Part of a great rookie class for CMU, Jawanza seamlessly filled his role on the team as a top catcher, with remarkable survivability. CMU really stepped it up as a team late in the year, and Jawanza’s development as a player was a big reason why.

7. Jake Korman

University of Virginia

While UVA does not typically make a lot of big splashes, Jake Korman is likely the best bet to usher in a new era for the Cavaliers alongside Zane Durbin. Like many others on this list, Korman has been featured in his team’s overtime squad, and already has one of the hardest throws on his team. Korman plays the game in an intelligent way not commonly seen in most freshman which allows him to stay on the court for long periods of time. He will also be stepping in as an Executive Board member for the Cavaliers, showing his dedication to the cause.

8. Evan Luikart

Ohio State University

Evan showed out in his first season with the Buckeyes, often bailing them out of situations when teams would focus on the known captains. Evans throw is strong and accurate, and his counter is deadly to all unsuspecting parties. He quickly developed his catching to be on par with that of the veterans on OSU’s squad. Evan will take on a leadership role this upcoming season, and he surly will improve in his sophomore season.

9. Jared Brown

Central Michigan University

Jared Brown is one of those players that joins a team and understands his role perfectly. A great catcher, who developed his arm late in the year to become a strong offensive weapon, Brown was one of the top rookies for Central Michigan this season. He is already one of the toughest players to get out on the CMU roster, and that will only continue as he gains more experience in the NCDA.

10. Doug Daniel

Central Michigan University

Doug Daniel was one of the Central Michigan rookie that was given great reviews by both veteran CMU players and alumni. He has a lot of potential, and it showed late in the year when he made his way onto the overtime roster for the Chips. Look for Doug to have a true breakout year in 2020 when he is given more opportunity to make plays offensively.

11. Joshua Zauche

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Joshua Zache was voted UWP’s top rookie and for good reason. His catching ability is a big part of what jump started UWP’s great performance at nationals this year. If a ball was in reach for him, he would sacrifice his body to get the catch. Josh was very active on the court and pushed teams back when it was needed. He used himself as bait to help UWP get ball control and was always looking for a challenge and never backed down. It will be interesting to see what he can do next year now that he has some experience under his belt.

12. Nicholas Hehl

Grand Valley State University

Nick Hehl was the top rookie for Grand Valley State this year, making his way into the starting lineup despite all the experience on the Lakers’ roster. Hehl emerged as one of the most dependable catchers for GVSU in 2019, and will be counted on to both catch and throw more in 2020 as the Lakers have to replace the production of a few all-time greats.

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